Letter: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez ‘believes in listening to her constituency and working to get things moving forward in Congress’

Vancouver resident Glenna Scheidt shares her thoughts on the 3rd Congressional District race

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Despite partisan divisions, misinformation, and the prevalent discontent with our current political system, I am proud to be an American. And I am thankful that I have the right to speak freely. I have the right to think freely. And I keep control of my vote by way of the secret ballot which means only myself and the Almighty know which box I checked.

Glenna Scheidt
Glenna Scheidt

Being an independent thinker, it is unusual for me to make my final decision about a candidate early in the campaign season. I listen to the candidates in forums and interviews and read information about each candidate published by the news media. Then I review what I learned. My due diligence as a citizen is complete, my concern about what is at stake in the vote for the 3rd Congressional District representative causes me to speak publicly now about my choice.

I choose reason over regurgitated rhetoric, collaboration over partisanship and working together toward inclusive solutions rather than destroying what it has taken this country over two hundred years to build, warts and all. Yes, we desperately need to revisit and rework the way we as a country do things. But anyone who thinks you can burn a house to the ground one day and have company for a sit-down dinner the very next day is seriously deluded. It takes patience, intelligence, and cooperation to achieve results that are respectful of our personal freedoms and our collective needs while being mindful of our diverse society and inclusive of those within that society.

I have chosen my candidate. Why? Because Marie Gluesenkamp Perez respects my right as a woman to make choices about my body. She believes in the “right to repair.” Discretionary spending dollars are not stretching as far as they used to and toxic waste from what has become a throwaway society is destroying our natural resources. More opportunities for local repair/refurbish services and facilities will keep locally repairable devices in service and out of our landfills, as well as supply employment for skilled trades.

But most importantly for me, she believes in listening to her constituency and working to get things moving forward in Congress. She is young, intelligent, approachable, and wise beyond her years. Please join me in voting for Marie Perez for Congress.

Glenna Scheidt

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  1. Mary

    The unborn have no rights. Only irresponsible women should decide if their baby has a right to be free. Adoption is the other choice. People were being forced to get a vaccine to protect others. Who protects the baby?

    1. Crazy

      JHB and Dino Rossi. You didn’t ask me, but I agree with Glenna. I vote more republican than democrat and there is not way I vote for Kent. Trumpism is authoritarianism. It is sad where the republican party is right now. Standing up for democracy is more important than policy issues because without a functioning democracy issues don’t matter. If you agree Perez is, unfortunately, the only option.

  2. Susan

    I’ve listened briefly to Kent/Perez debates on two occasions. My impression is that Perez is in way over her head. Her mannerisms, style, and speaking ability would be fine if she were running for Clark County Council. But as a U.S. Congress Representative???… no way! She will be the proverbial “lamb led to slaughter” in that she’ll be chewed up and spat out by the hard-ball players of Congress. This, along with her close ties and alignment with Portland, makes me even more convinced that Kent is the better person for the job.

    1. Joseph

      Wow, Ms Susan that is your opinion, but I have known Marie Glusenkamp Pereze for about a decade and have seen her do amazing things. I don’t think she is in over her head and she is consistent. She is looking to negotiate, Kent on the other hand is on a seek and destroy mission. That is no way to get things moving in the right direction in our government.

    2. Victoria Ferrer

      I 100% agree with you Susan.
      We need more than a small business owner fighting in congress.
      We need someone with Passion and Conviction.
      After hearing Joe Kent speak, I truly believe he is the man for the job.
      He has way more experience.
      Also, I don’t like when people bad mouth a man who fought for our country and lost his wife while she was trying to defend it.

  3. Victoria Ferrer

    I too went to listen to Perez and Kent’s debate! I was disappointed when I heard Perez speak from her note cards all while Joe Kent spoke with conviction and true understanding.

    Joe Kent stated that Perez was for the extreme abortion of a baby up to 9 months. When it was her time to speak she did not reject or argue his statement.

    I want a candidate who is informed and has passion when they speak. Perez had none of these things.

    Also, I do not believe one should be speaking of God when they support the murder of His innocent ones.

    God Bless all those who hear and speak truth and love!

    1. Crazy

      I checked your link (and probably have a virus now–thanks). That is pretty thin and even the story doesn’t support the tag line. I love how people bemoan the main stream media but tout sites like these as the pinnacle of truth.

      1. Joseph Fanning

        I have neither bemoaned the mainstream media nor stated this as “the pinnacle of truth” in my comment. Your assumption speaks volumes about you. Her employee used her company Instagram account to post the leaf blower comment. Therefore, it appears since there was no retraction of the post or comment to disavow that stance, her company stands behind her employee’s statement. And seeing she is the owner her company almost certainly carries the same virtues. Guilty by association to say the least. Also, assuming I gave you a virus through the link is not any modus operandi of mine. If you have a virus, it is probably from whatever forlorn relationships you keep on your own time.


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