U.S. doctors group: Withdraw COVID shots from market now!

'Regulatory agencies are corrupted by conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, lack of accountability'

‘Regulatory agencies are corrupted by conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, lack of accountability’

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Although ignored by most of the news media, the CDC’s own internal database for documenting reports of vaccine-caused injuries, the “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,” or VAERS, currently tallies over 34,000 reported deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines – far more than any vaccine, ever – not to mention 18,000-plus heart attacks, 26,000 myocarditis and pericarditis cases, 64,000 cases of permanent disability, almost 5,000 miscarriages and many other “adverse events” following vaccination.

And yet, a CDC panel in October unanimously voted (15-0) to add the controversial COVID vaccines to the recommended regimen of routine childhood shots, virtually guaranteeing that untold numbers of very young children, who have the least risk from COVID of any demographic, would receive the flawed shots.

To seal the deal, in late January, the Food and Drug Administration, despite the ever-growing body of damning evidence, likewise announced that it is pushing for all Americans, including children, to get a COVID booster shot every year.

However, now a respected U.S. physicians group has announced that, because of the extraordinary amount of data demonstrating that the current crop of COVID-19 vaccines are neither safe nor effective (causing the CDC to actually change the definition of “vaccine” in 2021 to accommodate the flawed COVID shots), the organization is officially calling for the COVID vaccines to be removed from the market entirely.

Founded in 1943, the Arizona-based Association of American Physicians and Surgeons briefly introduces its bold 10-point statement, released March 21, as follows:

Is your doctor pressuring you to “get boosted”?

Most doctors probably are. And so are radio ads. An annual COVID shot may become the “new normal,” along with the flu shot.

“Safe and effective” is a constant refrain. But most people probably assume that it is – or else our protective government wouldn’t allow it! Right?

A number of physicians, some former vaccine enthusiasts, are now warning about adverse effects – including sudden death – and saying “it’s time to stop the shots.”

That intro is followed by the AAPS’s 10-point statement:

  1. COVID-19 injections are under Emergency Use Authorization and must be considered experimental. Informed consent is a bedrock principle of medical ethics, yet millions of people have taken COVID-19 injections under duress.
  2. The long-term effects of the novel mRNA or DNA technology and the lipid nanoparticles involved in their administration – including carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, autoimmune phenomena, and impairment of fertility – cannot possibly be known.
  3. There are numerous safety signals, including excess sudden deaths, that would in the past have prompted immediate withdrawal of vaccines or drugs from the market.
  4. The expected intensive, sophisticated investigations of reported adverse effects associated with COVID-19 vaccination, including myocarditis, pericarditis, paralysis, thromboembolism, menstrual abnormalities, and unusual cancers, have not been undertaken.
  5. COVID-19 genetic injections have not been shown in randomized, controlled trials to be effective in preventing infection, transmission, hospitalization or death.
  6. In children who have virtually zero likelihood of death from COVID, there is no evidence of benefit exceeding risks for these products.
  7. Regulatory agencies are corrupted by conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, and lack of accountability.
  8. Vaccine-injured patients have little if any expectation of compensation, and manufacturers are shielded from liability. This liability protection must be ended.
  9. All mandates, including requirements for school attendance or work, should immediately be withdrawn.
  10. COVID-19 genetic injections should be withdrawn from the market.

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      1. Sylvia

        Indeed, my thoughts also. That would be great – if only! The question is: which, if any, of the medical bodies, eg CDC, FDA, NIH, would have the humility and the decency to genuinely admit that the C19 gene vaccines are not ‘Safe & Effective’ and that the risks far outweigh the ‘benefits’ (as yet zero evidence). Mandating them under coercion and exempting vaccine makers from any liability are two of the most heinous acts since Nazi days.
        It is inconceivable that those groups are ignorant of the risks of the C19 jabs – they are highly qualified, as are the jab makers’ staff. Are they likely to change their mindset? The stark reality thus far answers that.
        People are the target for what is undeniably ‘population control’ on a grand scale.
        Demand is created by consumers. Without demand, supply cannot exist. The simple law of economics. The more people say ‘NO’, the less jabs will be made. Less $ for some?
        The number of professionals who say ‘NO’ is steadily increasing, and their honesty epitomizes ethical values and true caring for humanity. I thank them all, and have no doubt that they will succeed.


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