Letter: ‘Democracy is messy but is designed to select out our best ideas to put into action’

Washougal resident Mark Haller offers his views on the Washougal School District levy on the April 25 special election ballot

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

The Replacement Educational Levies for the Washougal School District are a hot topic this year as the district tries to balance the budget in challenging financial times.   This is also a challenging time for many of the district’s student population struggling with learning loss and lagging their grade level expectations due largely to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Mark Haller
Mark Haller

Democracy is messy but is designed to select out our best ideas to put into action. If you look at all the facts and feel a no vote is the best decision for our kids and community, I support your right to vote that way.  It pains me deeply, however, to hear people criticizing the district as “failing” these kids, or criticizing the kids themselves as “lazy… entitled… unskilled… and unwilling to learn.”  

As a volunteer mentor/tutor at the high school, and personally knowing many other people who do the same in the grade schools, I know this is simply not the case for the vast majority of these kids or the district.  The schools and kids all did the best they could in a tough circumstance, the pandemic, that they had no control over and which significantly interfered with their learning environment for a two-year period.  What I have seen, and heard, first-hand is these kids are resilient and are hungry to learn.  

The criticism that the Washougal School District (WSD) is “failing” its students is not accurate.  The district, including teachers and staff, are providing every opportunity they can for these kids to ‘catch up’ with grade level expectations including the Tutor/Mentor program I participate in.  And this pilot program is growing fast – we started the year with five mentors and are now at fourteen, and growing; and this is just in Washougal High.  Comparing WSD to other districts in Washington State, “For the 2023 school year, there are 9 public schools serving 3,001 students in Washougal School District. This district’s average testing ranking is 9/10, which is in the top 20% of public schools in Washington.” Washougal School District (2023) – Washougal, WA 

Mark Haller


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  1. blank

    It’s all about money… and the never-ending requests for (middle-class) property owners to pay more and more, and more, and more. Between schools and homeless and emergency response and all the other multiple levies… property owners are being slowly squeezed out of their homes.

    I’ve stated in other posts, I’ll say it again: Schools need to wean themselves from the thinking that taxpayers are an endless source of money.

    How to get that idea across to the schools?… you vote NO on levies. You force them to make hard decisions and, yes, cuts to services… just like we all are doing right now when managing our home budgets.

    Your letter’s contents hint of you being part of the liberal-progressive crowd who believes in rights & fairness for everyone as long as it agrees with your agenda. Honestly, I consider your thinking as part of the problem… not my voting NO.

  2. blank

    Mark Haller,
    I am so glad you like to believe the LIES that the Washougal School District is feeding its Residents, and why they want more money to help line the pockets of district employees for who knows what… its quite sad, how the LEVY failed the first time and they decide they would run it again and have this jade it will pass this time. I HOPE it will fail once again and maybe then they will how they can do fundraisers to fund sports and other extracurricular activities.

    1. blank
      Nike Ajax

      No, they NEVER learn and they most certainly DO NOT CARE. All they do is whine and complain that the tax payers are hateful, then turn around and run another levy, and keep running levies until it “passes” (wink, wink), just like over in Ridgefield. School districts believe that the wallets of the taxpayers belong to the School Districts. And, the use their schills to write opinions glorifying themselves.

  3. blank
    Alexander Marinesko

    More money does not make better educated students. More tax money does not make better government. I do believe I am a better Shepard of my tax dollar, then government.


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