Letter: ‘I feel for our principals, teachers and support staff in Ridgefield schools’

Ridgefield resident Jodi Fontyn offers her support for the Ridgefield School District bond proposal in the April 23 special election

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When I started kindergarten at South Ridge Elementary in 1969, there were only two elementary schools in Ridgefield: South Ridge and Union Ridge. Fifty-five years later, there are still only two, but thousands of new homes and families. 

Jodi Fontyn
Jodi Fontyn

Yes, we’ve added capacity and restructured the grade levels, but they are both far over capacity. Even if we added more classrooms to these sites, that’s not the answer. There are far too many students at each school to provide safe, organized and well-run programs. 

I feel for our principals, teachers and support staff in Ridgefield schools as they try to maintain quality education. I feel for the kids. Let’s fix this, Ridgefield! Vote “Yes” on Prop. 10 & 11!

Jodi Fontyn

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    1. James

      Human Resorces Director, Ridgefield school district…. Might have some inherent bias. Doesn’t mean that her opinion is invalid, but should probably disclose it.


      That figures! It’s the typical pull the wool over people’s eyes. Alot of people are only reading what she said and will vote accordingly. We did have two elementary schools however, we all filed in to one middle school and one highschool. Yes, we have a larger number of students now. Maybe instead of trying to fit everyone into Ridgefield school district and causing the taxpayers to pay up, they should invent a new school district so class sizes are more accommodating. They want to rename everything already.


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