Letter: Concerned Washougal parents kicked out of school board meeting

Washougal resident Patricia Bellamy details a recent incident between parents and Washougal School District staff at a school board meeting

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

Patricia Bellamy
Patricia Bellamy

On May 11th the Washougal School District discriminated against and harassed three female community members. We came to a scheduled public meeting to speak about Critical Race Theory and mask mandates for our children. The agenda had “Policy 0050-Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” which the parents believe contained critical race theory. 

The board voted to end the meeting before it ever really got started. They claimed there was a disruption when one member would not put on a mask due to medical and religious exemptions. Vice Superintendent Aaron Hansen and Superintendent Mary Templeton told everyone the meeting was over and we needed to clear the board meeting room.  

We left and observed the school staff heading to their cars. Our phones began ringing as concerned parents informed us the board illegally started another meeting, as shown on Zoom. They are required to provide 24-hour notice before any new meeting can be held.

The three of us returned, only to discover the doors were locked. All school board members, teachers and staff from the earlier “adjourned” meeting were inside. They refused to let us in, even closing a window so we could not hear the discussion from outside. They proceeded to laugh and mock us from inside.

Someone inside called the police, demanding we be removed for trespassing. Two police officers showed up. One spoke with school officials inside, and the other spoke with us.

The police issued each of us a “trespass admonishment,” prohibiting us from being on any school owned property for one year. If we enter any school district owned property for the next year, we face prosecution for “criminal trespass.” Furthermore, the admonishment stated: “should you trespass and commit another crime, you may also be charged with the crime of burglary.”

This means we cannot drop our children off at school, or pick them up after class. We cannot attend parent teacher conferences in person, nor attend any sporting or community events to support our children, on school property. We cannot attend PTA meetings. We cannot attend graduations. We cannot pick our children up at school if there is a medical issue.

It appears there is no way to challenge this trespass admonishment besides civil litigation.

The board has since indicated they will move all public meetings to zoom due to “Covid” until further notice. There will be multiple restrictions, including having to submit questions or comments in advance of the meeting. This gives the board members the opportunity to prescreen remarks before allowing you to speak.

It would appear the Washougal School District employees and board members violated numerous RCW’s. We have hired an attorney to investigate these matters and evaluate our options for legal recourse.

We believe all taxpayers and especially parents of school children have the right to attend school board meetings and to share their concerns. The school board is supposedly elected to represent the interests of taxpayers, the students and their parents.

This group has demonstrated their lack of tolerance to Washougal parents and citizens. They have shown they do not appreciate diversity of thought nor of opinion.

Sadly, our Washougal School Board and the school district administration are willing to play games with the citizens, ending school board meetings and then reconvening them after excluding citizens. The school board and the administration are willing to call the police, demanding citizens peacefully attending a public meeting, be cited for trespass.

We do not believe this represents the attitudes of a majority of the good people of Washougal. Are these the types of people we want managing our children’s schools and overseeing curriculum?

Washougal schools can do better. It’s time for a change in the leadership on our school board. It’s time for a change in the administration of our school district.

Patricia Bellamy


    1. Lula. Davis

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    1. John Ley

      My understanding is that the school administrators and the school board members were wearing masks. They were all “safe” and had nothing to fear.

        1. Valerie J.

          Did you just crawl out of a cave after five months? There’s this wonderful medical miracle called… The Vaccine! And you, too, can get one and be safe from Covid! I’m willing to place a bet that every one of those board members has been vaccinated. The mask issue really isn’t a thing any more.

          1. BruceM

            @Valerie J., that is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!
            Face masks today have almost nothing to do with the spread of this virus or any other virus/bacteria and likely has far more to do with pollens and hay fever. Today the mask is a symbol of subservience, control, power and mindless compliance. It would make as much logical sense if Inslee and the teachers unions demanded individuals wear yellow shirts every second Wednesday of each month, and if found without a yellow shirt, be subject to fines and possible imprisonment.

          2. Thomas Paine

            It can only make me laugh when you use words like subservience, control, power and mindless compliance in regards to mask usage while utilizing an electronic device that truly encompasses them all!

          3. Ken Lund

            Here is a piece of science for you. Productivity/compliance would go up on the yellow shirt mandate days. It is called the Howthorne Effect. Look it up.

            It may be an authoritarian act in the extreme in terms of manipulating the human condition but it works non the less.

            People expect what you inspect.

          4. Anzimee N Faubion

            So, in your opinion, that is the intent and rationale behind the mandates and other authoritarian maneuvers by the despots running the show? Funny, (well not funny) but odd that it has not been a great success because, unless you have been living on another planet or in a coma you could not miss the fact that both productivity and compliance are not “Up” at all but are continuing to decline rapidly and steadily. SO much for your science, it has more holes in it than the “science” behind the vaccine and mask-wearing. Flawed fatally, like all Marxist ideas and points of view.

          5. Matty

            african American communities have the lowest mask and vaccine compliance rate Karen. Listen to you “white men and their need to cry”. How about white Karen’s and their need to live up to their annoying name.

          6. Ken Lund

            Actually you are incorrect. Sorry.

            The Delta variant of COVID 19 has proven the original vaccine to be less than a miracle. And even if you don’t get it, you can still carry the Delta varieant even if you are vaccinated. That is why most countries and most states, excluding Texas and Florida are going back to masks. They are trying to remain open and be responsible.

            Cold and flu season is coming. This is a virus. My bet is it is going to be a humdinger of a fall and winter flu season. I hope I am wrong.

            I am fine if people don’t want to wear a mask. I hate wearing a mask. But I have enough sense and respect for others to wear one in public to protect them as well as me.

            Just saying…

          7. Ricardo Montanez

            People with vaccines still get covid! Just because you have a vaccine doesn’t mean uninflected and people with out doesn’t mean they are infected

          1. Ken Lund

            Nice job of painting an incorrect picture with playing selectively fast and loose with your stats.

            irrelevant,… unless you are the one that died from it because the idiots around you put themselves first like all good narrow-minded narcissists.

            Wrong headed. Either misinformed or intentionally misleading. Either way, pathetic and just sad.

      1. Ken Lund

        Those that organize and manage the meeting are responsible for the welfare of all… ALL… in attendance. Not just themselves as individuals. It would be nice if the protestors demonstrated the same level of courtesy.

    2. New Resident

      They look and sound like a bunch of misinformed jerks actually. Not a good look for sane, civil Washougal moms. What a disgrace.

    3. Ken Lund

      A religeous or medical reason for not masking up. Do they realize how weak, desperate and ridiculous that sounds? And even if it is true, don’t they still have a responsibility to protect others or is really all about them?

      Not wearing a mask comes with responsibilities including to others. If you don’t want to wear a mask, cool! Stay home! You do not have the right to infect others.

      1. Anzimee N Faubion

        Ken, it appears that you have lost all ability to think with your own brain..critically. It may also be true that you don’t spot a scam very well. At the starting line of this Covid “Pandemic” scare the media puppets had all sorts of knowledge to help us protect ourselves from this bug. Do you recall the washing of the hands for twenty minutes as many times as you could throughout the day? Why don’t we hear that anymore? Also, the advice on sanitizers and leaving packages untouched for days after they arrived, or, do you remember how we were to not touch our faces and not wear a mask more than once? I have seen people pick up masks off the ground in supermarket parking lots and put them on before going in the store probably because they forgot to bring one and want to get some food! You cannot police stupidity and the ass wipes mandating everything know this! They ignore their own rules regularly. Do you think the times we hear about the rule-makers breaking their rules are the only times they have done so?
        Ken, I am willing to bet the ranch that when you go out in public you are very occupied with catching the anti-maskers in all their disgusting facial nudity. You feel enraged and so much more socially responsible than them, you CARE, they don’t CARE. tsk tsk. But I will bet that you are not self-aware enough to notice how many times you touched your face, Your steering wheel, scratched your crotch, touched your cell phone, keys, money, mail, or other papers, a literal mountain of germ infected items, then you casually walked into that store with the evil anti-maskers lurking around every corner meanwhile, you forgot to sanitize your hands before you put on your mask and grabbed the shopping cart handle that some poor old person will soon be pushing around after you have gone. I have sat and observed you self-righteous sheep as you have pulled into a parking lot and had no thought of the germs they were loaded up on before going in to spread them everywhere. But you all had those silly masks on so we know you are and were good little Marxist followers. But, I am certain you are the only one who doesn’t spread germs. I, however, am not blaming you for any of this Covid nonsense, I know who is responsible for all of this, and as usual, they will not be punished nor will they have to follow the rules. Ask yourself if perhaps you should shift your outrage to the people who used your and my taxes to fund a project to design a pandemic, AND why did they do it? Could it have been part of the NWO plan to enslave us? Naw, that is just conspiracy crap, right?

  1. K. Norman

    When school boards are bullies, pull your kids out of school. Hit ’em in the wallet by home schooling or sending them to private school. Each kid in a classroom represents between $10K – $15K per year. Home schooling is fun and it’s a better education tailored to your student without critical race theory.

    1. New Resident

      I for one would love it if the “Washougal Moms” would pull their kids out of school. Please do that instead of wasting everyones time with their Fox News talking points and CRT nonsense.

  2. Wendi

    Yes to critical race theory. It’s teaching history accurately and not peddling white centric, history filled with myths. Please educate yourselves and don’t be racist.

    1. Concerned parent

      Do you support treating people differently based on things that make us different, like the color of our skin or ethnic background?

      If “Equity” is so important why didn’t MLK Jr ever mention it in his speeches? Was he wrong for focusing on equality?

      1. Another concerned parent

        Do you support treating people differently based on things that make us different, like the color of our skin or ethnic background? YES. Not everything is black and white (for lack of a better phrase). Start recognizing nuance!

        If “Equity” is so important why didn’t MLK Jr ever mention it in his speeches? Was he wrong for focusing on equality?
        Maybe this will help you understand the difference between equity and equality.

        1. Yet Another Concerned Parent

          Conservatives don’t handle nuance very well. They prefer things boiled down to a simple binary — yes/no, good/bad, right/wrong.

          Those who would like to ban Critical Race Theory are the ones who really need to learn it.

          1. pwalton

            There’s nothing to learn. It’s based on a false premise, that slavery was a white and black thing. It wasn’t. In fact most African slaves, who were sold by there own government, were sold to Brazil, which, in fact, was the last country to abandon the Atlantic Slave Trade. Furthermore, very few whites even owned slaves in the States, and many slave owners were black women. Critical race theory is a Marxist theory that is being implemented with the sole intention of dividing us. It’s garbage and should be disposed as such. Period.

          2. Mike

            I get so sick & tired of this “… I’m brown, ur not. So obviously ur a racist & U owe me…” Grow up! It’s 2021. Stand on ur own two feet; ur OWN merits. Stop blaming everyone else if U can’t make it. Whiner…..

          3. Karen

            God, if only white people would take their own advice! You’re crying about the exact thing you’re complaining about! I know, your brain hurts a bit huh?

          4. DJ Kumquat

            The work of prominent psychologist Jonathan Haidt, shows that self described conservatives have the most holistic political thinking, while self described liberals are the most narrow in their political calculations. Empirical research also shows that self described conservatives are more informed and more knowledgeable of political institutions and leadership than self described liberals.

        2. Concerned Parent

          I understand what equity is, and there is nothing wrong with people helping people who need a hand or who are less fortunate or capable than others. Its just that people should he free to help each other rather than setting up a government system thar determines and provides the needs of all.

          The issue with CRT is the perspective that everything is inherently racist. From our freedoms, to our banking and education systems, to reasonable discourse, it’s all a construct racism and the only way to achieve true “equality” is to destroy it all and replace it with a system where “privileged” people step aside and allow the most “marginalized” to make the rules. Rather than evaluate the needs of the INDIVIDUAL, CRT teaches that white people are all privileged because they are white, period. It also teaches that “marginalized” people are incapable of helping themselves or carving their own paths without the help of the “privileged”. Both of those beliefs are untrue and incredibly hateful. CRT also teaches that white people can’t experience racism, and that any disagreement with any aspect of the theory is an admission of being racist, or not acknowledging how you benefit from racism, making any meaningful discourse impossible.

          CRT definitions:
          Privileged = “white”
          Marginalized = non-white

          1. Valerie J.

            Here’s my problem with it: My family is mixed race, and I know about, oh, 20 other mixed race families in my immediate circle. If white = oppressor and non-white = oppressed, where does that leave bi-racial children? How do they relate to their oppressor mom and oppressed dad? How does my oppressed (black) child relate to his oppressor (white) mother? How do Asian (I have no idea which category they fall in this month) children feel about their oppressor (white) parents? Hispanics? I’m really confused. From the conversations I’ve had with my son’s friends, so are they.

            Is CRT really asking us to choose? Choose between a constructed concept of society and history, and the people that we love and cherish and depend on for life and the meaning of our very existence?
            Because we will choose. And family wins every time.

          2. Kris

            These racist people pushing for CRT never take us mixed folk into account. They only think in black/white 😑.

    2. Local History Teacher

      Thank you Wendi! While there is room for legitimate academic debate over CRT, it’s not the “boogie man” the right wing media has twisted it to be.

      1. Valerie J.

        Perhaps if they had been allowed in to have a ‘legitimate academic debate’ it wouldn’t have seemed like such a bogey man. But, instead, the parents were treated like the bogey man. When did parents become the enemy instead of the partner in the public schools?

      2. Kris

        Says another white person and the fact that you’re a local history teacher makes YOU the boogie man. Stay the hell away from my kids with your poisonous ideas.

    3. BruceM

      Oh, right!! Let’s see…..those people of a different skin color cannot learn/develop without the insertion of white liberals, telling them that they are victims, they should be taken to the front of the line and deserve special dispensation due to their race. This, of course, will make things much better! Such oppressed souls will immediately become productive, hard working, proud and self-confident citizens when all those nasty white people learn their place!

      Malcolm X in 1963 said it EXACTLY right: “The real criminal is the white liberal, the political hypocrite. And it is these legal crooks who pose as our friends, force us into a life of crime, and then use us to spread the white man’s evil vices in our community among our own people…..The white liberals are nothing but political hypocrites who use our people as political footballs only to get bills passed that will increase their own power.”

      How prophetic is that!

      by December 2019, many blacks were on their way out of the ghettos, due to new legislation that reduced prison for non-violent crimes, the creation of economic development zones, leading to the highest number of black-owned small business and record low black unemployment rate. And now people like you are working hard to reverse that.

    4. Kris

      Please whitesplain how you’re better than me? I’m pretty sure the only racist person on this thread is you. Wouldn’t doubt that your crappy ancestors owned slaves judging by how you believe you’re better than us brown folk.

      1. Matty

        He quoted malcom x, that’s whitsplaining? Crappy ancestors? Lol. You don’t even know this person but your attacking their crappy ancestors. That doesn’t sound a little hypocritical to you? Since when is malcom x a racist. Yikes

    5. DJ Kumquat

      Opposition to the teaching of CRT doesn’t mean support for white supremacy. Opposition to the teaching of CRT is not racist behavior.

    6. Marie

      It’s ironic to tell folks to educate themselves on something you’re obviously unfamiliar with. It literally has theory in the title yet you proclaim established fact? Are you clinical? Marx peddled critical theory. Were u aware of that fact? How is it good to fight racism with racism??? Ummm it isnt silly. Now shush.

    7. John A Wing

      Critical Race Theory goes directly against,
      The first amendment ,
      The Equal protection clause of the 14th amendment,
      The civil rights act of 1964 title 6 whish bans discrimination on the basis of race,
      And most Student handbooks!
      CRT is in fact illegal!
      We have two healthy happy adult children and one happy healthy 14 yr old that never stepped foot into a public school!
      I was brought up in a Democrat family and taught to believe in America and embrace the freedoms that come with being fortunate enough to be born and raised here! Quite honestly, the Democrat party sickens me!
      My hat is off to those of you fighting this ridiculous “THEORY” being taught as fact!
      Don’t give up, the laws and common ethics are on your side!

  3. Washougal Dad

    I’m thrilled these ladies made a stand against an out of touch and elitist board whose members constantly feign concern for community input and parent feedback. WSD is filled with racist bigots from the top down. The entire board, the top administration, Principals. Templeton, Hansen, Gomez-Clark, Ibale the “Equity” consultant. All racists! Racists must be stopped by any means necessary!

  4. Nancy Brown

    What is going on in our little town? I can’t believe what I am reading! Why are parents being banned from school board meetings? Why has everyone lost their ability to think for themselves. A room FULL of people wearing masks, except this one women, yet nobody felt “safe” to proceed with the meeting? My heart weeps for our country and our community. Shame on these administrators and faculty! Shame on the officers for violating the rights of these women!

  5. Prior Panther

    You left out the part where you and your goons menaced the attendees and vandalized their cars.
    I’m guessing by this is the first time you’ve been held accountable for your actions, hopefully this isn’t the last time.
    I don’t want some unhinged, mouth-breathing lunatic like you near a school. Thank GOD you’ve been banned.

      1. Prior Panther

        Failed because I think acting like a degenerate jerk at a public forum, refusing to follow basic, posted guidelines that are in place to keep yourself and others safe, vandalizing someone else’s property and then creating a false narrative that absolves you of any accountability for your actions makes someone an unhinged lunatic? Sure.
        You’re the reason they have “Do not ingest” on bottles of bleach “DoCtOr”.

        1. A Grown up

          Exactly!! I feel so very sorry for their children, how embarrassing to have your parent in the media for acting like a toddler having a tantrum, and knowing your own mother has been banned from stepping foot on district property. If this item was something they felt strongly about, they merely needed to mask up or join virtually – so obviously this was not about being heard.

          1. Valerie J.

            Some day, you may believe strongly enough about something to ‘go to the mats’ for someone you love. Or, maybe you don’t love anyone that much. I’ve made a fool of myself for my child plenty of times. And he knows I would do anything for him because he and his future is more important than my pride. I hope someday you love someone that deeply and believe in a cause that strongly.

        2. Matty

          What you describe sounds like an antifa rally. Not three pissed of parents. Btw talk about racism . Did you get to watch our city and many others burn last summer. ? All the while the white man saying. Thankyou may I have another. Hypocrisy is glaring. But ya your right this sounds like a real public safety crisis haah

  6. Just Some Guy

    The quantity of idiocy here is shocking. CRT is not a new subject, in fact it has been implemented across schools across the nation for over 40 years now. Just because you finally paid attention to what is going on in school because fear mongering idiots are yelling about it, that doesn’t mean it is new. Also, it does not state that just white people are racist. It uses an anthropological theory (fairly well proven) that as humans we tend not to associate/trust/engage with others that do not look like us, no matter what our color is. CRT tries to break down barriers and encourages that we teach history as it was and not try to gloss over the bad parts, seeing as for a long time that was a theory in history, “if we don’t teach the bad parts it won’t teach our kids to do bad things”. Guess what?! It doesn’t work that way.

    Also, it is really easy not to violate a mask mandate. If you really want to get your voice out there, truly and not just in a way of throwing a Karen style fit, play the game and play it well. You weren’t trying to change anything if you went in and started throwing a fit, you just wanted 5 min of attention. If you consider this making a stand I feel very sorry for you and the lack of understanding in regards to human interaction.

    I personally know Patricia and I can honestly say I am appalled by this behavior. I believe her to be an intelligent and well rounded individual. To see her, someone I would consider compassionate and scientific, fall into opinions of the contrary, it saddens my heart. I hope she takes time to reconsider her actions and how she presented herself and try again with more dignity.

    FYI the Camas Post Record covers this from other angles if you want more of the story.

      1. Man in the mirror

        I am so glad someone said it, FINALLY! Yes! They should be ashamed of themselves. The only recourse left for them to save a little grace and dignity is for the board members and superintendents to resign. Their behavior was ghastly!

        1. A Grown up

          Nope, we voted them in, and they’re doing their jobs. I praise them for keeping the goals of the district in mind while having to deal with grown women acting like spoiled toddlers.

          1. Valerie J.

            Their JOB is to listen to their constituents. Obviously, they aren’t doing their jobs. They should be fired, immediately.

          2. Anzimee N Faubion

            Exactly! They are voted in…and they can be recalled. Judging by the up and down votes on comments in this thread a SBM Recall will be an overwhelming success. So get busy people, take back your power!

      2. Valerie J.

        I’ll bet their kids are as fed up as they are. Just like me and my kid are. We’ve both reached the end of our rope and if I made a scene at a school board meeting, he’d be waiting at the car with a slow clap. He, more than anyone needs to know that I am fighting for him. MORE PARENTS SHOULD BE FIGHTING FOR THEIR KIDS!

    1. Valerie J.

      There’s this thing that happened about four months ago, and actually, it’s been going on pretty strong now ever since; it’s this medical miracle called a VACCINE! YES! I know! They told us it would take maybe 5 years, but, here it is and every adult who wants one can have one and I can guarantee you that every single person on that school board has been vaccinated. And, maybe you haven’t watched the news in the past week or so, but Dr Fauci, and the CDC and even the President have all come out and said, if you’ve been vaccinated, you are really very safe from Covid! So, one person across a room not wearing a mask isn’t a health hazard. It’s just not a thing anymore. I know you’ve enjoyed the role of Karen for a good year, now, but it’s time to let it go. You can take off your mask, yes, even inside. Go ahead! You can do it! I know you can!

    2. Kris

      😂🤣😂🤣😂 you idiot. No it hasn’t. We all went to school within the last 40 years.

      And they were wearing masks. The people reporting that were lying. We saw the video.

    3. Esco

      The sanctimonious smarm of your comment is disgusting, and it’s exactly what’s wrong with CRT. Just as it holds one race as inferior to another, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is by default, “stupid”. You, your condescending attitude and those like you who support this crap are THE problem.

      Perhaps people are now taking notice, not because of the “fear mongering idiots”, but because of what they saw go down of these last few years. We saw the party that supports feeding this poison to our children allow our cities to be burned, citizens of the “wrong” color be beaten and silenced, “Peaceful protestors” march down the streets of white neighborhoods, demeaning the residents to forfeit their property as reparations and violent criminals released from jail/prison, all with no consequence aside from smug f*@ks like you telling us that we’re just too “stupid” to get it.

      We get it just fine.

  7. Chris Cyborg

    If you believe in CRT my guess is you probably believe in a varying version of socialism as well. Those who believe in CRT are typically feeling guilty about some traumatic experience in their life which has nothing to do with equality or equity. I can tell you for certain that CRT will not be taught in any school my children attend. If you want to force racial politics down children’s throats perhaps move to another major liberal city that supports it….not here. Coming from a major city I can tell you that you don’t want these type of politics to take shape in our schools…nothing good comes of it. Race relations have been set back about 60 years.

  8. A Grown up

    You DO have the right to attend these board meetings (or did before the vandalism). Put on a mask, or attend virtually. Grow up and act like a decent role model for your children. Funny the vandalism caused by these women is not mentioned here…

    1. Valerie J.

      Why is it that the President, the CDC, the Governor, all say that it’s OK for vaccinated people to be indoors without masks but these petty little tyrants think they have more authority?

    2. Kris

      Obviously you’ve been deceived by the misinformation train. If you actually took the time to watch the video you’d see none of that was true in regards to the two women who got kicked out. They were both wearing masks and never vandalized a damn thing. Your opinion is as worthless as the article you read.

  9. Annie Hamilton

    I remember a study that was published in the 70s that referenced the possibility that whites would be a minority in the near future – and guess what? Definitely happening. The civil rights movement focused on equality, not blacks as superior to whites, (or vice versa) what is happening now in media, on the streets of Portland and seemingly in our schools is beyond idiotic.
    What people don’t seem to understand is that this incessant hyper focus on inclusiveness and apologetics is in itself extremely racist because it suggests that there is something to be ashamed of in ones skin color and that is ridiculous. We are all different. We are created in Gods image and are of equal value but we are all different from one another. And thank God for that! Who would want to look like everyone else?

  10. Valerie J.

    I don’t understand where any public SERVANT ie; public school teacher, administrator, school board member, elected and/or paid by citizen/taxpayers would get the idea that they did not have to answer to their constituents (employers). Any parent, and for that matter, any taxpayer, has the right to participate in ANY school board meeting. If the school board members have not been educated enough to understand the rudimentary basics of infectious disease control and thus be confident enough that they themselves can wear masks, socially distance and (miracle of miracles!) get vaccinated and be completely, 100% protected from any and all possible dangers of Covid, then, I’m sorry to say, they should be removed from the school board immediately and replaced by more well-educated and better informed individuals, also those who understand their duties as public SERVANTS who will answer to their constituents. But, the part of this story that I find the most deeply disturbing is that the police officers chose to don the ‘brown shirts’ and not protect and serve their community members. They abandoned their oath and backed the entrenched bureaucrats and the oligarchy. They should have taken a battering ram and bashed that locked door in and provided an escort for those parents into that meeting! After this last year and a half, I don’t know how ANYONE from EITHER side of ANY social, political, religious, or racial perspective can ‘back the blue’. Law enforcement officers simply need to be held accountable by the people who PAY THEIR SALARIES and who they PROTECT and SERVE. Arresting parents at a school board meeting for wanting to speak on behalf of their children, arresting mothers for letting their children play at a playground, arresting pastors for feeding the homeless, arresting families for celebrating holidays together; is this what we pay them for? So, you’re not black; you don’t think police brutality effects you? You should see the statistics on how many unarmed white people have been shot and killed by police! Say their names! It’s a list too long for a poster, I am grieved to tell you.
    Whether you are a supporter of CRT or not, whether you think masks should or should not be worn… by everyone… forever! or not; we MUST BE ABLE TO BE HEARD! All of us! And there is a fundamental document guaranteeing that right for every single one of us! And when our elected officials are locking us out (or locking us in, as the case may be), and our law enforcement officers, whose salaries we pay, are enforcing unconstitutional ‘laws’ to enable them, something needs to change.

  11. Concerned Parental

    Time to get rid of the board and administration. When the next bond comes up, vote it down. Hit em where it hurts. CRT is an absolute crock and no child of mine will be taught this nonsense. I will be pulling her out of WSD and they will not get my tax money. These are the administrators who hired the likes of Char Lartey, the biggest fake victim race baiter in all of Clark County. Also, how many of you parents know that the WSD is planning on hiring a diversity and equity administrator with a annual salary of 150k? Where are their priorities?? Seems like the WSD priorities are appeasing the woke agenda.

    1. Jack Burton

      I love when people that vote against levies and bonds pretend its because they are taking a stand against something. You don’t support education, own it. It’s America you have that right.
      Students of color are more likely to be stopped by police than their white counterparts. If they are stopped, they are more likely to be cited. If they are cited, they are more likely to be arrested. They are more likely to convicted, more likely to receive the death penalty, and more likely to be killed by police during an encounter. And yes, these all hold true for Washington State and Clark County. CRT provides a framework to explain why that may be the case.
      My question is: how do these people that hate the idea of CRT, even though all they ever mention about it is that evil teachers will tell their white children they should hate themselves by portraying history accurately, propose to explain to these students of color why they get such poor outcomes in the criminal justice system compared to whites? I could ask the same question about education outcomes, healthcare outcomes, and housing outcomes to name a few.
      Do some research on American history, there is some dark stuff in there along with all the positives. Admitting America is not, and never has been, perfect does not make you a socialist or unpatriotic.
      I wonder how many of these people that are so vehemently against CRT because America treats all her citizens equally and fairly have a Gadsden flag flying from their house or lifted pickup imploring the government to “Don’t Tread on Me”?

    2. Anzimee N Faubion

      I feel like a broken record, yet I must say it again: A RECALL PETITION IS THE ONLY WAY TO “FIRE” ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS! Voting down bond measures will only cause these petty tyrants to retaliate with actions that will affect you in ways you can’t imagine. Our system of checks and balances provides us with the tools to fix what is broken. Recall works, it is democratic and fair. It requires commitment and organization. I know this because I was a part of a very successful recall of school board members that changed the course of my son’s education. STOP TALKING AND GET ORGANIZED. Who Knows? You might see a change in their behaviour before they are voted out!

  12. Wow really?

    So writing on school officials cars and the district office building is an appropriate way to attend a school board meeting? Everyone is still to wear masks on school property. This has been told to the public repeatedly and there are signs posted EVERYWHERE. How about voicing your opinions appropriately so they can be heard by everyone? Vandalism and rude language to attendees was unnecessary.

  13. John Kowalski

    “We came to a scheduled public meeting to speak about Critical Race Theory and mask mandates for our children. ”

    What is it about some people that their White Fragility can’t allow them to understand that slavery, genocide, abuse of immigrants and violence are an essential parts of American history?

    And why is that these same fragile yahoos are anti-science?

    Really, I can only commend the school board for keeping to business and not getting sidetracked by racist luddites.

    1. Chris Cyborg

      How far back should we go 200 years …300 …maybe a thousand. When does the blame for ones own actions actually come into play or is everything the convenient fault of white people? Your ability to shift blame is impressive. Do you approach every minority and ask what you can do better? Not many are fooled by your fake intellectual supremacy and most people don’t respect nor like BLM. There are plenty of countries that would embrace your ideology…perhaps start with Cuba and go from there.

      1. Jack Burton

        And many countries would welcome another citizen willing to embrace willful ignorance. The Philippines, Hungary, and Turkey come to mind. This country elected the President that rejected the “racism isn’t real” mantra so many seem to believe. Coincidently, the Washougal community elected the people on the school board as well. It would seem that it isn’t Mr. Kowalski that needs to find a new place to live. Acknowledging that racism is real, and there are elements of it in many of our institutions, does not mean you hate America or any of your fellow Americans. Growing up in Tri-Cities I was witness to people crashing school board meetings to demand creationism in the class, abstinence only sex education, and the banning of books with naughty words. Now its inappropriate to teach actual American history. The Tuskegee Experiments, Japanese Internment, and slavery were all just as real as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, our soldiers’ bravery in two World Wars, and the Civil Rights movement. Telling the truth is important… until recently most of us could agree on that. Accepting America warts and all is patriotic. Ignoring the parts we don’t like is cowardice.

        1. Chris Cyborg

          I agree on accepting America with warts and all….just do not agree on drudging up the past and sensationalizing it for political gain. Let’s not forget statistics on crime committed in this country by a certain overwhelming segment of the population….they can easily be found on the FBI and DOJ websites. Those are facts you can’t deny or perhaps you can depending on your level of wokeness.

          1. Jack Burton

            Why are you scared to say that you believe black Americans are more likely to be criminals than white Americans? I disagree with you, but at least say what you mean. Just as one example, whites and blacks use illegal drugs at approximately the same rate. However, blacks are much more likely to be in prison for drug possession. Why is that? It may be, as some would contend, that white people are more morale and don’t take drugs. Or perhaps, just maybe, there is something to this idea that there are inherent, institutional causes to help explain this disparity. Heck, just controlling for poverty levels explains some (though not all) of the disparities. But then we would have to discuss why “certain people” are more likely to live in poverty. Maybe these “certain people” are criminals AND too dumb or lazy to lift themselves out of poverty. Again, I would disagree but there are plenty of people that choose to believe that. Like it or not, our Constitution was written by people that considered black people property. To be fair, they also made a concession that black people count as 3/5 of a person. You may believe that had no impact on the way our government, education, and criminal justice systems work but I believe it does. And the FBI and DOJ do not track crimes committed, they track people charged, arrested, and/or convicted. Do you really believe that there are no disparities in who gets pulled over/stopped/questioned by police? If you’re interested in the research I can provide plenty that helps explain that it’s a lot more complicated than the “certain people” are criminals dog whistle.

          2. Chris Cyborg

            Not afraid at all but just wanted to read you saying it. Not surprised in your ignoring of facts or conveniently twisting them to fit your narrative. I am not sure if you have ever lived in a major liberal cities before but I would bet to guess you have not. if you had then you ignored the obvious disparity between who commits crimes more often than others. How is it that other minorities come to this country and thrive pulling themselves up from their bootstraps to achieve the American dream but somehow certain black people make excuse after excuse as to how come it’s so hard. Maybe take a trip to an inner city and spend some time with the people who love you so very much. Perhaps if liberals would stop treating black people as though they were incapable of fending for themselves they could finally breakout of the stigma attached to them. Let’s not forget who formed and started the KKK …surprised me too …. The Democrats started the KKK as a rebellion to the Republican Party in 1865. Just to add …if one believes in what they preach they should put their money where your mouth is, donate 90% of whatever is in your bank account to BLM or just give it to a random black family you bump into. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk. Perhaps donate your home to a family in need… I am sure that is not asking too much is it? It sounds like someone gets their news from CNN, NPR and MSNBC or perhaps read one too many books by Howard Zinn. We are what we eat….you can use that as a set up in your rebuttal.

          3. Jack Burton

            For not being scared to state your beliefs you certainly fail to state your beliefs. I have lived in major liberal cities. All major cities are liberal, so I’m not sure why you qualified it that way. I interacted with people that look, think, and believe differently than me. It informed my beliefs and I believe I am a better person for having lived there. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to give 90% of my income to BLM just because I believe racism is real. Do you expect people that believe in Christianity to give 90% of their income to the church? I’m supposed to give money to random black people because I believe racism is real? Perhaps you should walk your walk, instead of just talking your talk, and go explain to local black students that they are lazy criminals.
            You are 100% correct that the KKK was formed by racist, Southern, Democratic whites. We should feel free to share that as it is part of American history. We should also share that during the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s those same racist Southern whites couldn’t stomach blacks being considered equal. So they left the Democratic party in droves. Guess who they vote for now? I’m just advocating for telling an accurate history of America. You disagree and that’s fine…. Beauty of living in America.
            I do read CNN, NPR, and MSNBC. I also read Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax. I feel like getting information from different viewpoints helps me form reasonable opinions and informs me about the beliefs of others. That’s why I pop in to Clark County Today…. I’m interested in how different members of my community think and feel. I also appreciate our discussion here. I learned about some of the beliefs of people in my community. Unfortunately, I don’t think much more can be accomplished here. I’m never going to convince you that racism exists and has an impact on many of our fellow Americans and you’re never going to convince me that black people are lazy criminals. So thank you for the insight and perhaps we’ll meet again under a different article at some point. Cheers.

        2. Kris

          I learned about slavery and the civil rights movement in school 30 years ago so I don’t know what school you went to. We know it’s bad and to never repeat history. Furthermore there isn’t enough time to cover every aspect of American history. You teach the basics and delve deeper in college or if you’re a true history buff you’ll read about it on your personal time. Which by the way, some kids don’t care about history as much as their teachers would like them to. You’re lucky if half of them are even paying attention to you. If you randomly ask young adults when the Declaration of Independence was signed you’ll find out that most don’t remember because they NEVER cared to begin with. That’s why you teach the basics.

          1. Jack Burton

            I learned about those things 30 years ago as well. The problem was I was also taught that racism ended in the 60s. I believe racism still exists and impacts people in our community. I was given a whitewashed (pun intended) version of history that explained white people discovered a country that was already populated, the Civil War was about states’ rights, and our country was made great by white people exclusively. I now know those are all untrue. I’m not trying to advocate for wokeness 101, but I do think we have an obligation to be honest about American history. And for the record, it’s not only young adults that are ignorant of history.

  14. Nunya

    I am brown. Many other ethnicities, as well. I am proud to be Spanish, Native American, Italian, Jewish, Basque, and more…I find it more offensive these country ass white people are trying to pull the “race” card.
    They know nothing about racial inequality. If they did, they would know these are two different scenerios completely.
    One, when you are being treated differently because of the color of your skin, that’s completely not your fault.
    If you purposefully walk into a debate or discussion siding witha decision that has not been made, and going against the policy in place already, your intentions were clearly to cause a problem. Therefore, you deserve penalties that apply to ALL that do not comply. In addition, it is very selfish for one to potray a victim role and are unable to be accoutable for your actions shows how ignorant, narcisstic, and unempathetic you are. That would make the perpetrator the racist. Everyone else is conforming to the rules, you walked in trying to start something, act as though you don’t know why you were asked to leave or not welcomed, and then vandalize o.p.p.?
    What is not registering?
    Take your unmasked country asses to the hills where you came from.

    1. Anzimee N Faubion

      Wow, do you hear yourself? Comply, Conform, Obey or face the penalties! What a good little North Korean you are! “Yes Sir, Yes Mam, I will follow your rules even though they are not constitutionally based and even though they make zero sense and even though we have no reason to believe they will keep anyone safe or more importantly what harm it will cause our children in the future. COMPLY! OR FACE BANISHMENT AND BE LOCKED OUT OF A PUBLIC FORUM AND LAUGHED AT BY THE REMAINING DESPOTS! If we blindly submit to laws that are not designed to benefit society, but instead, designed to enslave us then we are just foolish and lazy and that History you want to teach just repeats itself.

  15. Michael O’Keeffe

    CRT is racism in it’s own accord. How is it white people are the ONLY ones who can B “racist”? CRT is racism against the Caucasian race, as much as white supremacy is racism against African Americans. How is one any worse or less abhorrent than the other? The only thing worse is the arrogant double standard applied here in the WSD by these elitist “prick-daters”. This is the kind of crap that invites anarchy. SHAME ON U WASHUGAL SCHOOL BOARD!!!

  16. Rubicon

    Under what law does the school board, along with administrators/teachers have the right in dispensing public citizens from attending a school district’s function? All teachers, administrators, and staff members are paid by tax payers. The building where they meeting occurred is paid for by taxpayers. Someone enlighten us.

  17. Richard

    How disappointing that Washougal seems to have been taken over by white-guilt Liberals who divide people by race, gender, and sexuality first instead of patriotism and good character. I guarantee you that this meeting was under the control of a white Liberal woman who believes fully that she knows what’s best for everyone else.

    She should have stayed home and watched Oprah reruns instead.

  18. rio87

    The real question is why are these fellow residents against the school board teaching our children to be anti-racist. Theres absolutely no Critical Race theory being taught , this is literally a bunch of racists attempting to gaslight the school board and it was shut down ! I say good job to the school board leaders !!!! and Thank you for making sure the future residents of this place are inherently anti-racist and inclusive !!

  19. Hilda

    If you’re child were being abused by a child molester, would you continue taking your child to the child molester and beg the abuser to please not molest your child? Why do parents continue taking their children to evil Communists posing as teachers so that their childrens’ minds continue to be abused? Stop delivering your children to these Communists whose only intent is to destroy your child’s mind. Government indoctrination camps cannot be reformed. Take your children out of the brainwashing camps.

  20. Charles Glisson

    YOU, we’re NOT, the victim, it was, in fact YOU, Patricia Bellamy, who was “Doing”, THE HARRASSING!

    I also heard that you like to flaunt your “Veteran Status”, and claim that “Non Neanderthall Knuckle Dragging Right Wing Droids”, such as yourself are “Domestic Enemies” that you took an oath against.

    Well I got “News” for YOU, Sugar Britches, I just HAPPEN to be a “20 Year” Veteran, and I see YOU, and YOUR ILK, as the “Domestic Enemies” that I took an oath to fight against!

    Furthermore, your attempt to “Dox” me was a BIG mistake, as you probably ALREADY realize, but there is NO “Do Over” with HINDSIGHT!

    The ONLY things that YOUR STUNT “Bought” you was;

    1. A police Report,
    3. Raising YOU “High” on MY PRIORITY LIST!

    When YOU, “Screw Up”, you fo it “Well”, DON’T YOU!

  21. Ken Lund

    Honestly, the original editorial sounded suspiciously self-serving and probably did not represent the disruption caused by the author or their associates. I do not know. I was not there. It just sounds fishy. I doubt the cops would levy such a harsh penalty without reasonable fear or threat of harm. It doesn’t serve them to get in the middle of such issues unnecessarily.
    Many Americans confuse their rights or at least conveniently forget responsibilities
    come as part of the package of rights. We/you have the right to not wear a
    mask. I/you do not have the right to put others at risk. The responsible
    non-mask wearing person(s) should have stayed home and out of the public. They
    have a right to be heard and to engage in a debate, not a hateful & vitriolic
    shouting match. They have the right to demonstrate peacefully in a non-threatening
    way. That would be the responsible action to go hand in glove with their
    demonstration of their rights. Demonstrating their responsibility including to
    COVID while tragic, is a symptom of a greater societal problem in the US. Why is
    COVID disproportionally an American tragedy? Because somewhere along the line,
    constitutional rights were confused or interpreted as personal entitlements. If
    you are not sure, the difference it is simple. Rights have a counter balancing
    responsibility. Entitlements have no such obstacle. Anything goes if it
    benefits me. The Constitution has a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Entitlements.
    All of us need to challenge our own thinking in terms of how we behave in public
    including the use of the internet.  We need to get back to basics in the education system and teach subjects like civility, Civics and history in a way that does not prescribe a political leaning and at least attempts to teach in a real context. (BTW, news flash, Columbus did not discover America.)  We need to reinforce appropriate cultural norms.

    This whole idea that anything goes, over the decades, has led us to a place of increasing anarchy where no one wins.  In particular, our kids. It needs to stop now. And disagreement should not instantly translate into hate. It takes deliberate action on each of our parts to begin again to act in a manner that is respectful and reverant to each other, even when we disagree.

  22. Karen

    all this over one idiot not wearing a mask. There are bigger issues in the world and your privileged selfish white asses are doing all this over a mask. Shame on you.

    1. Matty

      Your such a troll. Using a conservative comment section to annoy and name call because liberals stopped allowing you to say whatever you wanted if if you agree with them, years ago on their platform. Now your using the freedom the right to comdemn and annoy with the vernacular of a 10 year old. Isn’t it striking that all the ideas you espouse are coming from news sites that won’t allow you to write and comment or opine?. Karen the vegan is hungry but she really wants to go to Ruth kris cause that’s where all the carnivores are, not to eat… just to harass.

  23. Julie G

    Wearing masks is simply a considerate act for yourself and others. Why are the rights of the individual not taking into account the health of the collective? We’re All in This together. This whole situation could have been avoided and now it’s turned into a massive pissing match. All of it feels unreasonable.

    I called PeaceHealth and was on a personal fact finding mission. Surprisingly, I was connected to the Head nurse in charge of covid cases. I wanted to find out for myself if the vaccine is really helping or not. She told me 9 out of 10 people who were critical condition did not have the vaccine. And to be very careful even if you are a vaccinated. While options may not be great, taking steps to protect yourself and others is serving you and everyone else. Science isn’t perfect, and I understand if you’re afraid of the unknown.

    Emotions are frayed at every level, finding peace first and operating from a place of cooperation is a better orientation and more effective in the long term. Drawing hard lines and taking aggressive stances will cause division. Staying in anger and fighting your way through will require a lot of energy and resources. Are you sure that’s how you want to spend your time when survival has become a delicate matter? Perhaps mediation would be a better route? Peace

  24. Carolyn

    Patricia, you are a trouble maker and you know darn well why no one wants you at meetings. You won’t even consider the safety of others. You can’t even put on a mask to help. Good riddance to another Trump zombie!

  25. Rick Stonebranch

    Let’s deal with facts and not ill-informed fears. Critical Race Theory is an obscure academic topic discussed in law schools and advanced graduate course work, not in elementary or high schools. No one is advocating the use of it in other educational institutions. People who say otherwise are lying to advance a particular political agenda. This is both amoral and stupid.

  26. Susan

    Just because somebody opts to not wear a mask due to medical reasons or religious reasons does not mean the rest of society has to accept sharing space with them


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