Tennessee governor signs law making ivermectin available without prescription

Drug has'antiparasitic properties that can help prevent COVID-19.'
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Drug has ‘antiparasitic properties that can help prevent COVID-19’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

Just one day after the Food and Drug Administration revived its war against COVID-19 treatment ivermectin, disingenuously calling it a “horse dewormer,” Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a law allowing residents to access the treatment without a prescription.

The FDA’s renewed attacks this week developed when it said the word ivermectin was trending on the newly liberated Twitterverse under Elon Musk.

“Hold your horses, y’all. Ivermectin may be trending, but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19,” Joe Biden’s agenda said.

But on Wednesday, a report from Liberty Counsel confirmed that Lee signed into law a plan making the “award-winning antiviral drug … available for the treatment of COVID-19 without a prescription.”

The state House had adopted the idea 22-6 and the Senate 66-20.

Liberty Counsel explained, “The bill states that a pharmacist can provide ivermectin to a patient, who is 18 years of age or older, ‘pursuant to a valid collaborative pharmacy practice agreement containing a non-patient-specific prescriptive order and standardized procedures developed and executed by one or more authorized prescribers.'”

The organization said that means adults can explain their symptoms to a pharmacist, fill out some paperwork and the pharmacist then can provide the drug.

Liberty Counsel noted,” The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ömura for their discoveries leading to ivermectin. ivermectin is best known for its antiparasitic properties that can help prevent COVID-19 and is especially effective as early treatment. The drug also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and studies have shown that ivermectin helps to lower the viral load by inhibiting replication. According to a June 2020 study published in the Antiviral Research Journal, a single dose of ivermectin can kill 99.8 percent of the virus within 48 hours.”

It has been shown to speed recovery by inhibiting inflammation, and protect against organ damage.

“Cheap and effective drugs like ivermectin are being denied to the public while pharmaceutical companies make money from COVID shots that are neither safe nor effective. Studies and personal testimonies have repeatedly shown the effectiveness of ivermectin. The focus should always be about helping save lives rather than putting more money in the pockets of Big Pharma. All states should follow Tennessee’s lead,” said LC Chairman Mat Staver.

WND had reported: “The reference to horses played on the explosion last fall of media articles and social media posts mocking people who treated COVID-19 with the drug as ignorant rubes who were sneaking into farms or patronizing Tractor Supply stores in quest of ‘horse dewormer.’

“During the pandemic, Twitter and other social media platforms censored positive mention of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine despite the countless testimonies and dozens of studies from around the world showing the drugs to be effective in treating COVID-19.”

Inexplicably, the FDA said this week, “Also, a reminder that a study showed it didn’t actually work against COVID.”


  1. Mike S.

    The rubes in Tennessee (as well as others advocating ivermectin as a “cure” for Covid) don’t understand the difference between toxic critters. Ivermectin works as an antparasitIc for scabies, head lice and other targeted parasites. Covid is a virus; that’s different from a parasite and there is NO CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT IT WORKS FOR COVID. None. Stop the nonsense.

    1. Marie

      Why do you need scientific evidence when you can hear the testimonies of people who have used IVM successfully and it helped them very quickly?

      1. Storey

        Where is that documented? Do you have proof or are you just using comments from FB posts? Science has proven that Ivermectin does not work but you think you’re smarter than Scientist and Doctors? Are you smarter than the teachers and the Engineers too? You people are pathetic but why expect anything less from a state that believes a 12 yr old girl can get married. It’s 1896 in Tennessee not 2022 they are so confused. I mean they elected a home economics major as their Senator so why are we surprised they’d approve ivermectin?

        1. Michelle Koelliker

          Actually the pathetic person is the one who’s yelling and calling others pathetic!!!! I’ve used Ivermectin and guess what … it works! Jump away from your news channels and realize that it’s a pill that is so cheap that pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to think about buying it over getting their vaccines. Open your eyes up! They allowed a million people to die from their BS REMDEATHISNEAR
          Drug and their ventilators because doctors were told Ivermectin didn’t work. Same with Hydroxychloriquin.
          guess what , that works too! No need for anyone to die. You should be thrilled…😁

          1. Wolfie

            I agree with you. I find it sad when people like yourself say Hey I took this and it worked.. and then people like the person below say no you didn’t and no it did not. Its ridiculous! It worked for you and that is wonderful! I for one would try it.. far better then the ‘experts’ choice. These negative people who keep saying nope nope nope.. then don’t take it. Take the death jab and keep on getting boosted. If those of us who want to take a chance on Ivermectin are doing fine, then leave us alone. Sheesh.

          2. Susan

            Right, because she’s positive that she wouldn’t have gotten better without the ivermectin? You people really have swallowed the kool aid for far too long. It’s been proven to NOT work by doctors, studies, etc. But because some toothless back woods gramma says “I took it and it worked!” then that’s all you need to get on board and claim it as the miracle cure. Now tell us how you know she wouldn’t have recovered just as well without it. We’ll wait.

          3. Wolfie

            Toothless backwoods grandma? Talk about someone who swallowed the koolaid. Name calling is so productive. Just keep getting jabbed and boosted. Wear your mask and hide in fear. The rest of us will keep living free and willing to try something other then not a vaccine at all shot.

          4. GTabor

            Wow! The extend of your ignorance on the topic is pathetic! Do a little research. The article mentions the source study and where it was published. Have you read it? Apparently not.

        2. Patriot

          You must have your head in the sand. There have been thousands of testimonials that it cured them along with doctors as well. Stop spreading disinformation that it doesn’t work. Dr. Lasenski has treated many and cured them with this. So get you facts straight.

        3. Davz

          To discover such foul individuals is always unpleasant but useful.
          Withou a-holes such as this, we tend to forget the values of kindness and courtesy.
          Thank you for reminding the reader of the ugliness of those we must tolerate and ignore.

        4. GTabor

          Maybe you should pull your head out of the ground and do a little looking around. Check out flccc.net Dr Pierre Coury, a Pulmonoligist who has testified before Congress on this topic, is the head of the Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance and has collaborated with doctors from around the world to develop safe and effective protocols for preventing, treating and even post treatment for long haulers. It works. Check out their links to global studies showing statistically significant results. Maybe even look up the published results of the study mentioned? Too bad they didn’t provide a link to those results in the article.

      1. truth spreader

        I took Ivermectin when I got Covid and after two hours ALL <– symptoms resolved. Ivermection has man mechanisms, it does not only work for scabies, it is also inflammatory. There are doctors explaining the mechanisms why ivermectin works with covid.

        1. Randall Spencer

          No you didn’t, no it doesn’t, and no it isn’t.
          Spreading lies like this only accomplish one thing: putting peoples lives in danger.

          1. Patriot

            Get your head out the MSM rear ends and wake up. There are countless testimonies that it works and the numbers show it. Stop spreading disinformation. Your the reason this country is going to hell. Get your facts straight.

          2. Dave

            Randall, You are a complete idiot to say it didn’t work for SOMEONE ELSE. You sound like an immature child. Your level of ignorance is breathtaking. Please continue taking your Covid “Vaccines” and…

            Here’s a little truth bomb for ya.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8383101/

            On a side note:
            You should do some research on Hegelian dialectics/problem, reaction, solution. Because YOU ARE part of the problem in this country. https://www.theoryofreality.co/what-is-the-hegelian-dialectic-%E2%86%92-problem-%E2%86%92-reaction-%E2%86%92-solution/

            The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian Dialectic of bringing about change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.

            The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.”

          3. Jack Burton

            So, like this:

            Step One – Recycle a graduate school level theory on why racism is so persistent in the United States, let’s call it Critical Race Theory.
            Step Two – Rile up parents by telling them, sans evidence, that the teachers are teaching this graduate school level paradigm to elementary school students. Also, tell them (again sans evidence) that all the white kids are being told they should hate themselves. For bonus points, communicate to your base that the evil teachers are actually teaching students actual American history and may even tell students that slavery actually happened.
            Step Three – Provide a solution in the form of vouchers (this is a guess, step three hasn’t officially begun)? This way we can use government dollars to send our kids to religious schools so they can learn the truth that the Earth is only 7,000 years old, racism ended in the 60s, and the Civil War was about states’ rights. Furthermore, we can save the taxpayers a ton of money when we skip any lessons on human biology.

            Something like that?

          4. Dave

            Not even close. CRT (or at least the idea that white people are inherently racist) is being covertly taught in public schools. My 11th grade daughter provides confirmation of that. And my 5th grade son (who attends a christian school) has thus far escape the indoctrination of the public schools. There’s a gigantic difference between these to kids in terms of their world view.

            And the earth is only approximately 7,000 years old, the Bible (the most scrutinized, most verified, most accurate, bestselling book that has ever existed) proves that.

            More like,
            PROBLEM: Unprecedented sickness and death fearmongering caused by SARS-CoV-2.
            REACTION: Frightened people cower as they cry out for their governments to protect them from the deadly disease.
            SOLUTION: Governments suspend liberties and the U.S. Constitution to provide citizens a sense of safety in exchange for liberty.


            PROBLEM: Global financial crisis caused by governments locking down their economies.
            REACTION: Unemployed and isolated people demand help from their governments.
            SOLUTION: A “Great Reset” of capitalism and growing public/private partnerships that will revamp all aspects of our societies and economies.


            PROBLEM: We are inundated with endless fear mongering messages by the mainstream media and so-called experts, many of which are fake news.
            REACTION: Confused over what to believe people demand something be done about all the mis-information.
            SOLUTION: The mass media and government steps in to squash debate with more propaganda and censorship of any messages that contradict the “official narrative”.


            PROBLEM: Businesses are closed and millions thrown into unemployment as increased testing uncovers more Covid-19 cases and new variants are discovered.
            REACTION: Responding to falsified infection and death rates, frightened people demands their government protect them from the silent enemy.
            SOLUTION: Governments provide unprecedented surveillance, tracking, and control of world population to provide citizens a sense of safety in exchange for their freedom.

            Are you starting to get the picture?

            PROBLEM: Economies are shut down, schools and churches are closed and millions are isolated from others out of fear of the unknown.
            REACTION: People clamor to re-open business and for life to return to normal.
            SOLUTION: We are told buy the same experts that hyped up the coronavirus scare that in order for life to return to normal, we must all be vaccinated with an unapproved novel experimental vaccine never before used.

          5. Davz

            God, these Democrats offer enough evidence of their malevolence to strengthen us against them.
            Dishonesty and denial are not as effective as it was once was for them.
            We know enough to fear you now—to never accept your ideas or believe you.
            The overtness of their racial preoccupation and loathing of those who refuse to comply is obvious.

        2. Wynn Grcich

          There are parasites in the vaccines. Ivermectin works on parasites. Brighteon.com and Natural News.com has doctors and articles on the parasites. Our food is grown in sewage sludge and the virus is in waste water biosolids of the sewer systems. The bioweapon of spiked prions are in it too.

      2. Susan

        ha ha. None of those studies were peer reviewed or performed with valid clinical trials. Most of them had faulty data that couldn’t be explained, other than to say people were being dishonest in their reporting. Which happens when it isn’t a valid trial.
        Your “Scientific evidence” is neither scientific or evidence.

        1. GTabor

          Yeah, like the article on Hydroxychloroquine published in the Lancet that was challenged by a large group of doctors, found to be totally falsified, and subsequently withdrawn but the damage had already been done? Again, go check out flccc.net

    2. P.Pinger

      Mike S. is that anything like the “vaccines” will save you until we found out they didn’t? Or if you get the boosters you’ll be fine and we weren’t. How about if you get the second booster you’re good to go! YOU WANT TO TAKE ABOUT INACCURATE B.S.?

    3. Rosalie

      Mike S: If you were well read and informed, you wouldn’t be repeating that nonsense with lack of reasoning. You might start with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. He talks about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, their efficacy and history. Follow up with his website https://childrenshealthdefense.org. And out from there to references in that book. BTW, do you know that Fauci’s new book has been removed from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the lies told?Wake up. Stop watching and reading false evidence from the controllers. Many people are like you. To the awakened you seem robotic and brainwashed. We don’t blame you, but thank God a majority of humans have awakened. They are the people fighting for truth and freedom.

    4. Dave

      My doctor successfully treated over 6,000 people since the beginning of the hoax. And the military has been prescribing 20,000 doses a day for over a decade to troops deployed in parts of the world. Your a victim of Dem owned media … but you go ahead and get your myocarditis shots and boosters. I got the Wuhan the first 6 months (when it was strongest) and was cured in 2 days by my doc with HCQ and vitamins/zinc …

    5. Cheryl Maniscalco

      Guess what, you rube … C 19 is a parasite. I was ICU 2 weeks 2019 with C. Healthy 50 year old in good shape just prior. I was denied Ivermectin, almost killed with Remdisivir. I spent 6 weeks of my bed ridden recovery time deep diving into all this sh** bc I’m I public records searcher for the last 20 years. All the info is there. All the patents. C is a lab engineered parasite nano tech splice. That’s why Ivermectin and Hydro work. 2nd round of C I got Ivermectin, was cured in 36 hrs with 0 side effects. Ivermectin is a WHO recognized Nobel prize winning, cheap, effective, safe treatment for over 80 years, in humans. The justice dept authorized it to be given to migrants for treatment as a profalactic. Hmmmm. Interesting. Why do you think Africa wasn’t hit hard by C. You guessed it, they regularly take Ivermectin.
      Know what you are talking about before you make an a** out of yourself calling other people rubes who ARE actually informed. Critical thinking is fundamental. But hey it’s cool. Do what you want… I’ll be making it out of this bio weapon alive. Survival of the fittest through intelligence.

      1. Deb

        I was lying in a hospital bed with first round wu-flu too. Getting Remdesivir and getting worse. I was researching the whole time. On the fifth day I demanded a discharge got ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine through a zoom visit and felt better the next day.

  2. pete

    FWIW, the data that I’ve read suggests that ivermectin “helped” COVID-19 in areas where parasitic loads in humans was high. But the statistics in countries where human parasitic loads are rare (e.g. the “developed countries” of the “west”) that ivermectin did not have any particular effectiveness against COVID-19. The conclusion is that eliminating/reducing parasites helps the body fight off COVID-19.

    However, I have no personal objection to anyone trying any medication for whatever purpose. Those who politicize these matters are simply wasting everyone’s time.

    The government spent far too long trying to “beat” the pandemic through (proven ineffective) measures such as masks and lockdowns — and has subsequently spent far too many resources in attempting to vaccinate the population to create “herd immunity.” — Yet, at the same time ignoring the immunity of those who had recovered from COVID-19 … and failing to encourage (fund) development of anti-virus medications to actually treat the disease. These poor policies were the result of politicians and bureaucrats who simply can’t trust the ability of “the common folk” as having any sense whatsoever.

    Clearly, some proposed treatments that has “promising” early results were due to statistical anomalies or observed correlations that were not “causation” — both common in observations of relatively small samples involving a poorly understood (new) disease organism/virus.

    The political response by “official sources” of trying to quash “inconvenient” data has done more to create an environment of mistrust and hostility than any “misinformation” passed around by social media.

  3. Aaron

    It doesn’t work for Covid-19. This is performative BS political theater by Republican politicians playing to their ignorant and misinformed political base. There have now been multiple clinical trials that have come to the same conclusion, the largest of which was just published:

    “Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug that became popular as an alternative treatment for COVID-19, showed no signs of quelling the disease or reducing patients’ risk of hospitalization, according to results from a large clinical trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine. ” — https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20220331/ivermectin-doesnt-help-treat-covid-19-large-study-finds

  4. Sylvia

    Ivermectin is anti-parasitic as well as anti-inflammatory. Viral infections can cause inflammation throughout the body. It is common knowledge that each person’s biochemistry is unique – this is the main reason that people react differently to medication, say, ivermectin. It works for some but not for others. Personal experiences are indeed anecdotal, but should not be dismissed simply because they are not ‘evidence based’. In the case of Ivermectin, however, there have been many published scientific articles on its use for the treatment of SARS-Cov-2. Below are some interesting publications:

    Ivermectin: an award-winning drug with expected antiviral activity against COVID-19.
    Formiga FR, et al. J Control Release. 2021. PMID: 33038449 Free PMC article. Review.

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmcIvermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

    The use of IV-C has also been proven to be successful in treating Covid-19 patients – again, it is widely accepted that ascorbate is anti-viral. The double Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, clearly demonstrated this. Other natural substances that are anti-inflammatory are Curcumin and Boswellia Serrata. Instead of dismissing these treatments just because they are not pharma drugs created in a laboratory, it may be better to consider them objectively on their merit. You may actually learn something new!
    We all know that disease is the major source of income for pharmaceutical companies. If pharma drugs really work, ie heal diseases, then why is it that the number of chronically sick people are constantly on the increase?
    Above all, respect individual choices and the freedom to choose.

  5. art

    There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people. Hindustan news reported, “Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while positivity rate came down to less than 0.01%. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7%.”
    The answer to the recovery is likely because the government’s early use and distribution of Ivermectin to its citizens.

  6. Jen

    “The focus should always be about helping save lives rather than putting more money in the pockets of Big Pharma.”

    Ha!! You do realize that ivermectin is also a pharmaceutical, and the money spent on that goes into the same pockets as Phizer and Moderna?! Don’t be so dense!

    1. GTabor

      At pennies per dose to produce, Uttar Pradesh gave it away. The drug is too cheap to be profitable in a meaningful way.

  7. lewiscooper

    I really appreciated it, this article is amazing and very informative for us. Thank you so much.

    There is no specific medicine for Covid-19. However, some physicians have tried to give Buy Ivermectin Online with Doxycycline or Zinc for covid-19.

    Some doctors have reported great results, but the FDA has yet to approve the use of medicine for covid-19.

    However, the medicine will not cause any harm if it is taken as directed. The three medications have a quadruple effect, which has the potential to treat covid.

  8. Sylvia

    Ivermectin is indeed a pharme drug, as is Remdesivir. The main differences are in its pharmacology, its side effects (potential or actual), and its cost. Ivermectin is very cheap and has far fewer adverse effects. Remdesivir, which is often mandated for Covid-19 in US, is very expensive and has more serious side effects.
    Why ban or criticize Ivermectin if a patient wants to take it? Too cheap???
    Each person has a unique biochemistry which determines that person’s response to a particular treatment. What works for some may not work for others, or may trigger adverse effects. For this reason alone, anecdotal evidence should be taken seriously. Health practitioners msy have all the scientific “evidence” – the undeniable fact is that the patient owns the body.
    It is equally remiss to cast dispersions on all pharma drugs. Some have been used successfully over decades, others have not. There should be an honest collaboration between patient/doctor, ie a partnership based on mutual respect.
    Dogmatic bias has its roots in inflexible cognitive ability, ie an imbalance in cognitive function.

  9. Davz

    Democrats seem to prefer illness and loyalty to the party above health and science.
    To the Dems…remember freedom of choice?

    1. Wolfie

      Guarantee Inslee, Pelosi, etc did not take the same shot being dolled out to the peasants.. if they took it at all. And they sure as heck didn’t take Remdesivir, which is basically a death sentence. Many of us have had COVID, recovered and are fine. I would welcome Ivermectin if need be.

  10. Wolfie

    Please consider watching the documentary “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Youtube has, of course, already scrubbed it because.. well, its Youtube. But if you try, you can find it. It will potentially be eye opening.

  11. PLeeJ

    So. 10 months later and we have SCIENCE saying masks made no statistically signf difference, the jab DOESN’T stop transmission, it is NOT AS SAFE as advertised and the folks in power & influence positions that called folks rubes and murderers for proposing the OFF LABEL (,over 4000 medications are used off label and there are STUDIES describing the antiviral action of Ivermectin) use of ivermectin are denying they forbade and campaigned against it. Now there are studies indicating spikes from mRNA experimental CCPCOVID shots are found ALL ABOUT THE BODY long after jabbed or boosted. NATURAL IMMUNITY is as effective or better than the jab at preventing severe disease & death going forward. Who’s the rube again?

  12. tsar bomba

    literally a repost of worldnetdaily, a conspiracy rag which predicted “the end of the world” yearly from 2012-2017 (with a break in 2015, inexplicably).

    straight up clownshow.


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