Letter: Florida’s move to Constitutional Carriage of firearms reduces crime

Yacolt resident Thomas Schenk believes ‘we need it here’

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The link below shows results of Florida’s move to Constitutional Carriage of firearms: https://thefederalist.com/2024/01/16/aft…

Thomas Schenk
Thomas Schenk

Florida’s move to Constitutional Carriage of firearms reduces crime. We need it here.

Around 25 years ago statistician John Lott’s analysis of firearm ownership by citizens disclosed crime goes down where gun ownership is encouraged. Yet we continue to see “Blue” states and cities attempt to take away a citizen’s right to self-defense.

The facts show there is reduced crime where gun ownership is high. What is the true purpose, then, behind the constant whining from the Left about restricting the 2nd Amendment?

In 2023, Florida made it lawful for any citizen who was not a felon, to legally carry a weapon without state government approval. The Miami mayor recently hailed the lowest violent crime rate, crediting this law.

In 2022 the municipality recorded 49 homicides. That number dropped to 31 in 2023, the fewest number of killings ever in Miami.

Why do so many want to disarm the average citizen? One can only speculate that making the populace defenseless works to the advantage of the government, at both a state and federal level.

This may be especially true for the politicians who populate those governments. Gun control is the bogeyman that gets votes on either side of the issue.

But why does your neighbor feel compelled to restrict your right to own a weapon? There are political motives involved to be sure, but why do some of our neighbors go along with the program?

A training officer I had many years ago, made a point during a training session, which may help explain the phenomenon. He presented us an empty revolver, showing no ammunition in the weapon. He feigned putting one round in the revolver and closed the cylinder.

He said ”even though we are all in law enforcement here, the revolver in my hand should be perceived as a threat by all of you. If you don’t, then you may need to seek other employment”.

What he was illustrating was a firearm, in and of itself, is a threat, regardless of who possesses it.

Many of our neighbors perceive weapons as a threat, no matter who has it. They don’t like or want firearms themselves and believe no one else should have them either.

This combination of political motivation and our neighbors’ perceived threat of firearms is what, I believe, is the driving force for restricting our Second Amendment rights.

History has shown, time and again, disarming the citizenry ends in tragedy — 1930s Germany; Lenin and Stalin; and Mao Zedong to name a few.

You will hear gun control proponents declare ”if it saves one life, it’s worth it” The other side of that argument is how defenseless the rest of us will be and how a criminal with any weapon can take a life. What has been saved on the one hand is lost on the other. It’s a zero-sum game; but then, it’s not a game, is it?

Being defenseless doesn’t stop crime. It just creates sheep, ready to be sheared.

Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” The saying “pray for peace, prepare for war” or versions of it, goes back to the Roman Empire. Florida just gave its citizens the right to be prepared and violent crime went down.

Given the significant increase in crime in the Portland and Seattle metro areas in the last few years, citizens need to be able to protect themselves and their families without government interference.

After all, It’s your right!

Thomas Schenk

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