Letter: Candidate’s withdrawal from debate denies voters of vital information

Vancouver resident Kris Greene believes every candidate should face scrutiny

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Kris Greene
Kris Greene

I’m deeply concerned about the Camas City Council election. 

Incumbent John Nohr’s sudden withdrawal from the League of Women Voters debate, citing a work conflict, deprives voters of vital information. What’s more concerning is the League’s refusal to allow candidate Gary Perman to speak. This denies the public a chance to hear both sides. 

Is Nohr’s withdrawal an attempt to evade questions? Every candidate should face scrutiny. It’s a disservice to voters and democracy itself. Fairness demands that all candidates be heard.

Kris Greene

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  1. Margaret

    Not the first time the League has allowed only 1 candidate in a Camas City Council race to speak at their forum. It happened in 2019 also where an incumbent was granted time to speak, and the challenger was not..
    I respect Gary Perman a longtime resident who raised his family in Camas. Gary’s business background will add needed perspective to the Camas City Council. The incumbent for this position voted in 2022 to add new Utility Taxes on Camas residents. In contrast, Perman helped circulate a referendum petition to give citizens a vote on whether the new tax should be levied. This demonstrates his effort to reach out for input from the community when it comes to vital issues such as raising taxes. (The number of signatures required on the petitions fell slightly short of the required number, so voters will not have the opportunity to cast their vote on the new tax) There are 3 Camas City Council positions and the Mayor that are all voted on city-wide. To learn more about Gary Perman, see https://votegaryperman.com/


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