Letter: Some area residents ‘are enthusiastically in favor of I-1634’

ClarkCountyToday.com’s coverage ‘failed to capture why so many’ Vancouver residents are in favor of initiative

Jonette Molyneux
Jonette Molyneux

Last week, I attended a community event to discuss the impact that taxes on groceries could have on local businesses along the Oregon border. After a positive discussion, I was surprised to see that Clark County Today’s coverage failed to capture why so many of us here in Vancouver are enthusiastically in favor of I-1634, Yes! To Affordable Groceries, on the November ballot.

The headline incorrectly characterizes the measure as limited to sugary beverages and the story misrepresents the broad coalition that has come together to support the measure. I-1634 calls for a stop to any new, local taxes on food and beverages — far beyond just soda. I am proud to join a broad and diverse coalition of farmers, small businesses, local organizations, community activists, and others who want to protect working families from excessive taxes on the most essential items — our food and beverages.

With many Clark County residents working and regularly traveling to Oregon, I know the threat of losing business over the border is real and expands to all retailers, restaurants, grocers, and other small businesses as customers adjust their shopping behavior.

We need to take a stand to keep our groceries affordable and free of burdensome and regressive taxes on those who cannot afford it.


Jonette Molyneux, Nana’s Tiny Cakes, LLC

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