Letter: ‘Do not believe that CD3 is purple’

Clark County Republican State Committeewoman Anne O’Neill makes her case for Joe Kent in the Third Congressional District

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Wednesday night the Clark County Republican Central Committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse Joe Kent for Congress in the third Congressional District in Washington State. This endorsement follows Cowlitz County and Thursday night Skamania County.

Anne O’Neill
Anne O’Neill

Joe narrowly lost in 2022 to radical democrat Marie Gluesenkamp- Perez. Do not believe that CD3 is purple. If not for the 40,000 Republicans who did not vote, this seat would still be red. Joe has earned the major district-wide support needed to win.

If you think the county, state, country is going in the wrong direction, just wait two more years. It is important we rally around one candidate and quit splitting our vote.

The democrats support a limited number of candidates running for any one position. Republicans run too many potential candidates who have zero or limited chance for winning. Our general election candidates end up broke and battered just from fighting each other in the primary. We whine about losing and do the same thing in the very next election. The result of this insanity is worse in Washington State when only the top two primary vote getters move forward. This jungle primary was introduced by democrats to increase the odds that two democrats would be our only choice and it is working.

Washington State is a free mail-in only voting state. There are legitimate concerns over the security of this voting system and even more about eliminating voter ID.  And, still, too many Republicans in Washington State will not walk to their own mailboxes and vote. Better to give the election to a democrat then vote for a Republican who doesn’t check all your boxes. We all know the media or democrat PAC’s would never lie about Republican candidates. Do not vote and you are correct, your vote won’t count.

Send a message. Only your vote will tell Olympia and D.C. that Republicans are serious. We want our County, our State, and our Country back.

Start NOW by supporting and voting Joe Kent for Congress!

Anne O’Neill
Clark County Republican State Committeewoman


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    Lew Waters

    And here we thought only Democrats rigged primaries for party favorites over any other candidates voters may prefer.

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    Chuck Miller

    Lew Waters, what are you talking about, our Clark County Republican Central Committee has every right to endorse a Candidate in the primary and we endorsed a winner Joe Kent for Congress in our 3rd Congressional District, just as Cowlitz County and Skamania County and other Counties will follow!!!

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    Anna Miller

    Lew Waters, you never let me down. Still carry that big old bucket of sour grapes. A group of elected officials (PCOs’) meet together with the general public invited to observe, for their quarterly business meeting. They have a letter from a candidate asking for their endorsement. They have a vote and over 2/3’s decide to say yes to the endorsement. Then they send out a public announcement of the results for everyone to see. Yep! Some really nefarious stuff there.

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    Billie jo Moore

    Well said Anne. The republicans in this town have no right to utter one word of complaint with how the city / district is being run if that don’t get off their blessed assurances and vote and get behind ONE candidate!. Wednesday night was proof that the grassroots are done with business as usual. Well done getting Joe Kent endorsed. Now let’s go full steam ahead and get back the seat he should be in currently! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

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    Anna Miller

    Here is the sticky wicket. The Party has no mechanism in which to stop multiple candidates from running. Voting to endorse a candidate early is the only way to send the message to other Republicans that the Party does not want to see a circular firing squad. If a candidate can be the first out of the gate with endorsements and the money that follows, others that are testing the waters about running may bow out.


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