The Vancouver Clinic to come to Ridgefield

This information was provided by The Vancouver Clinic.

RIDGEFIELD — The Vancouver Clinic (TVC), Clark County’s largest multi-specialty medical group, finalized the purchase of land on Nov. 2 just west of Exit 14 off Interstate 5, located on the Pioneer Street first roundabout in Ridgefield.

“The Vancouver Clinic has provided care in southwest Washington for 80 years,” said Mark Mantei, CEO of The Vancouver Clinic. “As Clark County grows, we want to continue expanding locations to provide the best best care close to where people live and work.”

The Vancouver Clinic to come to Ridgefield
On Nov. 2, The Vancouver Clinic finalized the purchase of land just west of Exit 14 off Interstate 5, located on the Pioneer Street first roundabout in the city of Ridgefield. Photo by Mike Schultz

“Ridgefield represents a location that will allow us to meet the primary health needs of north Clark County residents, as well as provide continuity of care access to all the specialty care TVC offers at nearby locations,” said Dr. Alfred Seekamp, chief medical officer. “It’s really exciting to expand services into Ridgefield and provide the best, most comprehensive health care for people of all ages and stages of life.”

The $6.7 million project is expected to open in 2018. Initial construction is anticipated to accommodate 10,000 square feet of finished clinical space with eight primary care providers and 16 staff members. The construction design has room to expand up to 30,000 square feet.

“The city of Ridgefield is looking forward to welcoming The Vancouver Clinic,” said Mayor Ron Onslow. “Expanded health care services are needed for our growing community.”

The city of Ridgefield has been one of the fastest growing cities in Washington state in recent years. The Vancouver Clinic is looking forward to growing with Ridgefield and serving the medical needs of the community.

About The Vancouver Clinic

The Vancouver Clinic has served residents of southwest Washington since 1936, and is the largest private multi-specialty clinic in Clark County with more than 250 providers and 1,100 staff. TVC operates five clinics across Vancouver, Battle Ground and Washougal, and provides 40 medical specialties. Its mission is to the best in the northwest for patient-focused, quality-proven care. For more information, visit The Vancouver Clinic website.

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