Letter: ‘Election integrity is critical to a free society’

Camas resident Anna Miller discusses election integrity and the way she reports election observers in Clark County are being treated

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Election integrity is critical to a free society. Millions of voters in our country have become increasingly concerned that the way we process, and count votes is subject to tampering and corruption. That is likely why more people have signed up to be trained election observers (EO) than ever before. The chairperson of the Republican Party and of the Democrat Party receives a list of trained election observers for their party. The chairperson or the designee will notify the EO’s when they are needed and will schedule them for specific days.

Photo of Anna Miller
Photo of Anna Miller

So, what are these trained election observers trained to do? Their duties include watching paid election employees open the envelope that contains the ballot. It includes making sure the ballots are always locked in a secure location and observing as signatures are being checked. An observer will watch the ballots being counted by the machine and while hand counting if necessary.

Sounds airtight right? Not even close. Election observers in Clark County have reported that they have been restricted in their various duties to the extent that they are not able to properly do their job.

They are not even allowed to take notes! The team leader for the election observers for the Republicans filed a list of grievances with the Elections Office that was mostly ignored.

There are dozens of ballot drop boxes all over Clark County. Who is keeping a watchful eye on these drop boxes? Voting citizens are waking up the huge cracks in our mail-in ballots system. Volunteers are coming forward to stand guard at these boxes. I urge you to view Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 Mules (official website). You will understand the magnitude of the problem.

Anna Miller

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