VIDEO: A ‘Thank You’ to our medical workers across Clark County and beyond

Many healthcare workers work tirelessly to halt COVID-19 pandemic

CLARK COUNTY — Thousands of men and women across Clark County and Southwest Washington have pledged themselves to save human lives. For many, it was just the right thing to do. 

Pulmonologists, virologists, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, support staff; healthcare workers. They are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters; members of the community. 

Right now they face a new and uncertain task. The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has taken the world by storm since December. For many in the medical field, this has made for larger than normal influx in patients and the work of implementing stricter safety measures.

In short, they are working tirelessly to heal the sick.

We wanted to say thank you. 

Through everyday life and the generosity of area businesses, we’ve compiled photos and video from the past two months of area healthcare workers. The compilation speaks for itself. These men and women are bringing hope to a hopeless situation for many. 

Holland America Flowers, Chick-fil-A, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, The Mighty Bowl, just to name a few of the businesses that have partnered with area hospitals and medical centers to deliver free lunches and flowers to the staff.

“As a small business owner, I was grateful for the opportunity to show our local first responders and healthcare workers who go above and beyond for us every day,” said Nick Crouch, a multi-unit franchisee with Tropical Smoothie Cafe and the CEO of DYNE Hospitality Group, in a release. “Even if it is just in a small way, we want them to know we appreciate their hard work that we’re all in this together!”

With new treatments being tested and social distancing measures being extended through the end of April, the COVID-19 continues to be a major center of focus for the community. From 2019 to March of 2020, Clark County hospitals saw an over 2 percent spike in COVID-19-like symptom related visits, according to Clark County Public Health.

“It’s not till you can’t handle your symptoms alone anymore that we want to see you,” said an emergency department nurse at Legacy Salmon Creek, who wanted to remain anonymous. “Every nurse I’ve talked to has had a mental breakdown over this in the past week. We’re literally fighting a war with no end in sight, we’re just focused.”

In order to help combat the stress and bring hope to those giving it away, businesses like Holland America Flowers in Woodland, have been giving away their product to hospitals. Benno Dobbe and his family who run the flower farm gave away more than 7,000 bouquets of flowers to workers at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center and even more to other hospitals. 

“There’s a lot of concerns in everyone’s life right now, and the ones taking care of those who are patients or might become patients, they are doing an unbelievable job,” Dobbe said. “I felt from my heart that with our business, we can provide flowers and put some smiles on the faces of those that are working lots of hours to keep people healthy as much as they can.”

So, thank you healthcare workers. Thank you for your tireless and selfless service during this time, and all the time. Thank you from all of us at 


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