Letter: ‘Hysteria created rifts between normally reasonable citizens’

Vancouver resident Bob Larimer recounts life during the pandemic

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When the Wuhan virus first hit, I was amazed that the public was so accepting of sweeping government directives, conflicting announcements by “health authorities,” business and school closures and relentless, blaring media hype.

Bob Larimer
Bob Larimer

Locally, I was disgusted by mask mommas, senselessly grabbing up bales of toilet paper as if that were a rational response to the hyped scary news.

I did my own research and discovered that mortality would be in a very small percentage of the U.S. population, with children being the most safe from infection.

To date, there have been 1.14 million “presumed” deaths due to COVID.

That is 0.343 percent of the U.S. population of 331.9 million.

Over 102,226,376 citizens have recovered from infection.

Those of us who published our research, questioned the necessity and effectiveness of masks, social distancing and lockdowns, the safety of quickly-produced, FDA emergency-use-authorization “vaccines,” and who challenged government’s prohibition against, and media’s criticism of, proven treatments and drugs, safely in use for decades, were called hard-hearted, conspiracy theorists, and even “threats to public health.”

Hysteria created rifts between normally reasonable citizens.

When Governor Inslee shut down public fishing, I was done with the foolishness.

My buddy and I hitched up the Bass boat and headed across the country to Joplin, Missouri, where we stayed with relatives and fished renowned waters including Table Rock Lake and Lake of the Ozarks.

Un-distanced and unmasked, we ate in restaurants, shopped in grocery stores and bought fishing gear in sporting goods stores.

No businesses were closed, and some states we visited actually offered free fishing licenses to encourage healthy outdoor activities.

When I told them about Washington state, locals just shook their heads at the craziness.

Today’s report in RedState doesn’t surprise me:

“Landmark Study Vindicates Everyone Who Touted Natural Immunity to COVID-19”


Here in Clark County and across the nation, we have been routinely lied to and manipulated by government, “health authorities,” politicians and mainstream “news” media.

They never deserved our trust.

The question remains, will we trust them when they hype the next epidemic?

Bob Larimer

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  1. T J

    I’m afraid that there is no end to the sheeple that actually believe the idiots that they elect and their appointed minions. So I am sure next time will not be much different. I also believe that that is why Biden, Inslee, etc don’t back down on their mandates and nonsense lies.

  2. DLS

    To act as though a million deaths are negligible is, indeed, hard hearted. To call them “presumed” is ignorant. Without the measures taken, death rates would likely be much higher. Thankfully, we won’t ever know for sure exactly how much difference the public health measures made.

    1. Wolfie

      Be serious. People die every year.. that number is because EVERYTHING from a broken wrist to a colon cancer was marked as COVID. Talked to the many people who are fighting right now to have death certificates corrected because their loved one did not die of COVID. The hard cold reality is this was about money- pharm makers and their backers made thousands as did Fauci et al- power and control. And they will try it again.

  3. Nike Ajax

    THIS is why it happened: “To work on the problem of UFO hysteria, in 1952 Bedell Smith convened a CIA group called the Psychological Strategy Board and gave them the job of putting together recommendations about ‘problems connected with unidentified flying objects’ for the National Security Council – the highest-ranking national security policy makers in the United States. Bedell Smith’s Psychological Strategy Board panel determined that the American public was far too sensitive to ‘HYSTERICAL MASS BEHAVIOR’ for the good of the nation. Furthermore, the board said, the public’s susceptibility to UFO belief was A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT, one that was increasing by the year. From a psychological standpoint, the public’s gullibility would likely prove ‘harmful to constituted authority’, meaning the central government might not hold. Any forthcoming UFO hoax by Stalin could engender the same kind of pandemonium that followed the Radio Broadcast of ‘The War of the Worlds…..’ The only way of countering what Bedell Smith was certain was ‘the Russian’s clever hostile propaganda’ was for the CIA to take COVERT ACTION of its own. The Agency suggested that AN EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGN be put in place, one that would co-opt elements of the the ‘American mass media such as television, motion pictures, and popular articles’. The CIA also suggested getting advertising executives, business clubs, and ‘even THE DISNEY CORPORATION [INVOLVED] to get the message across’. CHAPTER 4, “AREA 51”, by Annie Jacobsen copyright 2011. Coincidently, a similiar phenomenon of “HYSTERICAL MASS BEHAVIOR” ocurred with the release of the movie “Men in Black”.

    I guess I don’t have to explain what happened with the WuHan Flu bs (HYSTERICAL MASS BEHAVIOR), OR, the current “weather balloon” bs. It seems our government is running mass psychological operations on the American people, and apparently the majority of the American public are exactly what the PSB figured they were…….


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