Letter: Dale Rice ‘is beholden to no one, except the voters and children of this community’

Vancouver resident Adam Rice shares his thoughts on the race for Vancouver Public Schools Board of Directors Position 1

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com.

Voters should cast their ballots carefully in the VPS Board of Directors Position 1 race. Politics. Power. Payback? That’s what voters need to be wondering as they cast their ballots for VPS Board of Directors Position 1 candidates. 

Adam Rice
Adam Rice

My father, Dale Rice, an experienced incumbent of 29 years, has provided strong leadership saving taxpayers millions and resulting in unprecedented achievements. Rice has personally funded his entire campaign. Rice is beholden to no one, except the voters and children of this community. 

His opponent, Kyle Sproul, has no experience in leading a system as large and complex as VPS. Yet, she seems to have plenty to say about what’s wrong with VPS and very little to offer in terms of improvement strategies. Sproul has financed her campaign largely through individual and special interest contributions. 

Retain Rice. Vote integrity. Vote experience. And vote demonstrated achievement.

Adam Rice

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