1. Nike Ajax

    Considering that most real Americans consider the nuzemeejuh/lamestreemmeejuh to be an enemy of America and the American People, is anybody surprised about this? Take a look at the local “newspaper” that calls itself “locally owned and independent”. Only problem is that 95% of this “newspaper” is just articles from the Dis-associated deprezzed, and all the “local” stuff is so left slanted that it isn’t worth reading. But, even though this “newspaper” has been told time and time again that their target market appears to be Portlandia and NOT Clark County, they contiune to do the leftwing default of quadrupling down on stupidity. There are hundreds of examples of the failure of that “newspaper” to provide ACTUAL local news, but the most egregious is their absolute FAILURE to followup on the scathing and highly critical evaluation audit of the Clark County Planning Department. Crickets. If they go out of business, it will be NO loss to Clark County., and it will be ALL their own fault. Newspapers don’t seem to realize that Americans are NOT going to pay for leftwing drivel.

  2. Anna Miller

    A new generation has grown up getting their news from the internet. I miss going to breakfast, getting my paper with my coffee in the morning. Oh, there is still a print paper to buy. I just don’t read it anymore. Having personally witnessed so much left slanted, biased and deceptive so-called news, I’ll pass, thank you. Print media are causing their own demise. Slow suicide. Seek out the news with integrity. OH! It’s right here on ClarkCountyToday.com!


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