Letter: ‘Don Benton believes in the basic right to own property without government interface’

Kristin Sokoloff offers her views on the District 5 race for the Clark County Council

Recent charter amendments changed the County Council positions from partisan to nonpartisan offices. This created a lack of transparency and can easily lead voters to cast their ballots for candidates who do not align with their value system. 

Kristin Sokoloff
Kristin Sokoloff

County Council District 5’s ticket features Don Benton, an open Conservative, who is strictly against tax increases and feels the government should stay within their allotted budget. “If everyone else is required to set a budget and live within it or face negative consequences, why is the government immune?” 

Don’s opponent, Sue Marshall, was a long-time registered Democrat in Oregon. Sue recently served on the Board of Directors for Friends of Clark County, the only organization in Clark County that defends the Growth Management Act (GMA). 

The GMA strictly regulates what people can and cannot do with their land in the name of controlling urban development. This law takes development rights from landowners and gives local government the ultimate decision. Home prices in growth-managed regions are typically two to five times higher than unmanaged areas. 

Don’t let her overalls, John Deere hat and claims to be a farming advocate fool you. Sue Marshall fully supports overreaching government tactics that negatively impact farmers, land owners, and future generations of home buyers. Don Benton believes in the basic right to own property without government interface.

Kristin Sokoloff
Clackamas, Ore.


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    Everyone in District 5, rural Clark County, needs to be aware of how important it is Sue Marshall is not elected. Thanks for the write up Kristin.

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    Sure. If you want rural Clark County to look like a Hazel Dell strip mall let’s vote in Don Benton and get rid of the GMA. The only people that want the GMA out are those that want to turn farm land and rural communities into HOA communities with a “local” applebees so they make a bunch of money, leave Clark County, and buy a 50-acre ranch in Montana or Idaho. Get real.

    And, really, Don Benton? My dog would do a better job. He licked Trump’s rear end and the best position he could get in that administration, devoid of any talent, was the selected service administration?

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    Too many democrats trying to increase fees, taxes, and government overreach. We are in a recession, food and gas prices have doubled. Try to live in your budget like the rest of us are doing. In fact, try to reduce expenses.

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    Seems to be some confusion on this issue, based on comments being all over the place. This got me thinking how great it would be if Clark County Today posted their own candidate interviews! This would be a great way to help voters get clarity on issues that other forums might not be asking about.


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