Letter: Context matters, especially in this context

Mark Moore believes the PCOs of the CCRP have a sacred duty to steward the resources of the party in a way that best positions Republicans for victory

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In a recent letter to the editor, Dawn Seaver attempts to make the case that there is no unity behind Joe Kent within the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP), and that is simply false. Let’s look at the numbers, using Ms. Seaver’s math.

Mark Moore
Mark Moore

During the May CCRP Quarterly Meeting, there were roughly 125 precinct committee officers present. Those opposed to even considering an early endorsement for Joe Kent substantially filibustered the meeting, pushing the actual vote until almost 10 p.m.. Notwithstanding the small but committed opposition, Joe Kent was endorsed with a vote of 71-15, a margin of 84%. If we use Ms. Seaver’s math, 15 PCO’s represent a little less than 6% of the voting body.

At the Special Meeting of the CCRP on July 13, there were 75 voting members present. Two other candidates were unanimously recognized as Republicans. When the vote was taken regarding Candidate Leslie Lewallen, 22 members voted to recognize her as a Republican, 46 voted no. Again, using Ms. Seaver’s math, that means about 8% of the body agreed she should be recognized as a Republican for the 3rd Congressional District race.

So, according to Ms. Seaver’s analysis,

• 6% of the voting members opposed an early endorsement for Joe Kent, and

• 8% of the voting members believed candidate Lewallen should be recognized as a Republican.

Where context matters

At the Clark County Republican Party organizational meeting in December of 2022, the body adopted sweeping new bylaws designed to return control of the party to its voting members. Those efforts have resulted in a body that is energized and focused. The CCRP is enjoying a significant increase of attendance at its meetings and has had three very successful fundraisers in its first six months. Those facts alone demonstrate a new level of unity within the party. The culture has shifted dramatically for the positive, and while the debate is occasionally spirited the body is making the decisions for the direction of the party. It is a grassroots success story.

Some additional context

Over the last two and 1/2 years, Joe Kent has put in the work to build relationships with not only the leadership of the CCRP, but with dozens and dozens of PCO’s. These PCO’s have asked questions, offered advice, and measured the man. In the end they understood the strategic nature of uniting behind a single, strong candidate as our best opportunity to defeat Marie Glusenkamp Perez.

In contrast, candidate Lewallen did not contact a single member of the CCRP leadership team in advance of entering the race. Furthermore, it was her husband who initially wrote to the party asking for recognition. Candidate Lewallen did eventually submit a written request herself. Candidate Lewallen has also been soliciting financial support from PCO’s, yet has never requested or been given a contact list from this executive board as she is not entitled to that data having not been recognized during this term of the CCRP. The voting members understood this context and it influenced their vote.

The Precinct Committee Officers of the Clark County Republican Party have a sacred duty to steward the resources of the party in a way that best positions Republicans for victory. They have chosen, overwhelmingly, not to support candidate Lewallen with those resources for a candidacy in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

It is worth noting that the jungle primary system in Washington state heavily favors Democrats. This is why it is critically important for the Republican Party to act strategically, and more importantly in unity, during elections. It was Ms. Seaver’s fellow PCO’s who voted to endorse Joe Kent, and it is those fellow PCO’s whose expressed will she is actively attempting to de-legitimize.

A recent Cygnal Poll, one of the most accurate polling firms in the nation, shows Joe Kent with 81% support amongst Republican voters leading into the 2024 cycle. Another, and more telling data point, Joe Kent has raised over $600,000 in the first two quarters, with over 4,600 individual donors. The five counties which have endorsed Joe Kent represent 92% of the Republican voters in the district. All of these facts point to broad, grassroots support of Joe Kent, in spite of Ms. Seaver’s strenuous protest.

One additional point of context

Ms. Seaver also wrongly states that Joe Kent does not embrace the core values of the CCRP. I will let his own words set the record straight by quoting his request to be endorsed:

To the Clark County Republican Central Committee and Executive Board,

I, Joe Kent, a Republican candidate for Congress, am writing to inform you that I have read and agree with the party’s core principles and the party’s platform. I, too, believe that individual rights are what the government is designed to protect and defend. These rights are given to us by God and not the government. Our government must protect the sanctity of all life and that Americans, regardless of their age, have the right to legal protection.

I believe in minimal government. The government’s powers should be minimal, clearly defined, and honestly interpreted. I believe that we must have equality under the law and that public officials should not exempt themselves from our laws or regulations. Our public officials must be accountable to their oath of office, regardless of party affiliation. I believe that we must repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education, and I fully support home school, private schools. and school choice. I believe that the government must stay out of our domestic private market so the free market can flourish. The federal government must protect American jobs from foreign labor markets and supply chains. Our nation is blessed with all we need at home, and we should not compromise the sovereignty of our workers or supply chains simply to raise our GDP. We are a sovereign nation – not just an economy. I believe that we must balance our budget and that freezing compensation for non-military personnel is a

great forcing function to ensure our government operates within its means. I believe that we must prioritize securing our border ahead of providing foreign aid to other nations and fighting in foreign wars. I believe that the strength of our nation lies with individuals and that each person’s dignity and freedom are sacred. The government must act to protect its citizens by upholding law and order. Out-of-control crime is a significant threat to our liberty. I humbly ask for the endorsement of the Clark County Republican Party for Congress in 2024.

Joe Kent Republican Candidate for WA-03

Earlier this year I asked the question of Clark County Today readers, “Do Republicans actually want to win elections?”. It is clear the voting members of the CCRP understand the strategic necessity of uniting behind a single, strong candidate. I believe the answer to this question is, increasingly so.

Mark Moore

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