Letter: ‘It is a real leader who puts themselves in the line of fire’

Camas resident Anna Miller offers support for those elected officials willing to take a political position that is out of favor

Anna Miller
Clark County Republican Women
Executive Board of Directors

I’ve been thinking a lot about our patriot friends who hold office in city and county councils and other elected offices. When they speak up for parental rights, individual rights, property rights, gun rights, freedom of speech and against the exploitation of our children, the left opens the gates of hell on them. They seek not just to drive them from office, but to shame and humiliate them and destroy their character. When you are taking that kind of flak, you KNOW you are directly over the target.

Anna Miller
Anna Miller

“Leaders are first to be criticized for their views and are susceptible to disparagement and abuse for what they say or do. Frankly, that is the very epitome of a leader. It is a real leader who puts themselves in the line of fire.

“We can see this today when someone takes a political position that is out of favor. They are attacked on social media and sometimes in the press for what they have said. Political conservatives often see themselves in this circumstance.

“What I find particularly interesting is that many people taking unpopular positions back down shortly after. They apologize for offending anyone who might have been hurt by their comments (or actions) and are quick to say they will never do it again. Such behavior is, of course, an act of cowardice. When we have studied our positions thoughtfully but fail to express them politely, we are self-censoring.

“So, remember that the most influential leaders of our times are those that are taking a lot of flak for their opinions. The question is, can we do the same?”  – Brigadier General (Ret.) Douglas R. Satterfield

I agree with the General. But what can we do to be supportive?
Stand up for them, openly! Show your support on social media, letters to the editors, email their tormentors and maybe the most important, show up for them at public meetings where they can see you cheering them on! Your strength and public support can fuel their fire to keep going.

The Clark County Republican Women (and Men) have your back. Never doubt that.

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