Letter: ‘Help bring common sense back to the state legislature and send Jeremy Baker to Olympia’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver offers her support for Jeremy Baker in the 49th Legislative District

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Crippling inflation, rising crime rates, and a sense that the country is going in the wrong direction are the top concerns for Americans according to polls.  Two years of Democrat policies have been disastrous for American families.

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

The 49th Legislative District has a chance to elect a representative who will be a champion for families.  Jeremy Baker was raised in Clark County and knows our community and the issues.  He wants to invest in our police officers and hold criminals accountable; get the state budget, which has doubled in the last ten years, under control; lower taxes; and put parents back in charge of their children and their education.  

Help bring common sense back to the state legislature and send Jeremy Baker to Olympia.

Julia Dawn Seaver


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    Rob Anderson

    Thanks to Monica Stonier we’ll see another .49 a gallon gas tax in January even though they had a 15 billion surplus. She did it to make her special interest masters happy rather than looking out working families


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