Court in swing state bans use of absentee ballot drop boxes

The state Supreme Court in Wisconsin, a key swing state that was the scene of a variety of 2020 presidential election misbehaviors, has banned the use of absentee ballot drop boxes.

This decision reveals just the tip of iceberg of Wisconsin’s election integrity problems’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

The state Supreme Court in Wisconsin, a key swing state that was the scene of a variety of 2020 presidential election misbehaviors, has banned the use of absentee ballot drop boxes.

Wisconsin’s vote very narrowly went for Joe Biden during the last presidential election, after there appeared a number of red flags about the integrity of the election, including the fact Mark Zuckerberg, a leftist, gave millions of dollars to election officials in five key cities to help them run the election.

Now the state’s high court has ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes, widely in use during 2020 and the subject of the new documentary “2,000 Mules” about alleged fraud in the 2020 counting, can only be placed in election offices.

A report at the Gateway Pundit said that deals “critical defeats to Democrats in the battleground state.”

Election officials, including those who had taken Zuckerberg’s millions, had claimed that drop boxes are a secure and convenient way for voters to return ballots.

The report noted, “The court’s 4-3 ruling also has critical implications in the 2024 presidential race, in which Wisconsin will again be among a handful of battleground states.”

The Thomas More Society has focused on eliminating the potential for election fraud since the 2020 results.

Now the legal team said the 4-3 decision in the case Teigen v. Wisconsin Elections Commission has confirmed those drop boxes are illegal in the state.

“The decision handed down on July 8, 2022, in a lawsuit brought by voters, brings resolution to a key issue in the accusations of election bribery that originally arose in the state’s November 2020 general election,” the legal team said. “Thomas More Society attorneys will now be able to deliver wins to voters who have filed lawsuits about the drop boxes in the Circuit Courts of five counties, and who have accused the Wisconsin Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe of violating her duties under Wisconsin election law.”

Explained Special Counsel Erick Kaardal, “This decision reveals just the tip of iceberg of Wisconsin’s election integrity problems.”

He noted that it was Zuckerberg money that was delivered to Wisconsin’s officials through the leftist Center for Tech and Civic Life. He explained during 2020 there was an agreement between the CTCL and Wisconsin’s officials “to violate the state law banning absentee ballot drop boxes.”

“And the worst of it,” Kaardal added, “Is that it was all coordinated with the blessing of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.””

Officials from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine and Kenosha were involved in the apparent scheme.

The Thomas More Society explained, “The Center for Tech and Civic Life is a non-profit Chicago-based organization, led and staffed by former Democratic activists and funded by billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to influence the 2020 election. This partisan, special interest group poured more than $300 million into gaining access to election administration processes during the 2020 presidential election.”

Zuckerberg channeled about another $100 million into 2020 election influence, bypassing federal campaign financing laws, through another organization, too.

“Obviously, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and the Wisconsin 5 mayors were in cahoots to purchase and use the illegal drop boxes in the November 2020 election. Now, all the Wisconsin state courts need to do to clean up Wisconsin elections is to follow the money associated with the privately financed legally unauthorized drop boxes,” Kaardal said.

The Thomas More Center noted, “Under the Center for Tech and Civic Life’s ‘Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan’ dated June 15, 2020, the Zuckerberg funded organization transferred $216,500 for absentee ballot drop boxes to be used in the five cities. The agreement signed by the center and the mayors of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and Kenosha, clearly states the intentions to purchase the legally unauthorized unmanned drop boxes.”

It was the “illegal advice” from the Wisconsin Election Commission to municipal clerks in those five cities that instructed them “to use legally unauthorized unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes,” the legal team said.

Kaardal said it all was evidence of “legally unauthorized coordination to violate Wisconsin’s election laws.”

“And the Wisconsin Elections Commission could not actually have cited any legal authority to use those unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes because Wisconsin’s statutes read the opposite – that such boxes are ‘legally unauthorized,’ a situation which has since been validated and reinforced by the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision in Teigen v. Wisconsin Election Commission,” Kaardal said.

He said the ruling is another building block in work that is revealing a “massive scheme” by CTCL “to usurp the administration of the election.”

“Yes, the 2020 election is over and done with,” Kaardal observed, “But it is incumbent upon us to ensure that the corruption that infected Wisconsin’s voting process in November 2020 is rooted out and that the state’s election integrity is preserved. It is especially important that the Wisconsin Election Commission, the entity charged with safeguarding the state’s election integrity, be above reproach. Wisconsin’s voters deserve to know the truth and they need to be assured that the corruption has been eliminated, allowing for fair and honest elections from this point forward.”

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  1. Mary

    Everyone in Clark County has a drop box, it is called a mailbox. These drop boxes were put in only to be stuffed. If you really want to protect your/our vote, take your ballot, on election day, to the elections office..Early voting only lets the other side know how many “missing ballots” they need to produce.

    Not re-election Greg Kinsey would go a long way to having a secure election. He refused to turn over the ballots for a privately paid audit in 2020.

  2. Margaret

    This documentary about so many irregularities with ballot boxes is informative. County auditors can and should do more to insure that the voter rolls are accurate, including cross checking for voters from other states, auditing voter rolls for former voters who have passed away so that ballots are no longer mailed to them, and more.

  3. Awoken Patriots

    While we, the voters, were appalled in finding out the lack of ballot integrity in 2020 our Auditor, Greg Kimsey has done nothing to insure your ballot is safe This is what Greg Kimsey has been up to. No cameras are allowed, no cameras at the drop boxes, there is no acceptable chain of custody, voter integrity observers are not allowed to have a pencil or paper to take notes when they see something wrong, voters  are not allowed to have a recount, they destroyed the computer data, and the current physical ballots are hidden somewhere and we are not allowed to look at them to determine if there was any fraud. To the point, there was a lawsuit against Kimsey  ( See  Google, Clark County Lawsuit Filing ) that is sitting somewhere and not moving forward because Kimsey is being funded and represented by a large nationally recognized law firm.  They’re hoping to run out the clock so the physical votes can be legally destroyed in 20 months ending in September of this year ( correct me if I’m wrong ). My understanding is that Laws are being broken and that this was brought up to the sheriff and he decided to do nothing about this. Where’s our legislators! Why aren’t they speaking up!  Don’t take my word for it. I’m sure there is more, but I’m just one person. I’m hoping the Clark County Election integrity team jumps in and comments. Our only hope and best chance is  Brett Simpson. You need to meet this guy! He’s a brainiac when it comes to numbers, Auditing, etc. and has experience. ( I think he knows where the bodies are buried so to speak ) Look this up yourself Clark County patriots. Wake up!

    1. EITJON

      “Awoken Patriot” – you are correct. All is not well in Clark County Auditor/Elections Dept.. Muzzled CEO s must be unmuzzled. Observers have been told do not report to a supervisor a mistake is observed……… Auditor Kimsey says….”observers are only there to observe the process”. WTH? Many citizens are waking up and engaging but many more are needed. There are many fronts to this battle to restore Election Integrity. Constitutional Conservative Legislators & legislatures are needed who can reverse bad RCW laws and return our stolen votes. Corrupt agencies/agents who register illegal aliens must be held accountable. Auditors must be transparent by allowing/supporting full forensic election audits to take place to prove transparency and that observers on duty is not just ‘their theater for the media’. Why decertify a retired Navy Veteran Observer when he observes and reports a ballot room seal / tag was broken over night with no observers on duty? We must all work together to Restore Election Integrity. Why is it broken? WA State Legislature is guilty of decades of ‘spaghetti legislation’ eroding common sense and our VOTES- nearly impossible to untangle, designed for sanctuary state non-citizens to register, to vote, and to CYA/CTA in the process.

      New York Sued for Failing to Remove Ineligible Voters from Voter Rolls | Judicial Watch

      Well this is where the Washington State legislature has done a really ‘good’ job of handcuffing WE THE PEOPLE. Judicial watch states that an ineligible voter is one: “where an individual has failed to respond to an official address confirmation and has not voted in two subsequent federal elections”. Our WA laws state that unless the voter responds to an official address confirmation or they get an undeliverable notice back after a ballot or notification was sent to their mailing address, they can’t even move them to inactive. Current CC VRDB has approximately 33, 000 “Inactives” (10%). That is why we have someone who hasn’t voted since 2004 but is still active. Awaken fellow Americans and learn the facts then join the fight to SAVE AMERICA!

  4. CamasPCO966

    How did we end up with an Elections Auditor that does not support the citizens request for a forensic audit? I understand that last December, he changed the rules to make sure voter observers can’t document what they’re seeing. And certainly no cameras. It’s as if he’s hiding things. I”we need to replace Greg Kimsey. I don’t trust what he’s up to. He seems like a soldier of Kim Wyman (past Secretary of State) who offered to help Georgia Governor Kemp when he was under pressure and then got appointed to the Biden cabinet. Suspicious.


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