Letter: Is The Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party working to re-elect Jaime Herrera Beutler?

Vancouver resident Mark Moore expresses his concerns for the actions of Clark County Republican Party Chairman Joel Mattila

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On February 23, 2021 the Clark County Republican Central Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution of censure against US Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler because of her vote to impeach President Donald Trump. In the year and a half since that vote, the chairman of the Clark County Republican Party appears to be working to undermine the will of the Central Committee which he serves.

Mark Moore
Mark Moore

In March of 2021 at the CCRP Candidate Forum, the chairman negotiated an agreement with the three candidates running at that point to challenge JHB in the primary, to support the Trump endorsed candidate. In the summer of 2021 President Trump enthusiastically endorsed former Green Beret, Joe Kent, for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District race. To this point, the chairman has refused to enforce this agreement. He has the political power to do so, he however seems to lack the political will, his inaction in this matter has only empowered JHB. Despite leading by a significant margin in recent polls, Joe Kent has publicly pledged to support whichever candidate prevails in the August 2 primary, proving his commitment to defeating JHB.

Recently, the CCRP vice chair was quoted in a Seattle newspaper as supporting JHB for re-election. Other members of the CCRP executive board have also expressed support for JHB’s re-election. This is unacceptable in the face of a binding resolution of the Clark County Republican Central Committee, which the Executive Board is elected to serve.

In what can fairly be described as hubristic, this month the chairman attempted to appoint Jaimie Herrera Beutler’s mother to the voting office of Precinct Committee Officer. It seems he has retreated from this folly, but it betrays his disposition.

There have been several occasions during his administration where the chairman has ignored the express will of the body he was elected to serve, however his apparent efforts to ignore the will of the CCRCC regarding the WA-03 Congressional race is a step too far.

It is time for the elected, and appointed, Precinct Committee Officers of the Clark County Republican Central Committee to fulfill their duty of representing their constituents and demand the chairman honor their vote of censure against Representative Herrera-Beutler by doing everything in his power to see her removed from office. They should contact the chairman and respectfully demand he honor the will of the body. Republican voters also should respectfully express their displeasure directly to the chairman.

Joel Mattila, the chairman of the Clark County Republican Party, was elected to serve the will of the Republican Central Committee, he has consistently ignored the will of the body, the Republican voters of Clark County and in so doing has dishonored the duty of his office. It is time for Republicans to express their displeasure, it is the duty of the constituency.

Contact – clarkcountyrepublicanchairman@gmail.com

Mark Moore


  1. David

    This Mark Moore is not a member, and never has been, of the CCRP. He has consistently lied about the party and members, and his letter here is full on nonsense. Mark follow Joe Kent around begging to be his friend and licking his shoes. He should wipe the brown on his nose and get a life. He is not relevant to the actual Republican Party.

    1. Mary

      This is clearly, shoot the messenger, response. Please address that the Chairman rejected the 1st Vice President of the Women’s Republican Group to try and appoint JHB’s Mom. Is that true or not, regardless of who publicly calls out Mattila .

      1. Liz Cline

        It is true that Mattila rejected the 1st VP of CCRW. I am that rejected PCO applicant. Mattila could not or would not give me a sound reason for the rejection except to say that I am suspected to align with those who basically disagree with him. His rejection is in violation of the resolution adopted by the Central Committee in that he had to respond to applicants within 30 days of a submitted request for appointment AND he had to provide a reason for the rejection.

        On the 30th day, I was presented a list of 7 loyalty questions that he required I answer in order for him to reconsider his desicion to “pass” on my appointment. They are questions that no one who is elected to office has to answer. They are questions that no one who is to be appointed should have to answer. If these questions are critical criteria to determine an applicant’s merit, then it should be on the application for appointment.

        Joel Mattila has assumed the mantel of a dictator. Out of spite and self interest he is not going to appoint the best qualified applicant to Precinct 965, along with 19 other precincts where others have also applied. He will let these precincts go unrepresented and will only appoint those who agree to be his flying monkeys and vote the slate he prescribes.

        In December when the Central Committee meets to elect new leadership, the Mattila administration should prepare to be cast aside.

  2. Carolyn Crain

    I am sorry Mark but the “party” does not consist of a minority of pcos. Yes the majority voted to pass my resolution to censure. It was well written and definitely time for the action. However, that does not mean that all the other actions of this chair are anti- CCRP majority opinions. The majority doesn’t even show up to pco meetings anymore because a minority frequently led by about 3 people have turned into bullies. One member attends meetings high on pot and drunk. He is foul mouthed and yells in his disruption of the meetings. You talk about lack of professionalism! There is NO respect shown to others with differing opinions. I am understanding that NO pco was appointed to that seat you referred to. I agree with you that our chair needs to be a stronger leader. He needs to gavel down and adjourn meeting when people get out of control and act like bullies. Maybe when neither side of this split gets their way they will all actually live by our code of conduct we passed!

    1. Anne

      So Carolyn, does that mean you will no longer gather your friends to walk out on meetings to break quorum? Professionalism?

    2. Mary

      Carolyn, bless your heart. Mark’s story is about how Mattila presided over the JBH censure but now he, the vice chair, Gellatly, and Cheney, are all supporting to re-elect JBH. Whomever they vote for is their decision, however when speaking or acting on behalf of the CCRC they should at least pretend to support the censure vote. Surely you can understand why people are upset with the message this is sending? The PCO’s have to explain this to the people they represent. It is clear you trust everything Mattila says and does., however,it is much more than a minority of PCO’s that want to understand Mattila’s rationale and so far he is silent.


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