Letter: Again, Councilor Belkot stands alone

Clark County resident Rob Anderson shares his reaction to the Clark County Council’s approval of a $4.7 million remodel of the election department facilities.
Rob Anderson

Clark County resident Rob Anderson shares his reaction to the Clark County Council’s approval of a $4.7 million remodel of the election department facilities

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Rob Anderson
Reform Clark County

Last June, several citizens brought needed attention to several election-related problems which resulted in stalling Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey’s request for a $4.7 million remodel of the election department facilities. During the June 7 meeting, Chair Karen Bowerman moved to table Kimsey’s request so that the “public concerns could be looked into.” Yet, this week, when the subject came back up on the agenda, with very little notice, all but one of the county councilors pretended that everything was okay and forgot to do what they promised, which was to look into the concerns.

Was it because almost two months after the June 7 meeting, Kimsey sent out an email to councilors refuting the public’s concerns with answers that were untruthful and dismissive, which the Council accepted as gospel truth? Most likely, but it is also that most councilors don’t have the courage to offer solutions to vital issues that 25-year bureaucrats like Kimsey want to desperately stay away from.

The councilors, except Councilor Michelle Belkot, were eerily silent and asked few questions, if any, regarding citizens’ concerns which was the whole point of the second appearance on the agenda. These documented election problems come from folks who have devoted hundreds of hours to election observing, are trained as Certified Election Observers, and have done extensive research, so none of them are shooting from the hip with wild accusations. 

Some of the concerns that were brought forth and eventually ignored are:

  • Clark County needs a forensic audit, but Kimsey refuses
  • Wanting full video surveillance of ballot processing areas
  • Voter registration rolls are not kept clean as required
  • Full image retention, backup and proper chain of custody requirements
  • Establish a citizen-based election committee
  • Reform Certified Election Observer rules to have less muzzling effect
  • Illegal votes, like dead voters, are still occurring in Clark County
  • Recounts of 2022 showed an error rate of 1 in 741 ballots, unacceptably beyond the 1 in 500,000 allowed by Federal law
  • Several other issues…

Yet, even with mounting evidence from concerned citizens, four out of the five councilors yawned and shrugged off their duty to listen and act on behalf of the people and sided with the government bureaucrats and officials, by serving out more American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) taxpayer debt money as slop into the trough of big government.

Councilor Medvigy mentioned the woes of voter disengagement, lack of voting, and signatures verification while ignoring that many voters are moving away or disengaging in part due to the integrity concerns that have led to one-party rule in Washington state. This is like actively defunding the police and complaining about the rise of crime rates afterward. Complaining about citizens not voting and looking the other way with issues contributing to the disengagement will only make the problem worse and is political hypocrisy. 

But it got worse. Just a short time after the election vote a conversation emerged about a contract about used railroad ties which generated more enthusiasm and discussion from Councilors Yung and Marshall. Clearly, used railroad ties are far more valuable to them than making sure your vote is counted and our elections are being run with integrity and transparency … used railroad ties, people.

At the end of the day, it was Belkot who was the lone voice to bring up questions of costs and voted no for the boondoggle of an expansion. Citizens offered a commonsense amendment to the proposal that would address election problems by adding money for a forensic audit, full video surveillance, and full image retention backup, but Medvigy led the charge to kill any talk of amending because he was concerned about the, wait for it … extra costs. I kid you not, that was the best he could muster.  

It’s time for big change at the Clark County Council, and we have to get people willing to actually represent the needs of the people rather than the endless expansion of government taxation and business-as-usual corruption.

Do you believe there should be a forensic audit of the Clark County Elections Department?*
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  1. Mark Engleman - Vancouver

    America is flat out failing, at all levels, because of politicians such as the Clark County council majority.
    Voting system integrity issues are obvious. To demand answers from the known arrogant establish hack auditor was plainly necessary and right. But these four walk right on by and reward him with a barrel of money.
    Such failure can only be tied to some combination of corruption, stupidity, or weakness. All devastating attributes for those leading.

  2. Nike

    Sad, but SO true, Gavin. Maybe, if we are lucky, more people will wake up to the bolschevik/menschivek kabuki theatre being played on us, but I have my doubts.

  3. Wynn

    I was at the council meeting when Rob Anderson and group of ballot observers, precinct officers and concerned citizens laid out compelling evidence that the auditor Kimsey isn’t doing his job. The county council corporation, elected representatives, did not care or even act like they were going to investigate or question the auditor. This elected council does not work for the people. I recommend you watch the council meeting when this was presented. The council’s agenda was to approve 4.7 million to remodel a floor in the county council building for an incompetent auditor.
    The county council said, “Kimsey needs more room to do his job correctly. Does not enough space mean: All the elections the election auditor covered was not counted correctly because of space? “Glen Young understood the need for more room because his son moved out of the house and another child took his room. They still don’t have enough room for his children to have their own bedrooms. Why doesn’t Young get a large loan from a bank and add on his house? I think he might make do, with the space he has, since the taxpayers aren’t paying his mortgage!
    I wish he would think, before he speaks! Every one of us need more space to make our lives easier.
    Michelle Belcock was listening to the public and made the NO vote. She is a keeper! She explained the money already spent on the current election office.
    I think if they need more filing space, add a room on the police station or jail for election files.

    Have all elections NOT been correctly counted because of the excuse of NOT ENOUGH SPACE? The county council didn’t want to check the facts, the public presented or even questioned: “Why didn’t Kimsey clean up the voter list, on people who haven’t voted for 2 years, which is a federal law? That would have cleaned up some space to make room that he so badly needs! Shouldn’t Kimsey be fined or removed for NOT follow the law, which he swore to uphold? What is his excuse for not following the law?
    Anderson suggested to add an amendment to the funding of the remodeling money which, would help fix election integrity. The council could care less to protect your vote. I guess they didn’t hear him or make notes before approving this election remodel.
    In my opinion the rest of the council needs to be recalled or replaced in the next elections.
    I also think we need handwriting updates on voters. I know someone who is going blind. He voted and his vote was rejected because of handwriting. Also think of the people getting Parkinson’s or who have neurological problems from toxic pesticides, Round Up, or vaccines. Their handwriting changes. People who have had a stroke may have shaky handwriting, too. Handwriting updates are needed. How much money and how much space does that take?


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