Letter: ‘I am in mourning for our nation and have been for some many months’

Vancouver resident Pauline Warren shares her thoughts on the road she believes our nation is traveling on

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

“Yes, today was heartbreaking, but why hasn’t your heart been breaking already?’’

My answer to your question is this: I am in mourning for our nation and have been for some many months. I see what is happening and understand the end of the road we are traveling as a people and it is not good. It brings me much sorrow, as it should. 

Pauline Warren, Vancouver
Pauline Warren, Vancouver

Many years ago, probably at least 40 years ago, I went with another lady to our school superintendent of our local school in California. They were sending two middle school teachers to a seminar on sex education to SEICUS and had come back with a syllabus which, amazingly, the superintendent actually gave to me. 

Way back then the support for homosexuality was about to be taught to these young persons. Their minds were going to be twisted and their values weakened. But how many parents were we able to get to listen to us? None! Parents trusted these authorities to the extent that they would not listen to us. What if we were telling the truth and our warnings were accurate? What would they then have to do? That was something most parents did not want to deal with, so they discounted our facts and went on with their lives oblivious of the dangers to their children. So it is today! 

Do we realize what this new administration has planned for us? Have we earnestly listened to what they say and write and understand where they are coming from and where they are going? Is your paper doing its job of educating the population here in Clark County to what is behind much of the policies and decisions that both the state and federal governments are making concerning our lives? The masks are just one of those issues. The drag queens are another. Right here in this county! 

Unless groups, businesses, authorities who have the means and opportunity speak up and tell the unadulterated truth to the people, they will continue to accept with naivety the narratives we are given and much of it is false, lies. Unless there are those willing to speak the truth in love, the average parent/voter will simply follow the crowd and that will not be good, for any of us. 

So, I challenge this newspaper to tell the truth, to really inform us on the background and educate us on the information necessary to make wise decisions. Who else will do that? I do not see or hear others taking on that responsibility. Unless we understand very clearly what we are up against, we cannot and will not exert the necessary time, energy, effort to fight this battle for our nation, for our future, for defending our values, for the safety, health and welfare of our next generation. 

Are we willing to pay the price for such an effort, for it will surely cost us, probably a lot more than most are willing to pay? Without this kind of effort we can expect to lose our freedoms and become slaves of those who are willing to exert the necessary efforts to rule us, with a rod of iron. Look around at other nations who did not acknowledge the battle and were unwilling to fight the good fight. They are slaves to others who are determined to rule at any cost. They are committed to their cause. Are we?

Pauline Warren

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