Letter: ‘Republicans are having an identity crisis’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver discusses the current focus of members of the Republican Party

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Republicans are having an identity crisis.  How else are we to explain Republicans voting for gun control laws that will have no effect on crime, or an expensive boondoggle of an infrastructure bill?  The go-along to get-along party leaders in Congress barely stand up for anything.  At times, it’s hard to know exactly what they stand for.

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

We’re told Republicans need to move to the center and act more like Democrats to attract Independents.  Build a bigger tent, you know.  And now another faction, the Populists, have sprung up again with their big government proposals.  Advocating for big tax credits/deductions, having the government regulating businesses to pick-and-choose winners, seizing land from U.S. citizens, promoting division, shutting down all immigration, even legal immigration — the Republican party has never been about these things.

Early Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson, knew people were capable of governing themselves and argued for a limited federal government, giving more power to the states.  Because of them, we have the Bill of Rights.

It was the Republican party that ended slavery; the party whose 1896 platform called for women to have “…equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and protection to the home;” and led the way on, civil rights. 

It’s the Republican party that believes in limited government, state’s rights, tax cuts, and deregulation; are staunch defenders of the constitution, free speech and the 2nd Amendment; are pro-business, pro-family, and believe parents, not government, should decide how their children are raised.  Republicans are the party of life and of liberty.

Government’s role is to create an atmosphere that allows individuals and families to thrive. Or as Ronald Reagan said, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t achieve a 20-point win in Florida by trying to make nice with opposing viewpoints or controlling the lives of his citizens.  He did it by defending their rights, by standing strong on Republican principles, and becoming “the place where woke goes to die.”

As local parties reorganize and elect new officers for the next two-year term, it’s time for Republicans to make like Simba in The Lion King and remember who they are.  Stop the hand wringing, the appeasing, the bickering and blaming.  It’s time to come home and stand strong on our roots and core principles.

Julia Dawn Seaver


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    Nela Nela

    Neither R’s or D’s can claim any moral high ground on any issue in this country. But keep voting based on whether or not they are R or D-aligned rather than what is best for the country as a whole. And those within and outside of our borders can continue to watch it implode. Yes, the lies, chaos, division, hatred, violence, destruction & lawlessness, etc has been such a benefit to this country. Those w/o honor or integrity will seek only to enrich themselves & their friends at the expense of what…90% of the country. DeSantis?? Really??Some people never learn!

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    Sean Emerson

    While I agree that the Republican party is having an identity crisis as described, I think the direction of the crisis is opposite what the author thinks. The Republican party has a reputation for a swell-old-boy backscratching confluence of big business and big government for a reason. The leaner, more conservative, constitutional, Reaganesque Republican party isn’t the norm that we should be returning towards, it is and always has been the outlier. Remember that Reagan was vilified by his own party in 1968 and throughout the ’70’s, and even today the Party elites ignore the very clear lesson he gave – that you can win and win big by being an unapologetic conservative and bringing the undecided voters to our way of thinking. The party of DeSantis style Republicanism is the insurgent wing of the party, trying to wrest control from the likes of Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence. I assure you that many of the old guard, establishment Republicans on a national and state level don’t hold the values that you associate with the Republican party.

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      Dawn Seaver

      Nowhere did I indicate support for the McConnell/Pence style of Republicanism. In fact, I criticized it in the opening paragraph. Reagan was right and effective, which is why he was attacked. DeSantis is being touted by some as the modern day Reagan.

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    Anna Miller

    Dawn Seaver said this: “As local parties reorganize and elect new officers for the next two-year term, it’s time for Republicans to make like Simba in The Lion King and remember who they are. Stop the hand wringing, the appeasing, the bickering and blaming. It’s time to come home and stand strong on our roots and core principles.” and I could agree more!

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    Whilst Ronald Reagan made positive decisions, it was under his presidency that vaccine makers were given legal exemption from any and all liability – as per Fauci’s advice. Zero responsibility!
    The ultimate victory for vaccine makers with negative impact on the population.
    A recent documentary “Lies, Politics and Democracy” provides a basic chronological analysis of the GOP.
    Drastic mindset change is needed to restore core Republican values. Far too many decisions have been made solely based on self-interest, fear, laziness, lackadaisical attitude, or misplaced loyalties, resulting in detrimental outcomes that erode the very essence of American values. These are the behaviors that amplify WOKE-ness (Willful Omission of Known Evil). Republicans like Liz Cheney remain true to Republican core values. Many others have conveniently forgotten the purpose of their job! Please practise honest introspection and reevaluation. Then reform your behaviors and restore Republican ethics in order to become once again fit for purpose!

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      David Knight

      Yeah Reagan signed off on it, though it was Ted Kennedy’s baby. But they were almost certainly the blind, quite possibly even being led by – at least the nearsighted. Don’t forget that president Kennedy started the national vaccination program in the 60s.
      The evil is the vast amount of wealth this has allowed them to accumulate, and use to generate a ministry of truth with the influence it pays for.

      But you will have to remind me of anything worthwhile about Cheney.


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