Letter: ‘“People will govern how they campaign, and what you are seeing tonight is a shameful display of what I have been witnessing for the last year-and-a-half’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver discusses actions by 3rd Congressional District candidate Joe Kent during campaign

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

The shameful display Heidi St. John spoke of at a recent Congressional debate involved Joe Kent supporters passing out a 6-page document filled with lies about her, heckling her during her closing statement, and holding up derogatory signs inside and outside the event against the venue’s rules.  

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

There was the primary videographer most often sent to Heidi’s events whose name appears on Kent’s page as a field operative, and whose video was used in his latest ad smearing her; the girl who yelled and called her a liar at a recent event; the guy who admitted he was sending the video to a rag publication to create a false narrative.  Kent did nothing to stop any of it.

A year-and-a-half ago, I would not have believed that conservative Republicans in District 3 would be bullied and berated by other Republicans for not getting behind a guy with the very non-Republican ideas of limited land ownership and the outright seizure of the land of U.S. citizens (Bill Gates owns just .025 percent of U.S. farmland); taxation of wealth instead of income; is against legal immigration; open to creating a special interest group for white people; is openly disdainful of the free market; wants to give $10K per child tax credits; and was a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primary (no, it had nothing to do with Operation Chaos since Bernie had already dropped out and endorsed Biden before the vote); a guy who just moved to the state a few months before filing, had no history with the party and was a complete unknown.

Heidi is a proven lifelong Conservative with a long history of service in our district. She’s traveled to D.C. and Olympia to testify on our behalf.  She and her husband Jay are the founders of a local homeschool resource center and helped create 60 other centers around the country, giving parents alternatives to the toxic public schools.  She teaches classes on, and is a fierce defender of the Constitution, particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  Heidi is a truth-teller who doesn’t need to check the polls to determine what she believes.

Washington is home for Heidi and her children and grandchildren.   Her businesses are here.  Her roots and her future are here.  Heidi is a true grassroots candidate and exactly the type of leader the founders had in mind:  A true citizen statesman, interested only in representing and giving a voice to the citizens in the state she knows and loves. 

Julia Dawn Seaver

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