Letter: If you’re a conservative, ‘Be afraid. Be very afraid’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver shares her thoughts on the current treatment of conservatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

Julia Dawn Seaver, Vancouver
Julia Dawn Seaver Vancouver

My friend picked up her son from his science class the other day and saw a sheriff’s car outside with the deputy inside writing notes.  The teacher, a former public school teacher now teaching homeschooled kids after spending $3,000 to make her home compliant with COVID guidelines, said it was likely a neighbor had reported her, and that a county vehicle had driven by and taken pictures the day before.  It seems COVID has provided the last piece needed for total social control — the neighborhood Karens who will rat out anyone who may not be complying with the orders du jour.

In light of the election results, some have called for reeducation camps for Trump supporters, but it hardly seems necessary.  Looking at the state of affairs these last few years, everything already seems well in place.   Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, who just announced they’ll remove all videos that mention election fraud, are monitoring “acceptable” speech.  Schools and organizations are firing/forcing resignations for crimes like being conservative, not using proper pronouns, or reporting the truth.

Google and the media are already doing a bang-up job of suppressing problematic news stories, like the Hunter Biden story that broke in October.  Well, it broke in a couple of places in October, but was labeled “unsubstantiated” by mainstream outlets, if it was mentioned at all.  And the tactic worked.  A post-election poll of Biden voters revealed that 82 percent hadn’t heard that and/or other suppressed stories, and 17 percent said if they’d known, they wouldn’t have voted for him.

It won’t even be necessary to mandate COVID vaccines.  Corporations and companies will take care of that by keeping the unvaccinated out of the marketplace.  If you want to fly, get a vaccine.  Go to school, work, or shop?   Get a vaccine.  And the nifty thing for the Democrats trying to change the country, is that they don’t even have to put it in their platform.  Media and corporations, the new Sturmabteilung, will do all the dirty work for them.  And if an offender somehow slips through those checkpoints, the Karens will get them.

Socialism, once a taboo word in the U.S., has been openly advocated for some time now.  But that’s not what progressives really want.  What they’re actually pushing is totalitarianism — full control of what citizens can say, do, and even think.  And they’re succeeding.  If they’ve been able to wield this much power with Trump in office, imagine how it would be without him.  And if you’re a conservative who believes in freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment; if you embrace the traditional values of God, family, and country; and value the freedom to build the life you dream without interference?  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Julia Dawn Seaver