Letter: ‘I believe that every state needs a Larry Hoff’

Ridgefield resident Cameron Jones shares her support for Larry Hoff in his effort to return to the Washington State Legislature.

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Rep. Larry Hoff is a man of his word. He listens to the people of Washington’s 18th District and, with their influence, creates priorities to share in Olympia. His loyalty to the people of Southwest Washington is admirable and is something that I’ve experienced firsthand. 

Cameron Jones Ridgefield
Cameron Jones, Ridgefield

Mr. Hoff has helped open many doors for me and is a true supporter when it comes to accomplishing my future goals. Larry has made a tremendous impact on people all across Washington in just the mere two years of him being in office, I can only imagine what the next two years hold. 

I believe that every state needs a Larry Hoff, but I am glad that Washington is fortunate enough to have him. 

Cameron Jones