Letter: Cornerstone Christian Academy ‘has been prompt, organized and wholeheartedly available to meet families exactly where they are at’

Brush Prairie resident Leanne Ernster shares her appreciation for the efforts of her children’s school, teachers during closure

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We have four students at Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) and have been most impressed by the way they have so quickly and effectively bridged the gap between on-campus learning and schooling at home. CCA has been prompt, organized and wholeheartedly available to meet families exactly where they are at. 

Leanne Ernster and family
Leanne Ernster and family

The very day following our student’s last campus session, teachers provided marvelous hardcopy and coordinating online lesson plans, which they had poured their hearts and souls into. 

CCA is unique in that it utilizes advanced technology while also fully preserving the personable, authentic, and genuinely caring relationships between their students and staff. Whether it was the full-page handwritten letter that our son’s teacher mailed him, the availability of teachers to connect one-on-one with students or the excellent use of their online platform where students can easily share wholesome photos, video footage and interact while learning together. 

CCA provides exceptional academics with the big picture perspective, which is foremost to shape the character of our children. What do we gain if we simply raise brainiacs who have all the smarts but lack wisdom? 

We are proud of, and humbly grateful, to be part of Cornerstone Christian Academy and we hope that many other families will join us in raising intelligent leaders of character.

Leanne Ernster
Brush Prairie