Letter: Marie votes against small businesses

Ridgefield resident Carley Meuchel shares her thoughts on the vote by Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez on The Family and Small Business Act

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

When I was growing up, my siblings and I were taught to work hard for each penny we earned. We were taught that “giving back” was imperative to our success and to be grateful for what we can achieve and attain because nothing is really ours to keep. 

Carley Meuchel
Carley Meuchel

If we look at society today, as Americans, we’re being told the complete opposite. We’re being brainwashed every day that hard work isn’t worth anything anymore.

When the omnibus bill was passed this gave congress and President Biden the ability to stick it to the small business owners of America and hire 87,000 IRS agents and audit those who make less than $400,000 per year. 

Recently, Marie Glusenkamp Perez was given the chance to give small business owners their money back by voting for The Family and Small Business Act, but instead she voted against the bill. What does this say about her and her willingness to sell you out to the highest bidder? Please think carefully about your vote in 2024

Carley Meuchel

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