Washington Gov. Jay Inslee tests positive for COVID-19 for the third time

Washington Governor Jay Inslee tests positive for COVID-19 for the third time, the first in May 2022 and again this February.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee tests positive for COVID-19 for the third time, the first in May 2022 and again this February.

This is the third time Inslee has tested positive for COVID-19, the first in May 2022 and again this February

TJ Martinell
The Center Square Washington

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a news release statement put out by his office.

According to the statement, he tested positive Thursday morning after he was previously exposed to someone who had COVID-19. For now, he is working, but holding meetings virtually.

“COVID remains with us and vaccination remains as important as ever,” Inslee said in the statement. “We are so appreciative that we have this vaccine that has the ability to keep you out of the hospital or worse. I’m glad I received it and encourage others to take advantage.”

This is the third time Inslee has tested positive for COVID-19, the first in May 2022 and again this February.

This report was first published by The Center Square Washington.

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  1. Gavin

    Has he not heard the news? Covid doesn’t exist. It’s fake and this man is a WEF tool, a fraud and a liar. That’s not defamatory, that’s a fact. Covid is just an excuse for tyranny. WA State government so-called leaders work for foreign entities and private corporations and they want you in face diapers following orders and eating crickets. You think he is bad? Just wait for the next monster. Franz or maybe Princess Fergie? They will be installed, because the UN Agenda 2030 must be carried out so we can be locked in digital prisons and jabbed with toxins at will. Authoritarian creeps will do the bidding of the people that fund them. The globalist psychopaths mentioned above. Do not comply with this nonsense. Not because Mr. Orange Peel said so as part of a switcheroo psyop, but because it is the right thing to do.

  2. Gavin

    We still haven’t found out from this masked monster who the mysterious person was who was the first one to die of so-called covid 19 at Evergreen Hospital. The person apparently died, although there was no name, no family, no death cert, no autopsy, or any other record whatsoever. But, it was used to kick off one of the greatest psyops and crimes against humanity ever perpetrated in my lifetime. He’ll answer for his crimes eventually. There’ll be no escaping that. Sorry Jay, you are the one who is non-essential.

  3. Dave Roberts

    Tested positive 3x in 2 years doesn’t say much for the effectiveness of the very same Vaccines that Jay and his pals have been trying to con the rest of us into taking. Sorry Jay, I’ll pass.

  4. Watching Eyes

    Love, “Jay, you are the one who is non-essential.”
    Inslee needs his boosters and flu shots! Someone check his vaccine passport. We all need to know he took all his experimental clot jabs and boosters! How do we know he is not on vacation, pretending he is sick?

    Our legislators, councils, and health officials, who carried out and enforced these lockdowns and suggested mandates, should be quarantined in prison for the rest of their lives! Since our legislators have taken on the role of doctors, they will have plenty of time to read medical books on the death tolls since the jabs, vaccine injuries, mRNA mutation, natural immunity, epidemiological, etc…

    The jabs seemed to have blinded people and removed all sense of reasoning. Check into the mind control patents on the MKUltra experiments, still used today.

    Did you see all the building going on in the last three years? Why are construction workers ESSENTIAL? I guess carpenters don’t get COVID? Why lock down and quarantined healthy people, while massive construction went on? The public should have gotten a clue then! Were they telling us COVID was not in our homes, and it was safer in our homes? But the politicians risked the lives of the people who worked outside, to build their smart cities! How does that make sense?
    I guess construction workers are exempt from a lethal virus, because how they earn their income is more import than the general public. Do they have better lungs? The experimental jabs didn’t work.

    Check what is on public record at the health board meetings in Clark County. It looks criminal for the council to carry out these mandates. without looking at the evidence on public record. We need to know how much government money each council got, for carrying out this pandemic. That question needs to be answered before this happens again!

    Did corporate councils invest in pharmaceutical companies to make money, while enforcing the mandates and jabs? Someone should look into that! (Maybe our constitutional sheriff) Did the councils invest in pharmaceutical companies while enforcing lock downs and jab taking? Bill Gates and Fauci did! Isn’t there something criminal about that?

  5. Born in Washington

    Inslee is quite the little actor. He should be in Hollywood California because he is reading from the same script as Newsome..Let’s see, congress, Clark county council exempts themselves while mandating devastation to others .I have posted a link to an article that says the poster children children promoting covid vaccines have died.



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