Video: Honoring fallen Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeremy Brown

The US Digital media team produces a pair of videos offering a glimpse into how the Clark County community honored the life and mourned the death of Jeremy Brown Tuesday 

With the banners of country and state at half mast, flowing in the warm breeze across the region, thousands of brothers and sisters and neighbors journeyed in formation, stood atop bridges and along highways to bid farewell to a man who was killed for protecting them.

The Clark County community joined law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and other first responders from around the area and beyond Tuesday to celebrate the life of fallen Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeremy Brown, who was shot and killed in the line of duty on July 23.

The day began in the morning when more than 300 vehicles gathered at Clark College to form a Memorial Procession that will accompany the hearse carrying Sgt. Brown’s body and other vehicles carrying members of his family to the Ilani Casino Resort, the site of the Memorial Service.

The Memorial Procession covered the full 15 miles between Clark College and the ilani Casino Resort. By the time the hearse arrived at the site of the Memorial Service just off Exit 16 on Interstate 5 near La Center, the final vehicles in the procession were just leaving the staging area.

Area residents gathered on every overpass along the route and in areas along the route to honor Sgt. Brown. A capacity crowd of 3,000 filled the auditorium for the Memorial Service, which included emotional messages from speakers including Brown’s wife Jill, son Gage, sister Julie Savolainen, Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins and Chief Criminal Deputy John Horch. The service was streamed live by several other outlets and news stations.

Sgt. Brown’s family and friends shared memories and common descriptions of the fallen officer, also introducing him to members of the community who did not know him. Brown was described in the following ways: 

• “The most sincere, honest, loyal, loving, and driven man that one could ever know. He was so many things to so many people.’’ — Wife Jill Brown

“Our dad was a man of integrity, honest to a fault, sensitive, resilient, and wicked smart.’’ — Son Gage Brown 

• “He was the glue that held our family together.’’ — Sister Julie Savolainen

“Jeremy loved his job at the Sheriff’s Office, but he fully understood that his job was down the list of importance and that his faith and his family and his friends came first.’’ — Sheriff Chuck Atkins

“He was a rare person who left you feeling happier by being in his presence. He never had to try to make people like him. It just came natural.’’ — Chief Criminal Deputy John Horch

The US Digital media team and staff members of Clark County Today joined together to provide coverage of the day’s events. Photos, stories and other visuals are available at and on Clark County Today’s social media sites.

The US Digital media team — made up of team members Jordan Thompson, Paul Suarez, Jacob Granneman and Alan Ecoff — also produced two videos, encompassing the Memorial Procession and Memorial Service.

Special appreciation and attribution is also provided to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Gresham Police Department for sharing drone footage used in this video project.

Those videos are available here:


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