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We are approaching the two-month mark since the launch of our website, our area’s latest news organization.  It’s been a great start to our effort to bring a new voice to Clark County news but I want to make sure our readers know we have so much more to offer.

So many of you have taken the time to visit our website and also our social media offerings and we are very thankful for that. But, we haven’t done a good enough job of letting you know all of what we have to offer at no cost to you.

Ken Vance, Editor
Ken Vance, Editor

It is very much our hope and desire to be a place where the community can come for more than just a good read of news stories each day. We can help you by promoting your events and meetings as well as by publishing your announcements and obituaries.

Here’s a look at some of the services that we can provide at no cost to you:


If you wake up and want to learn what’s going on in Clark County on that particular day, or any other in the near future for that matter, it is my hope that will be one of the sources you rely on to get that information.

On the front page of our website, in the upper right hand column, you will find our calendar listings. We feel that information is important enough to give it such valuable turf on our website.

You will find events for at least the next week and often the listings included will be up to a month in advance. If you want your event or meeting listed, feel free to email us the information at and we will input the details ourselves.

We also offer the option of inputting the information into our system yourselves. To do that, you will have to be logged in to our site, which you can do using Facebook (preferred) or you can register with your email. Both are done at the bottom of our site on the right. Once logged in, select the CALENDAR header on the menu bar near the top of our website and select ADD EVENT from the pull down menu. From there, follow the instructions on the online submission form to input your information. Here is a post with some helpful images: Submit your events on our new calendar. If you have any problems, send us an email at and we will help any way we can.

Announcements and obituaries also offers readers the opportunity to post their announcements and obituaries at no cost.

Announcements may include birthdays and birthday celebrations, engagements and weddings, anniversaries, reunions and other gatherings. We can just announce that these events are taking place in your lives or we can also help promote an invite you wish to extend to the public to attend.

Feel free to send us your announcement information directly at Or, if you want to go through the online submission process, go to the menu bar and select ANNOUNCEMENTS. In the pull down menu, you will find the option to “SUBMIT AN ANNOUNCEMENT.’’

Obituaries come at a sad time in our lives when we’ve lost someone to dear to us. There’s a lot to think about at those times, but it’s important to remember that the obituary not only serves as an announcement but it also provides a public record of one’s life. At other newspapers in the area, that service can cost up to a few hundred dollars. We’re willing to publish your obituaries at no cost.

One of the blessings of having a news website as opposed to a print product is space is not an issue. Newspapers are forced to charge you by the column inch because that space is precious turf. Therefore, they may restrict the amount of information you can include in the your obituary. We can be much more accommodating. Info that should be a part of the standard obituary likely would include full name, date and place of birth, date and place  of death, cause of death, parents and siblings names, survivors, those who preceded in death, details about the life of the deceased (marriage, children, grandchildren, employment, community involvement, interests, hobbies) and information on any services or celebrations of life.

Again, feel free to send us your obituaries directly to To submit the information online, go to OBITUARIES on the menu bar and select “SUBMIT AN OBITUARY’’ from the pull down menu.

Letters to the editor

Have an opinion and nowhere to express it? Just write your thoughts down on the keyboard and send them our way. If it doesn’t violate any of our criteria for decency and respectfulness, we will happily publish it at no cost.

Please include your name and the city in which you reside as well as a telephone number where you be reached in case we have any questions or just want to verify you were the author.

You have two options to submit a letter to the editor. First, you can just email us directly at Or, you can submit your letter online by visiting OPINION on the menu bar and select “SUBMIT A LETTER’’ from the pull down menu.


We recently made it much easier to comment on stories that get published at Just scroll down to the end of the story and you will see the option for commenting. Like other news organizations, we use Facebook to facilitate the comments on our website. Again, we do have a code of conduct for making the comments, which can be found on the website, so keep it clean and respectful. Those making a comment will need to be logged into Facebook to do so.

Weekly newsletter

We also offer a weekly newsletter with a recap of some of the top stories we have published during the past week. If you would like to get on our distribution list, enter your email in the bottom bar on our website, or just send me an email at and we will add your email address to our list. We send out the newsletter each Friday.

We’re always looking for story ideas so if you want to bring any ideas to my attention feel free to email me directly or send them to I’m also eager to hear from you if you have any other thoughts or concerns about

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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x