Letter: :”Lawfare is much deeper than going after Trump’

Yacolt resident Thomas Schenk discusses how many are practicing ‘lawfare’ against their own citizens

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Check this definition of Lawfare:


I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia, but their definition of lawfare is right on the money.

When you think of lawfare, likely one of the first things that comes to mind is the efforts to “get” President Trump.

Thomas Schenk
Thomas Schenk

But lawfare is much deeper than going after Trump. Think about it. The out-of-control governments of blue cities, counties and States and even some Republican entities are practicing “lawfare” against their own citizens.

Worse, taxpayers are funding their own abuse at the hands of these governments, which were allegedly established to protect the citizenry.

There are many voters out there who have given up participating in our elections and they contribute to the problem by shunning their civic duty to vote.

The message that should be sent to politicians, immediately, on both sides of the aisle is to clean up their act or else.

The “or else” should be an overwhelming vote against the “Establishment Uni-Party”…a “run the rascals out of town” message.

The truth of the matter is you can only shove this down the throats of the citizens for so long before it sticks in the craw.

And in a spasm of monumental disgust, folks will snap and putting that genie back in the bottle will be extremely difficult to accomplish.

What is the point of governmental officials, at all levels, swearing an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and then turn around and violate and abuse, with “LAWFARE”, the very document guaranteeing our freedom.

The Obama Administration really set the table for ignoring “settled” law decisions from the Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

Controversial edicts from Obama, sometimes in conflict with “settled law”, were justified with…”it will take years before it reaches SCOTUS and by then it will be too late to stop”, or words to that effect.

Such is where we find ourselves today in Washington State, where the Democrat majority in both State houses have proposed and sponsored, over the last two legislative sessions, at least 40 “gun control” bills, defying several rulings on the 2nd amendment by SCOTUS over the past ten years or so. Isn’t this the very definition of “lawfare”?

It has happened, over the course of our history, where SCOTUS rulings have been ignored…but never to the degree, both nationally and numerically, as where we are today.

And we taxpayers are funding it…a major slap in our collective face!!!

Thomas Schenk

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