Letter: ‘Remember your vote counts and can make a difference’

Battle Ground resident Vern Jeremica voices his thoughts on the race for Battle Ground City Council Position 1

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In 2018, Troy McCoy as a voting member of the Battle Ground School District, voted against overwhelming opposition from the community for Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) for Battle Ground schools. You may not be concerned until you see what is being taught and implemented into public education across the United States. 

Vern Jeremica
Vern Jeremica

Before shutdown of public meetings due to Gov. Inslee mandates, Battle Ground School Board meeting attendance was reported to be as high as 100 citizens. At those high numbers almost 100 opposed CSE and approximately two were in support of implementing this program.

The implementation of Agenda 21 into our public schools has been a grave concern for many in the Battle Ground community.  CSE, Comprehensive Sex Education is just one part of the progressive UN Agenda 21.  This agenda normalizes, justifies, and grooms children to abhorrent sexual practices.  It is frightening that it teaches and normalizes abhorrent practices in opposition to parents’ belief set for their children. CSE is contrary to what the Bible teaches.  This agenda is unbeknownst to many parents who are not familiar with CSE.  It is important to note that Troy McCoy is no longer running for local school board and is now running for Battle Ground City Council.  

It is obvious that Troy McCoy has his own progressive agenda that is contrary to what our founders, and the majority of our citizens in Battle Ground uphold. It is obvious he will press his progressive agenda against overwhelming opposition from the community. He states he listens to everyone’s opinions and ideas. Well, it depends on your definition of listening.  Do you want to have this person sitting on the Battle Ground City Council? Although he stands non-partisan his progressive roots say otherwise.

Let us all remember what our founders and forefathers fought for. Reflecting on the past 22 months, the responsibility and reason for much of the chaos, destruction of our nation and daily increase in tyranny rests on progressive politicians, like Troy McCoy.  These agenda politicians do not have your best interest in mind. These politicians refuse to hear the cries of their constituents and answer to an ideology contrary to our Founders intentions.  Let us all start locally where we can make the best impact on holding the line and stop attacks on our families, freedom and communities. Remember your vote counts and can make a difference.

There is a superior candidate running for re-election, councilor, position No. 1, city of Battle Ground, who represents Battle Ground values. His name is Brian D. Munson.  His time in office, in my opinion, is without blemish.  He is a highly capable and dedicated representative of Battle Ground, who will go all the way to Olympia to lobby our case.  I have had the opportunity to talk with Brian and am very impressed with his wide and varied knowledge of Battle Ground city government and the issues we all face.   He is highly skilled, highly motivated and continues to move the standard of our community upwards against all the chaos and tyranny from state and federal governments.  I trust that you, Battle Ground citizens, will join me and cast your vote on Nov. 2  for Brian Munson.   Who knows, he may become our next mayor of Battle Ground.  

Vern Jeremica
Battle Ground

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