Voter participation in Clark County low for Aug. 1 Primary Election

Ken Vance
Ken Vance

VANCOUVER — The first report of results from the Aug. 1 Primary Election shows a low turnout of Clark County voters.

The initial report provided by the Clark County Elections department, revealed that only 38,597 of 238,855 registered voters, or 16.16 percent, participated in the Primary Election. More ballots will be counted this week but the total turnout will likely be lower than previous Primary Elections.

Almost 26 percent of registered voters participated in the Aug. 4, 2015 Primary Election and 30.62 percent turned in ballots in the Aug. 2, 2016 Primary Election.

Only a few races in the Primary Election held much suspense as candidates attempted to advance to the November General Election with a top-two finish in the Primary.

Anne McEnerny-Ogle
Anne McEnerny-Ogle

Races for two city of Vancouver Council positions were on the Primary ballot. In the race for Position No. 1, Scott Campbell received 8,553 of the 15,506 votes (55.16 percent). Maureen McGoldrick (2,609 votes, 16.83 percent) will likely advance to the November General Election. Jacob Kerr (1,732 votes, 11.17 percent), Nicolette Horaites (1,617 votes, 10.43 percent) and David Roberts (911 votes, 5.88 percent) were also in the race.

Linda Glover received 9,592 of the 15,464 votes (62.03 percent) in the race for city of Vancouver Council Position No. 3. Glover will likely face Michelle Beardshear (3,290 votes, 21.28 percent) in November. Vaughn Henderson (2,461 votes, 15.91 percent) was third in the initial results.

Steven Cox
Steven Cox

In the race for Camas City Council Ward 1 Position No. 2, Melissa Smith received 325 of the 596 votes (54.53 percent). Smith will likely face Emilia Brasier in November. Brasier had 160 votes (26.85 percent) and Amanda Stamness had 109 votes (18.29 percent).

Unofficial Primary and Special Election
Unofficial Primary and Special Election – Click to view

In the city of La Center, Doug Boff received 332 of the 464 votes (71.55 percent) in the race for Council Position No. 1. Boff will likely face former Council Member Linda Tracy in November. Tracy received 76 votes (16.38 percent) and Michael Smith got 54 votes (11.64 percent).

In the city of Washougal, three candidates were on the ballot for Council Position No. 6. Julie Russell received 541 of the 1,369 votes cast (39.52 percent). Adam Philbin is currently second with 455 votes (33.24 votes) and Nettie Morris is third with 351 votes (25.64 percent).

In the city of Woodland, there were three candidates in each of two Council races. Voters in Clark and Cowlitz counties gave Dave Plaza 42.8 percent of the votes in the race for Position No. 3. Nate Cook will be Plaza’s opponent in November. Cook received 39.35 percent of the votes. Keith Bellisle is currently third with 17.85 percent of the votes.

Benjamin Fredricks has 60.53 percent of the votes cast in the race for Position No. 6. Jeremy Heffernan received 26.79 percent of the votes and Michael Wheaton had 12.68 percent.

For a complete list of the Aug. 1 Primary Election results, go to

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