Letter: Heidi St. John ‘will be an energetic advocate for Southwest Washington

Kelso resident Carolyn Caines offers her support for Heidi St. John in the race in the 3rd Congressional District

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I am enthusiastically asking your support for Heidi St. John for Congress. She will be an energetic advocate for Southwest Washington. 

Carolyn Caine
Carolyn Caine

Here are a few of the reasons I will vote for Heidi, one for each letter of her name. Please take time to check out her information at http://www.heidistjohnforcongress.com Your vote counts.


• Holds up Constitutional rights

• Education and parental rights

• Integrity in action

• Desires godly wisdom

• Inspires hope

• Speaks truth boldly

• Trustworthy to seek…

• Justice and law in the land

• Open to listen to you

• Honestly working for your good

• Not for big government

Carolyn Caines


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