Letter: ‘“People will govern how they campaign, and what you are seeing tonight is a shameful display of what I have been witnessing for the last year-and-a-half’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver discusses actions by 3rd Congressional District candidate Joe Kent during campaign

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

The shameful display Heidi St. John spoke of at a recent Congressional debate involved Joe Kent supporters passing out a 6-page document filled with lies about her, heckling her during her closing statement, and holding up derogatory signs inside and outside the event against the venue’s rules.  

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

There was the primary videographer most often sent to Heidi’s events whose name appears on Kent’s page as a field operative, and whose video was used in his latest ad smearing her; the girl who yelled and called her a liar at a recent event; the guy who admitted he was sending the video to a rag publication to create a false narrative.  Kent did nothing to stop any of it.

A year-and-a-half ago, I would not have believed that conservative Republicans in District 3 would be bullied and berated by other Republicans for not getting behind a guy with the very non-Republican ideas of limited land ownership and the outright seizure of the land of U.S. citizens (Bill Gates owns just .025 percent of U.S. farmland); taxation of wealth instead of income; is against legal immigration; open to creating a special interest group for white people; is openly disdainful of the free market; wants to give $10K per child tax credits; and was a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primary (no, it had nothing to do with Operation Chaos since Bernie had already dropped out and endorsed Biden before the vote); a guy who just moved to the state a few months before filing, had no history with the party and was a complete unknown.

Heidi is a proven lifelong Conservative with a long history of service in our district. She’s traveled to D.C. and Olympia to testify on our behalf.  She and her husband Jay are the founders of a local homeschool resource center and helped create 60 other centers around the country, giving parents alternatives to the toxic public schools.  She teaches classes on, and is a fierce defender of the Constitution, particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  Heidi is a truth-teller who doesn’t need to check the polls to determine what she believes.

Washington is home for Heidi and her children and grandchildren.   Her businesses are here.  Her roots and her future are here.  Heidi is a true grassroots candidate and exactly the type of leader the founders had in mind:  A true citizen statesman, interested only in representing and giving a voice to the citizens in the state she knows and loves. 

Julia Dawn Seaver

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K.J. Hinton
9 months ago

Here’s what I know.

I know that right now, Herrera is going to get reelected. I know that because a campaign that pledged to withdraw in the event of a Trump endorsement to some other candidate… an endorsement desperately sought by St. John… an endorsement that she told me was “assured”… went to Kent.

Yes, I’ve heard all the excuses, all the whining, and all the allegations. I’ve heard it all. But it justifies nothing.

The problem with letters like this is they frequently can be a double-edged sword.

Yes, I agree that sometimes, people can govern like they campaign. But a close examination of the St. John campaign shows that she would be just as bad.

Years ago, someone who used to be a Republican had a catch phrase that she frequently used to use but no longer can: “I won’t tear down my opponent’s house to make mine look better” she used to say…. but no longer can.

St. John is no more prepared to be in Congress than she can levitate. If her/her supporters believe this has been bad so far… they have no idea what “bad” is or what would await her in a general election.

There’s a long track record and the internet never forgets. Her negative campaign commercials sound like playground whining more than policy statements that would serve to invigorate the vote. An angry woman with angry volunteers who seem to focus on how “unfair” it is… which has been the attitude of her and her people since the endorsement didn’t go her way, as the letter she sent out trashing Trump proved.

The podcasts, the tweets, the statements concerning gays… she would get beaten to a pulp by the democrats who would view this seat as a great deal more winnable if some miracle took place that would get her past the primary than they otherwise would.

This congressional campaign, so far, has been a fender-bender compared to an 8-killed-in-the-intersection car wreck. That she doesn’t seem to know or grasp how bad it would be is yet another sign of how unprepared she is for this office.

What makes this even more problematic is this letter effectively attacks Kent, not for his policy positions, or what he, personally, has said and done: it instead attacks him because of what his volunteers allegedly have done. At this point, the issue should be one of which candidate has the better ideas, the most knowledge, the most realistic plans… and which candidate is best position to take out Congresswoman Worthless right now, today.

I warned her, to her face, this was going to happen. She tried to sell me on the idea that SHE was going to get the endorsement. She’s as right about that as she’s been about everything else. Her stubborn failure to keep her pledge… is how SHE would govern. And we’ve had enough of that locally, haven’t we?

I knew even then that it likely wasn’t going to happen. But if St, John and her people keep focusing on the Kent campaign instead of Kent? Well, we all know how that’s going to turn out.

For the record, I have no connection in any way to any campaign. I am out of that business. And, I have had some serious policy differences with Kent which we have discussed, but cannot find common ground on. For her part, since I actually talked to St. John shortly after she announced, I have had no further discussions with her and, in fact, have been banned from her campaign facebook page echo-chamber because I’m not on her plantation.

Which, when it comes right down to it, is not what I want in the person representing me in Congress, no matter who that might be.

Yeah, some govern like they campaign. And the thought of St. John in that seat is the most frightening thing of all, next to her efforts to make sure Herrera keeps it.

Dawn Seaver
Dawn Seaver
9 months ago
Reply to  K.J. Hinton

Only attacks on alleged behavior and not on policy? Did you somehow miss the seven links to Joe speaking about his policies? His supporters’ behavior is not alleged, but confirmed by the videos and pictures. 

Whether Heidi talked to you first or really, really, really wanted Trump’s endorsement is irrelevant. Heidi said her brother was in a union and in your eyes that equates to being a rabid union supporter.  Her “negative” ads are based on truth – he did move here a few months before filing, was a registered Democrat who still talks like one, and voted for Bernie.  There was no letter trashing Trump and Heidi is more than prepared to go to Congress. The fact you refer to Heidi’s supporters as angry, while ignoring his indicates you aren’t paying attention. 

The bottom line is that Joe presented himself as a Conservative. He is not (see the policies.) You’re worried about a Democrat taking the office, but he basically is one. Other than the Dems wanting the borders wide open and Joe wanting them closed to all, their talking points are the same—the rich need to pay their fair share, we need to limit how much land people own, we need to give big tax credits/deductions so one parent can stay home, government needs to regulate businesses to force them to produce all their goods here, taxes should be based on wealth, not income. It’s all big government, all the time. You may be fine with it. Interestingly, a number of his followers profess to being former Democrats. Heidi and her supporters are not and reject the idea of voting for someone pushing Socialist policies just because he has an R after his name. That’s why she stayed in the race. It’s really not that hard to understand. 

9 months ago

Kent is a THUG from the CIA
Learn more at JoeKentIsCIA.com

K.J. Hinton
9 months ago
Reply to  Barret

Wow. Your response has the stench of an HSJ supporter.

Bill Ayers
Bill Ayers
9 months ago

Ms. Seaver is correct. Joe Kent is CIA who specialized in subversion. He’s doing the same thing now while hiding in plain sight. Heidi is the only valid choice. Please visit joekentiscia.com for details.

K.J. Hinton
9 months ago
Reply to  Bill Ayers

When I read stuff like this, it merely reinforces my decision not to vote for anyone who would gather people like this around her.

7 months ago
Reply to  K.J. Hinton

“Joe Kent is CIA” is an overstatement. All we know is that he was. Therefore I cannot like the comment. But your response was completely out of line. Only Dawn Seaver is “gathered” around Heidi – as she has never had any concerns about the agency.
Bill Ayers, Barret, I and others have our own concerns about the CIA and their practice of airbrushing the history of employees for national security. I cannot think of an agency that has done more to empower the globalists than the CIA. Joe Kent has expressed an interest in reforming the CIA. Let us hope that can lead us in a positive direction.

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