Washougal church offers biblical worldview conference on March 2

Bethel Community Church in Washougal will host Dr. Del Tackett

The Bethel Community Church in Washougal is hosting a biblical worldview conference on March 2, featuring Dr. Del Tackett.

Register now for “Understanding Our Times and the Biblical Way Forward – A Biblical Worldview Conference,” which will take place at Bethel Community Church, 1438 B Street in Washougal.

Cost is $30 per couple or $20 for an individual. There are also costs for streaming or DVD packages. 

Bethel Community Church recently held a video conference on Medical Freedom featuring Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Kelly Victory, two nationally known doctors who have been fighting against vaccines, mandates, and other pandemic-related regulations.

When the church put that conference on YouTube, the video was taken down for violating YouTube’s community guidelines. The church then put the video on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v4c7vef-the-conscience-of-medicine.html

“Because of what happened in the past, I want us to be prepared for what happens in the future,” said Rich Blum, the senior pastor of the church, on the night of the medical freedom conference. “I feel like we were fooled in the past, and I don’t want to be fooled in the future.”

The March 2 event with Del Tackett is another way for the public to be informed. The event is open to the Clark County community. Tackett is the creator of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project.For more information on the conference, go to: https://www.deltackett.com/events/understanding-our-times-and-the-biblical-way-forward-live-with-del-tackett-march-2-in-washougal-wa

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