Letter: Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins endorses John Horch

Sheriff Atkins offers his support to Horch in the race that will decide his replacement

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As a 43-year veteran of Law Enforcement, all with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, and currently the Elected Sheriff of Clark County, I feel it vitally important that I speak up about who the next Sheriff of Clark County should be.

Sheriff Chuck Atkins
Sheriff Chuck Atkins

As a member of law enforcement and a citizen of Clark County, I have had the privilege to work with and supervise John Horch throughout his entire career. I appointed John Horch as the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Chief Criminal Deputy and he has worked alongside me and the management staff through the Pandemic, Social Unrest, and unprecedented Police Reforms. John has brought a fresh outlook to how we police here in Clark County and has shown me how in touch he is with those bravely working the streets for us every day. As well as his close working relationship with the other branch chiefs and his understanding of how the Corrections Branch and Civil Branch are just as important to the success of The Clark County Sheriff’s Office mission, To Protect and Serve!

I have known and worked with both candidates over their long careers in Clark County law enforcement and in my opinion, it is a clear choice who is primed and ready to take over as the new Sheriff and lead us into a new era of Policing! I fully endorse and 100% support Chief Deputy John Horch as our next Sheriff!

Chuck Atkins
Clark County Sheriff

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  1. Susan

    Don’t let the door bump you in the arse on the way out, Chuckey-boy! It’s likely a good thing you’re not running for re-election since you are part of the problem with CCSO. And, yes, of course we all knew you would support one of your minions as your replacement. That was a given, and your endorsement is meaningless.

    Good riddance.

  2. Mark Engleman

    Establishment sheriff supporting the establishment’s choice. Surprised?

    Like all “establishments“, Clark County has a small group of people that gains their power, money, and pitiful social standing from the establishment operators maintaining control.
    These people’s interests are nearly 100% NOT alligned with the interests of regular citizens.
    Whatever this establishment Sheriff endorses, do the opposite.


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