Letter: ‘Maia Espinoza has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to education improvements and options that all Washington state students deserve’

Camas resident Margaret Tweet comments on how R-90 impacts her view of the race for superintendent of Public Instruction

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Informative Clark County Today letters-to-the-editor have urged citizens to Reject R-90, to repeal the highly inappropriate sex-ed for K-12 schools. Voters should be aware that current Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, and his office approved the obscene curricula. (See a Visual Review of WA state  sex-ed Curricula )  

Margaret Tweet, Camas
Margaret Tweet, Camas

Maia Espinoza understands that parents and students want a healthy curriculum and quality education, so she filed as a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction on the ballot and would make a better superintendent. Reykdal also disparaged many residents, when he publicly urged legislators to hold up transportation funds for counties that voted for $30 car tabs, (voter approved initiative I-976).

Espinoza has attended over a dozen public and private schools, graduated from Pierce College Running Start at 17 years old, then completed her bachelors’ degree at Pacific Lutheran University in Business Administration, and is in the process of getting a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Western Governors University. She has served on the Race and Ethnicity Student Data task force at OSPI and was Legislative Liaison to the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs. She is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Center for Latino Leadership, a civic-engagement, education-oriented non-profit founded to empower, inspire and equip the Latino community to engage in government.

Espinoza has also served as a part-time elementary school music teacher, youth soccer coach, and is a mother of three children, middle school, third grade, and a baby. Like many parents, Espinoza is concerned about the impact of public-school closures on students.  She notes that some public schools are allowing private “academies” to use school buildings to operate costly daycare centers, for families that can afford it.

Meanwhile, less affluent students are locked out of taxpayer funded schools, and have only online learning options. Espinoza supports a $2,500 student stipend for parents to fill in the gaps to educate their kids during the lock outs, and believes a broader voucher system to allow parents to choose private school options for their child should be tested.

Maia Espinoza has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to education improvements and options that all Washington state students deserve.

Margaret Tweet