Letter: Do you know the consequences of drinking poison?

Vancouver resident Wynn Grcich shares her thoughts on the dangers of fluoridated drinking water

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Do you believe drinking poison reduces cavities? Do you know the consequences of drinking poison? Battle Ground has been fluoridated since the 1970s.

Wynn Grcich
Wynn Grcich

Have you ever read a fluoridated toothpaste tube? Six years old or under, if swallowed, seek poison control. Have you seen the MSDS Report for Sodium Fluoride? Ask your water provider for it.

Do you know what sodium fluoride is? Have you ever read a book on fluoride or studied the toxic chemicals put in our drinking water? Why would you drink the poison in toothpaste, you aren’t supposed to swallow?

Sen. Paul Harris tried to fluoridate the rest of Washington, but that bill didn’t go through. I visited Harris with seven others, at his office, and showed why fluoride is poison.
Fluoridation chemicals are an industrial waste product from the scrubbers of the aluminum industry or phosphate fertilizer industry. Waste products are controlled by the EPA. Medicines are controlled by the FDA. You would never medicate anyone through the drinking water, because there is no dosage control. You can’t give an 8-pound baby the same amount of poison as a 200-pound man. Why would you give poison to toothless babies and toothless seniors? (No teeth, No need.) They claim one drop of toxic fluoride is in an 8 oz glass of water. I took a baby bottle of 8 oz water and dropped 6 drops of blue food coloring in it and shook it up, to show Paul Harris how much poison you gave a baby from 6 bottles of powdered formula, in water, daily. Trusting Battle Ground residents voted to drink poison in the 1970s. Politicians convinced people it was medicine to prevent cavities. Why didn’t anyone question this? What gives your neighbor the right to vote to medicate the whole city with poison, even the toothless? My body, My choice!

We purchase Sodium Fluoride from China, in bags with skulls and crossbones on them. Even after showing the poison sign on the sodium fluoride bag, many people at the Town Hall, in Battle Ground, chanted the jingle, “It’s good for the teeth!” They liked it and were glad it was in their water. Why not swallow fluoridated toothpaste and leave the water alone?

I was handing out the Harvard brain damage study from http://www.FluorideAlert.org and told people Stewart Connett, in SF, Ca, is almost through with his lawsuit against the EPA, to stop fluoridation. This court case has taken many years because of Covid. The CDC and NIH has already confused fluoridation causes Alzheimer’s and lowers IQs. Battle Ground residents didn’t care and continued to recite the TV advertising jingle, “It’s good for the teeth.” They didn’t look it up, check it out, or have some proof,” It’s good for the teeth.” Pure case of Tele…Vison: Indoctrination, mind control. I gave out Mind Control patents, too. If drinking poison was so great, why didn’t all WA cities vote to drink poison? Our Clark County Health Board has many studies, articles and patents on public record. Do you know how to look them up? Your public librarian can help you.

If drinking poison is so good, I guess no one in Battle Ground has cavities, or toothless seniors! Battle Ground probably has very few dentists, since their toxic water prevents cavities! No one has Alzheimer’s or lowered IQs? How about CANCER, hip fractures, arthritis, bone spurs, thyroid problems, Down Syndrome, crippling arthritis? Did you know Sodium fluoride caused all those health issues? Were the side effects disclosed to the public about drinking poison? America’s GNP depends on pharmaceuticals and Health Care. We need a nation of sick people to keep our economy going. Forever chemicals are PFOAs. The F is fluoride. Fluoride is used in insecticides and rat poisoning. Sulfuryl Fluoride is used for termite fumigation.

Book: Fluoride The Aging Factor (How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride) By Dr. John Yiamouyiannis
(Fascinating book on children dying from dental jells and fluoride red pills. )
You Tube: Dr. Dean Burk: Fluoride Causes Cancer
Book: The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson
Book: The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett
Book: Water:The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life! By Paul and Patricia Bragg N.D., Ph.D
You Tube: Dr. Russell Blaylock: Why Fluoride is Toxic
The Truth About Cancer Propaganda videos Fluoride #5 Ty & Charlene Bollinger

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_YA1GTBt3U
WebDec 7, 2023 · THE TRUTH ABOUT WATER EXPOSED Full BANNED Documentary ( 2017 ) . HistoryNEws. 538 subscribers. Subscribe. Subscribed. 1.2K views 6 years ago. THE …

Now is the time to learn as much as you can about the toxic waste product that has been in your water for 50 years. Go to your city council meetings and get this stopped.
Look up the http://www.FluorideAlert.org lawsuit. A victory in SF will prove we need it stopped everywhere!
I know it can be done. My sister and I helped stop fluoridation in Sonoma County, CA 2015. Battle Ground’s Phil Hogan’s mom got fluoridation stopped in Modesto, CA years ago. Modesto, CA has an arch, claiming to be the water capital of CA.

Senator Rivers said, at the town hall, “The Math and Reading level of the Battle Ground public schools is at 38%.”
If I was the superintendent of the Battle Ground School District, I would make all the children repeat that grade level again since they flunked and replaced all the teachers! I pay around $6,000 of property taxes which most of that goes to the schools. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. THIS IS 38 OUT OF 100%. Are your children low IQs or the teachers are incompetent?

Why aren’t you concerned!

One man kept talking about how, “He got a good education in the Battle Ground school district. (years ago)” He believed in supporting public schools and said,” School choice was a waste of money.” That man knew nothing of what they are teaching or NOT teaching in schools today. He knew nothing of grooming and the pornographic books used for sex ed. Math & reading scores of 38% is reason enough to boycott public schools. His praising public school opinion was solely based on his education of years ago. We have 50 years of family generations being poisoned from fluoridation, in this cavity free city.
A college professor sitting next to me was upset that our tax dollars pay for the WOKE movement and LBGQtrans agenda. I agreed.
I was sitting next to the smartest man in the room! The professor said he would look up the brain damage studies, fluoride lawsuit, the patents on the COVID jab, and patents on mind control.

I’ve been to Battle Ground School Board and Clark County Health Board meetings. I asked for water filters on the schools and new water and sewer pipes for the schools.
Corrosive water additives make lead leach; especially on old lead pipes or lead soldered seams. I also believe the county should fund lead testing on its residents in older housing areas with old water and sewer lines.

The man supporting the jabs, fluoridation, and horrible public schools stopped by my sister and I, on the way out the door. He reiterated again how great the public schools are, believes in fluoridation, and the jabs. (I hope he gets his boosters, so he doesn’t kill Grandma! )

When Bill Gates makes us eat bugs, will the Battle Ground residents say, “Where’s the Beef ?”

Wynn Grcich

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