Letter: Rey Reynolds ‘Is the Constitutional Sheriff we need here in Clark County’

Vancouver resident Gary Wilson responds to a recent report about Sheriff candidate Rey Reynolds

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

In an article published on Nov. 1 about Rey Reynolds’ comments on trans people it published what it later shows in the article a lie about what the on line petition against Rey states “Officer Reynolds claimed that as a VPD officer, he was legally allowed to arrest transgender citizens simply for being trans.”

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson

That is not what Rey Reynolds said at the “Cross Politico” show posted online on Sept. 24 and the petitioners and The Columbian both know it. This complaint, petition and article is just a smear piece that will go away as soon as Nov. 8 comes and goes because they all know it’s just a fabricated lie to sway the uneducated voter.

Rey was asked “Are there like some sort of obscenity laws that are on the books that can already regulate kind of the current trans push not just on kids drag shows kind of event, just the current trans push and you as sheriff could you deal with arrest or lawfully be able to prosecute or whatever your role as a sheriff in all this?”

Rey answered truthfully just the first part of that question about obscenity laws and never answered anything about arresting people for being trans or even mentioned trans in his answer.

“We do have those laws, exposure laws, indecent liberties all of those things are laws we have on the books right now that can be prosecuted and we can arrest on those things and need to get back to where we used to arrest people for running around naked and showing and doing showing sexual acts. Now we have parades where they are allowed to do it and they’re not being arrested they’re only being encouraged in many cases.”

The Columbian knows if they did any investigation of the taped recorded show that the petition and complaint is a lie. I’ve asked for a correction or retraction of the article and they have yet to comply.

Vote Rey Reynolds for Clark County Sheriff!

He is the Constitutional Sheriff we need here in Clark County.

Gary Wilson

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  1. Susan

    Ya know… I do enjoy the Columbian, just to stay abreast of local news. But it is so biased, and leans so far left, that it is nearly useless for obtaining any local POLITICAL news.

    I truly hope that it does not go out of business. But with its often one-sided reporting, and its overall declining subscribership, one can certainly see that its days are likely numbered. I just hope that whoever buys it out someday will be able to find that “happy medium” and return to reporting fair, balanced news.

    1. David Douglas

      Actually I hope it suffers just like CNN and the rest of the lying main stream media.The left leaning news sources are losing subscribers and viewers as the public is becoming more aware of the false information they put out. I really like the fact that conservative Greg Gutfeld is the most watched late night show. And I am thankful that we have Clark County Today as an unbiased alternative. And yes, I support Rey!

  2. Margaret

    Thank you Gary for setting the record straight. Reynolds makes the protection of young people a priority. If elected as Sheriff, he would act to protect children and teens from predators and those who would lure them. Older people shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of those who want to run around naked or do sexual acts in public either. And THANK YOU Clark County Today for publishing letters and opinions from residents.

  3. Wayde

    Rey wants to arrest flashers who expose themselves to children. That is what a Sheriff is expected to do. I really question the integrity of a person (or news outlet) that paints this stance in a negative light.

  4. Anna Miller

    The very fact that Reynolds has to launch a defense of his statements is completely ludicrous. He spoke truthfully. There ARE laws on the books against lewd behavior in public. The problem is the police are afraid to sweep them off the streets because their bosses might object and not want the heat. Reynolds is stating simply that he is in favor of enforcing laws against public nudity and lewd activities. And I’m betting that 90% of the public feel the same way! Citizens have a right not to be subjected to this nasty behavior. So, good for Reynolds. The spin doctors are out in full force in political season. Trust your own judgement and tell the spinners to take a hike!

  5. Sheldon Cierley

    As someone who has known Rey personally for over 30 years, Rey would never say this, especially on a professional level. I’d trust Rey with my children before I’d remotely trust anything that the Colombian paper has to say about Rey, let alone anything for that matter.


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