Letter: ‘If people can get sick and spread germs regardless of vaccination status, should we ALL be excluded whenever we are exposed’

Vancouver resident Ann Makar discusses issues related to the possibility that the state Board of Health will impose additional COVID mandates

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

Ann Makar
Ann Makar

People who are “fully vaccinated” get sick and spread germs, just like others. I’m 60 and work in two large rooms with five other adults and ten students total. The five have been “fully vaccinated” for several months, while I have an exemption. I always wear a KN-95 mask and a cloth mask at work. Two of my co-workers tested positive for COVID in November and were sick three weeks. My co-workers who are “fully vaccinated” are NOT excluded from their jobs if “exposed” to COVID. If people can get sick and spread germs regardless of vaccination status, should we ALL be excluded whenever we are “exposed [the term is too broadly interpreted]?”

I am excluded from my job for over a week whenever one of the 15 people with whom I work tests positive, although I’m not sick and probably have been exposed many times over. I’m by far the eldest at work but have been keeping my immune system strong. One of the “fully vaccinated” adults already had COVID last year but went for testing recently when she came down with sniffles and a mild sore throat. She received a positive COVID test result!

This situation (I’m excluded although not sick, while others who are also “exposed” can become infected and spread germs) can repeat itself endlessly, since adults and students can receive a positive COVID test result ad infinitum.

I have almost a 99% probability of surviving COVID, as do others. It has become like a flu or a cold: anyone can get it, and almost everyone will survive if they have a strong immune system.

If the board mandates that all residents receive mRNA “vaccines” or be “involuntarily detained for isolation,” it must allow for exemptions, and it must allow time for people to flee the state. Many will move rather than comply.

Discriminating against people based on whether they’ve received a COVID mRNA “vaccine” is to be “vaxist,” like being bigoted, sexist, racist, anti-Catholic, or anti-Semitic. Some people insist that the “unvaxxed” are subhuman and must be denied basic human rights. We’ve been down this road before. Don’t make Washington continue to be a laughingstock.

Ann Makar


      1. caprice

        Fox doesn’t possess the intestinal fortitude to take a stand for freedom against the Great Reset insanity- too much of their advertising revenue is BIG PHARMA.

    1. Ann Makar

      The state board of health currently is only “considering” expanding mandates, thank God. We must continue to pay attention to whatever action elected and appointed officials may be considering in the exercise of control over the public.

      1. caprice

        So many politicians float an idea out into the mainstream media to gauge public opinion before they stick their necks out too far in suppor- all of the people who have previously refused to fight back against the encroachment of our liberties can no longer ignore that their silence is empowering the enemy. So what if you get cancelled from social media, use their platform as long as you can sharing as much truthful information that you find and join Trump’s Truth Social platform on Feb 21st.

        1. Ann Makar

          Yes, people must speak out about the insane, inconsistent policies of politicians and other people heavily invested in the spread of Big Pharma’s influence.

  1. Mike Alexander

    Excellent logic and truth. Anyone who “follows the science” will agree with you. Whatever happened to “my body my choice”?

  2. Christine

    Well said- quarantining the healthy never made sense. You just said what I have been asking for months… if the viral load is the same in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated when infected, shouldn’t everyone be treated the same?

  3. Melissa

    In the last 30 days, (according to covid data at Clark County Public Health) 50% of new covid cases in Clark County were fully vaccinated. This week’s breakthrough data is even worse! 57% of new cases between Dec. 30 and Jan. 7 were fully vaccinated breakthrough cases. Policies that deny this substantial spread amongst our fully vaccinated residents do a disservice to all residents, regardless of vaccination status or health choice, The discrimination Ann has described here is particularly offensive!

  4. Margaret

    The WA state Board of Health is appointed by the governor. New COVID vaccine mandates for children pre-k thru high school, public and private are under discussion by the board, Agenda Item #8.
    Informed Choice Washington has submitted a petition for a new rule that is on the agenda item #11. for the Nov. 12 Board of Health Meeting, “we are requesting the WA State Board of Health adopt a new, permanent rule prohibiting the Board from adding to the daycare or school requirements any Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) product or any licensed product formulation which has not yet completed Phase 3 clinical trials. This new rule request pertains to any and all avenues through which the Board has authority to add medical intervention requirements, including through regular or emergency rule-making.
    We are requesting this Rule because despite the absence of an FDA licensed
    COVID-19 vaccine formulation with completed Phase 3 trial studies in children, and
    despite CDC-acknowledged risks of myocarditis and blood clots and the data showing
    children are not at high risk of severe disease or death from COVID-19, the BOH has
    gathered a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to examine adding COVID-19 vaccines to
    daycare & school requirements. This new rule is needed immediately to ensure that
    federal EUA regulations are upheld & to protect fully informed consent, which prohibits
    the use of coercion or undue influence, such as can be exerted by state requirements.
    This new rule would impact and protect all minor children, and their parents and
    guardians, in WA State.” See full petition https://sboh.wa.gov/Portals/7/Doc/Meetings/2022/Jan%2012/Tab11b-PetitionforRulemaking-ICWAPetitionforRulemaking.pdf?ver=2022-01-07-180753-593
    I support this proposed rule.

    Another meeting agenda item is the 1:30 p.m. 9. Rules Hearing Continuance– Communicable and Other Certain Diseases, Chapter 246-100 WAC – Testimony Will Be Taken – Possible Action https://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=246-100 includes rules about involuntary quarantine at the sole discretion of the local public health officer. WAC 246-100-040 Procedures for isolation or quarantine.
    10:15 a.m. 5. Briefing – Local Board of Health
    Composition, Chapter 246-90 WAC
    Temple Lentz, Board Member https://sboh.wa.gov/Portals/7/Doc/Meetings/2022/Jan%2012/Tab5a-LBOHCompositionUpdate-CoverMemo.pdf?ver=2022-01-07-180724-610

    “We encourage you to email your comments by 12:00 Noon the Friday before the meeting to ensure your comments are part of the meeting materials and Board members have an opportunity to read and consider your comments before the meeting. Written comments received after 12:00 Noon Friday will be shared with Board members; however, Board members may not have the capacity to read or review your comments in advance or during the meeting. You may give verbal comments at the meeting during the public comment period.” https://sboh.wa.gov/Meetings/MeetingInformation

    Although residents are asked to submit comments by noon on Friday, the online meeting materials are not posted until 5 PM on Fridays before meetings. https://sboh.wa.gov/Meetings/MeetingInformation/2022/January12Online Public Hearings by our elected representatives at the local and state level do commonly accept written comment at public hearings.

      1. Margaret

        Your explanation on the practical impact of odious rules is helpful. Small and medium size businesses suffer when forced to keep healthy employees from work based on their vaccination status. Meanwhile, government easily covers the additional costs for paid leave. This is an example how Clark County handles it in at least one department. “HR Policy 11.0 Benefits:
        • Employees, who test positive for COVID-19, will receive paid leave for up to ten (10) days.
        • Employees who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and are not fully vaccinated, will receive paid leave for up to fourteen (14) days.
        • Any employee who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, and has tested negative, will receive paid leave for up to ten (10) days. Employees may be asked to submit a health care provider’s release before returning to work.

  5. Michelle

    Fine go on and refuse vaccination but with that choice please don’t clog up our hospitals when you do get it. I think most of us are tired of having our lives put on hold because the hospital is clogged up with people making poor choices.

    1. caprice

      Don’t assume those “clogging” up hospitals are unvaxxed.

      1. Hospitals fired a third or more of their staff for refusing to be a test subject.
      2. Hospitals have closed one or more floors due to lack of sufficient staffing
      3. Hospitals postponed routine surgeries and delayed treatments/screenings for many patients that now have must be seen
      4. “Vaxxed”, “Not-Fully-Vaxxed” and “Un-Vaxxed” that show up for these medical procedures/emergenies with symptoms/ without symptoms and show positive(or false positive) are counted as a “covid patient”
      5. Every person who has “recently” received a vaccine or a booster will test “false” positive for a period of time after the injection.
    2. Ann Makar

      I haven’t been in hiding at all. I refused that. I wear a mask inside businesses, church buildings, offices, etc. and certainly have been exposed many times but have a strong immune system.

    3. Melissa

      Are you referring to lifestyle choices that saddle a person with co-morbidities? Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes? Diet-related choices? The CDC director says that most covid hospitalizations and deaths have at least four co-morbidities. These diet-related diseases clog up hospitals like plaque in an artery!


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