Letter: ‘I know that for many involved in gathering signatures and supporting this effort, last night may have felt like a failure’

Area resident Palmer Davis relives Tuesday’s County Council meeting and vote on the mini initiative petition

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Tuesday night the Clark County Medical Freedom Petition went before the County Council. This was a mini-initiative supported by over 11k signatures.

Palmer Davis
Palmer Davis

It’s noteworthy that four of the five councilors identify as Republican. Yet they threw up every road block prior to the meeting, including the obligatory move to have it on Zoom, putting it at the end of a long agenda, and limiting the number of public comments that could be made. Nonetheless, a couple hundred people gathered at a church last night to support the petition and each other as they made their case via Zoom.

In the end, it was voted down 4-1.

This isn’t necessarily surprising. I am sharing a letter, below, that illustrates the kind of pressure King Inslee applied to get his way. I think you’ll find it worth reading.

I know that for many involved in gathering signatures and supporting this effort, last night may have felt like a failure. I certainly felt the grief from here. I helped Rob Anderson launch the darn thing, I felt it was a solid effort, and I had a crazy hope that a few of the other councilmembers could, if nothing else, be shamed into finding their cajones.

They did not. They were, instead, shamed into bowing to the altar of the false god we call COVID.

Before we get into the letter I’ll just say this. Every battle is a part of a much bigger war, and I have seen each one create opportunities. We never fail. We just haven’t succeeded yet. Meanwhile, there are amazing people out there swinging. I want you to know they exist, and encourage you to support their efforts.

Rob Anderson “The Recovering Pastor” conceived of and spearheaded the petition. He also writes on church reform and Clark County politics. Find him on Facebook, he’s always a good read.

WEICU is the only organization I am aware of that is consistently striving for election integrity. Sign up to help here.

Seattle Truth Network / March for Freedom WA had a big success last month with a march in Seattle, but that was after two years of marching in Seattle. I can’t tell you how often I hear someone tell me they live in King County and have no idea how to get involved. Start by working with Victoria. Email Victoria@SeattleTruthNetwork.com.

Informed Choice WA is the foundation upon which many of us build our efforts.

Reps to follow: Jim Walsh, Joel McEntire, Vicki Kraft (I also endorse her for 3rd Congressional District) and Brad Klippert.

Last but not least, the answer to “Do we have any lawyers to _____” is too often No. But keep your eyes on the folks at Silent Majority Foundation. They are on fire.

Okay. The letter.

Click to view PDF.

Palmer Davis
Clark County


    1. The Recovering Pastor

      I’ve asked KJ this but so far has avoided the question, what laws are you referring to? The democrat lawyers, who apparently runs Clark County, conceded that their are NO COVID laws that this would violate. So, that just leaves the Emergency powers RCW and do you honestly believe that the Emergency power is absolute and can run rikshaw over the Constitution and has no bounds?
      You continually degrade initiative legislation and act as if the people have no say and laws can’t to be challenged, as if some opinion is the final say. It needs to be challenged and litigated and the Council denied the citizens from doing so. Are you not aware of the power of petition in our State Constitution or in our Home Rule Charter, should we just erase that out? There’s a reason why it’s there, to give the citizens a route to go directly to the decision makers or to the elector to get action.

      1. K.J. Hinton

        The RCW the lawyer referred to last night. You’re not deaf, except to reason.

        There’s a certain arrogance in your presentation, like you’re the smartest guy in the room. Smarter than the other legal minds that gave tried, and failed, on 42 different occasions, to attempt to have these mandates tossed.

        I’ve asked repeatedly and wont get an abswer: what Articles Sections or Amendments of the Constitution are being violated here?

        See, the problem is that no matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, it’s still a pig.

        I’m sorry that you couldn’t get people to break the law for you, one of whom was a judge and is perfectly capable of determining what is legal and what isn’t… A man who also opposed your efforts here since the discrimination allegations were a joke and your scam effort to blow off preemption like it was nonexistent was even more laughable.

        Not liking something does not make it unconstitutional. The sooner you and your followers grasp that fact, the better.

        Since you asked.

  1. Chris

    I’m glad they voted it down. These mandates will help to significantly reduce Covid. Covid will never be eliminated, but people who don’t mask, vaccinate, and wash are the reason this virus mutates and continues.


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