Two Clark County races headed for mandatory recount

Two local races in the Nov. 2 general election have triggered a mandatory recount, according to Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey.
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Race for Vancouver City Council and Hockinson School Board both trigger the mandatory recount

Two local races in the Nov. 2 general election have triggered a mandatory recount, according to Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey.

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey
Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey

In the race for Position 1 on the Vancouver City Council, Kim Harless is ahead of John Blom by just 45 votes. Harless, co-chair of the Charter Review Commission, has received 16,773 votes (49.58 percent). Blom, a former member of the Clark County Council, has 16,728 votes (49.45 percent).

In the race for Director Position 1 in the Hockinson School District, only 17 votes separate the two candidates on the ballot. Teresa Van Natta, an elementary school teacher in the Evergreen School District, has received 1,597 votes (49.88 percent). Tim Hawkins, who has held the position since being appointed in Sept. 2020, has 1,580 votes (49.34 percent).

“If the difference between the apparent winner and the second place candidate is less than 2,000 votes and also less than one half of one percent, a mandatory recount must be conducted,’’ Kimsey told Clark County Today.

Kimsey said Friday night that there may be around 400-500 ballots left to count.

“It depends on how many voters ‘cure’ the signature issue on their ballot envelope,’’ Kimsey said. 

The recount process will begin on Mon., Nov. 29.

From the 324,478 registered voters in Clark County, 113,100 ballots have been counted at this point, making the turnout for the Nov. 2 general election 34.86 percent. 


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  2. Dap

    This is why our NATION MUST Have stricter Voting laws & practices put in place!!!
    Ballots showing up & still being counted 2 or 3 WKS Later should be against the Law!
    We Have technilogy & machines & Online capacity to Create something Safer, faster, & better!
    EVERY Election in rhis nation should be Audited by 3rd party company (like taxes) to make SURE the results are Honest & Right! the stakes are too High & the Majority of Americans do NOT Want socialists in power!
    In less than 1 year bidens far left string pullers are ‘Ruining’ this Nations freedoms & prosperity on Every front!

    when Stadiums Full of people are chanting F’ You, do u seriously think ANY dems win at this point shouldn’t be questioned..? ;

    we need & deserve a Better system that cannot be contrilled or compromised by Either side!
    We The People deserve Honest & Secure elections, or OUR Voice & Will is being respected & heard!

    1. mel Cearley

      citizens who.don’t vote deserve no respect. Voting is a duty and a
      priviledge. Since turning 21 in 1951 I missed one presidential vote. That was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Even holding my nose, I couldn’t vote for either one. A friend from 1942 managed one for Hillary, he decided she was a tiny bit less dangerous than Trump. Now I almost agree. 38% of registered voters doing their duty in Clark county stinks.

  3. David ERSKINE Cummings

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