Vancouver Police arrest attempted murder suspect

Suspect, 20-year-old Hunter Levi, is shown on video stabbing a female employee of a towing company in the neck

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has arrested a 20-year-old man accused of attempted murder.

On Friday (June 11) at about 2:08 p.m., VPD officers responded to an assault that had just occurred at Retriever Towing, located in the 6600 block of E 18th St. in Vancouver. The female employee called to report she had been attacked from behind by an unknown male suspect.

The victim reported that she could not feel anything in her neck. Upon arrival, officers observed the female had been stabbed in the neck and she was immediately transported to an area hospital for treatment. She was listed in stable condition. 

The male suspect, who was identified as 20-year-old Hunter Levi, was observed by witnesses fleeing on foot. VPD officers quickly set up a perimeter and a K9 search was conducted with the assistance of drones by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and VPD. 

While fleeing, Hunter had discarded layers of clothing and briefly hid in businesses before being spotted by VPD officers near Burton & E 18th St. After a short foot pursuit, Hunter was captured and taken into custody. During the pursuit, an officer sustained a minor non-life threatening injury.

Hunter was observed on video standing behind the female employee. He is shown taking out a knife and adjusting the angle of how he wanted to stab the victim before bringing the knife down onto her neck.

Hunter was transported to the Clark County Jail where he was booked for Burglary and Attempted Murder. 

The evidence discarded by Hunter was recovered by VPD K9 Koa and his partner, Officer Epperson. The public also assisted in providing video/information of Hunter’s attempted escape route after he discarded his clothing to try and change his appearance. 

Information provided by Vancouver Police Department.

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