Letter: ‘Please join me in rejecting R-90 and voting for Vicki Kraft’

Vancouver resident Gary Wilson shares his thoughts on the upcoming general election, specifically Vicki Kraft’s candidacy in the 17th District and R-90

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Please Reject R-90 and vote for Vicki Kraft, the state representative in the 17th district who stands for integrity. 

Gary Wilson, Vancouver
Gary Wilson, Vancouver

SB5395 will soon begin mandating that all school districts in Washington State teach Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) starting in Kindergarten, unless we reject R-90 on this election ballot. 

Vicki Kraft has stood against CSE every time it’s reared its ugly head in Olympia. A total of 266,000 signatures were gathered (a state record for a referendum) during the first seven weeks of the pandemic to put R-90 on the ballot so we can “reject it.’’ Every parent and grandparent in this state needs to know what is included in the curriculum, which has many versions such as “Flash” and ”The 3R’s” but all have a constant theme: sexual expression, sexual fulfillment, and sexual pleasure. 

You can’t opt your child out of English or Social Studies if the teacher chooses to bring up CSE since Laurie Dils, Sexual Health Education program supervisor at OSPI said she would like to see CSE content blended in with other subjects. In order to opt out of CSE they require you to view the curriculum. Last year, I was given two days in the entire year when I could view it. I could not make the first date and had to wait five months before my next chance, Why? I soon realized it is because they don’t want parents knowing what is in the curriculum. 

A kindergarten lesson has children learn about a very sensitive area at the top called a “clitoris.’’ Kindergarten is also when they start learning about gender identity and by the second grade they are told sex is fluid and you can be a boy in a girl’s body or a girl in a boy’s body. 

My daughter’s in the fourth grade and she would have to look up terms on the internet including “penis size” (Lesson 12) ignoring the prevalence of online porn. Seventh graders are encouraged to masturbate together and taught that co-bathing is important for building connections in relationships (The 3R’s). Consenting to sex is taught to 14 year olds (two years before the age of consent). There’s a ninth grade co-ed lesson where the teacher reads a detailed step-by-step description of an orgasm. Several more similar examples are included in the curriculums in what the state calls “age appropriate.” Do you agree? 

Vicki Kraft fought boldly against SB 5395 and is running for re-election for state representative in the 17th district. She’s always stood up for parent’s rights and the best interests of children and believes in common sense sex-ed with local school board control held accountable to parents. Vicki stood with hundreds of parents in Battle Ground last October during their school board meeting and offered her unique expertise that gave that school board the education and conviction to stand with parents against the big money forces of Planned Parenthood who wrote CSE and called SB 5395 “their bill.” 

Vicki also supports our local police during a time when other police agencies have been abandoned and much maligned by other elected officials in nearby Portland and Seattle void of any reason. Vicki’s strongest attributes are her faith and her integrity, which her opponent unknowingly and sadly questions. Vicki has earned my vote and like me you can be proud to vote for her. 

Please join me in rejecting R-90 and voting for Vicki Kraft.

Gary Wilson

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