Letter: ‘Carolyn Long is a clear voice, and a clear choice’

Camas resident says ‘Washington needs to be changed so our democracy can breathe fresh air and thrive’

Carolyn Long is a clear voice and a clear choice.  President Trump has truly drained the swamp and instead, turned it into a fetid cesspool of self-serving corruption with a deaf ear to the needs of the people.  

Daniel Blore
Daniel Blore

Jaime Herrera Beutler has supported Trump at every step, every vote, and when I sent her a concerned email about the direction of Washington, she answered with a tired litany of Trump administration talking points.  She didn’t hear what I was saying, she was deaf to my concerns, she just served up a blind-eye, knee-jerk response.

Washington needs to be changed so our democracy can breathe fresh air and thrive.  The time is coming for the first major step of that change. We get to elect new voices that can speak truth to power and revive a strong, bipartisan debate to serve the common weal.  We need to restock Congress with fresh ideas and people who believe in government for the people.

Carolyn Long is such a voice.  Her agenda is us, the people she will represent.  Listen to her speak, go to her website, become familiar with her, and it will be clear that she will be a positive force in Washington and a strong advocate for the needs of her constituency.  

The rubber stamps need to be voted out.  They are afraid of the party; the party of Trump.  We are fortunate to have an excellent alternative to our current rubber stamp representation.  Again, Carolyn Long is a clear voice, and a clear choice.

Daniel Blore

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