Third Congressional District candidate challenges Marie Gluesenkamp Perez claim as moderate

Republican candidate Leslie Lewallen accuses incumbent Marie Gluesenkamp Perez of misrepresenting herself as a moderate and aligning with Antifa values in Washington's Third Congressional District race.
Leslie Lewallen, Third Congressional District candidate

Camas Republican Leslie Lewallen issues statement pointing out the contradiction between the Congresswoman’s campaign and her performance since being elected

CAMAS – Last week, Roll Call released an article outlining the uphill battle Marie Gluesenkamp Perez faces getting re-elected in Southwest Washington’s Third Congressional District. Not only is she engaged in the toughest challenge of all reported toss-up races, but she represents a district made up of 53.7 percent Republican voters. 

The campaign staff of Republican candidate Leslie Lewallen released a statement Thursday stating that Perez has repeatedly bragged about her plans to turn the Blue Dogs caucus into a rural Antifa group and bring their belief systems into Southwest Washington. After a number of votes that have not aligned with the values of Southwest Washington and even admitting that she votes with her party “8 out of 10 times,” the Lewallen campaign stated that it is clear that Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is not the “moderate” she claimed to be on the campaign trail. 

“Marie Gluesenkamp Perez campaigned as a moderate and then voted directly against the needs of Washingtonians. She’s misrepresenting who she is and what her goals are in Washington which is to bring ANTIFA into the moderate wing of the Democrat party,” said Leslie Lewallen, candidate for WA-03, in a recent statement. “We need a leader who is pro-small business, pro-parent voice in schools and pro-safety in our communities. I am proud to say that my record at the Camas City Council reflects those ideals.”

Lewallen is a sitting Camas City councilor and former prosecuting attorney. She joins the race for WA-03 against previous runner up, Republican Joe Kent. Lewallen has been a continuous champion of education in Southwest Washington and has worked to cut down on unnecessary expenditures on the local level to provide relief to Washingtonians. 

Lewallen has experience balancing the city of Camas’s budget, cutting government bureaucracy and fighting for parent’s voices in schools. “She understands the needs of Washington voters and will continue to advocate for smaller government,’’ read Thursday’s statement.

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  1. Brittany Pridemore

    So this woman who is challenging Marie is pro fascist?

    i think the moderate position is being against fascists. Marie voted in several ways against dems on key issues. Student loan debt, paid travel for abortions, and veterans trans healthcare and that vote against pieces of the inflation reduction act… the far left news outlets have been relentlessly attacking her saying she votes more rightward than any other democrat in office. And Fox News is attacking her…. For being against fascists.

    She does make a lot of bipartisan legislation with other largely untalked about representatives.

    We should not elect people who don’t want to work with others.

    I am very tired of anti-LGBT people arent you? I am very tired of people promising to go against the proper division of powers…. And being pro discrimination. Its so antithetical to what makes america great. And we are a great nation.

  2. E. MacLeod

    I am still pro-Lewallen. A legal background is an huge advantage for a congressional representative, who is constantly reviewing proposed legislation and understanding the arguments and debates that occur on a daily basis. Experience in local government is also mandatory, in my opinion, in learning at the grassroots level how politics work. Joe Kent’s primary qualification is being a card-carrying member of the Trump cult.

    1. john lopez

      Honestly, voting for any republican scares the heck out of me. Look at the crazy state of the GOP. Conspiracy theories, constant lies, insurrectionists and non-stop indictments for MAGA trump cult members.

    2. Curtis Paulson

      Most in Congress have a Legal background and use it to skirt many laws, and continue to give little care
      for the average Citizen. Another vote for Joe Kent.

  3. john lopez

    I really hate these political propaganda statements “Perez has repeatedly bragged about her plans to turn the Blue Dogs caucus into a rural Antifa group and bring their belief systems into Southwest Washington.”

    Its all nonsense and shows this woman has nothing else to run on except Trump style hate. Voting FOR Perez.


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