Son of former State Senator Don Benton files as candidate for 18th District representative

Brad Benton says he will bring youthful energy to state house race

VANCOUVER – Brad Benton, son of retired State Senator Don Benton, recently filed his formal candidate papers with the Clark County Elections office placing his name on the ballot for the Washington State House of Representatives, 18th Legislative District, Position 2. 

Brad Benton
Brad Benton

In his own words Benton said, “More often than not, elected officials talk a big game, but once elected they get comfortable and complacent. I know what it takes: courage, drive, and commitment. I grew up in Southwest Washington and that is where my passion and loyalty lie. I am ready to go to Olympia and fight for my community, my neighbors, and for you. I am the fighter the people of the 18th district deserve.” 

Benton promises he will never vote for a tax increase. He will never support an I-5 Columbia River crossing that includes light rail or tolls. He will protect parents’ rights to transparency in school curriculum and always support the law enforcement community. 

From his father, Benton says he learned how to be a true servant of the people and that he knows what it takes to be an effective legislator and how to get things done for the people of his district. Benton said he was raised to respect tax dollars because ultimately that money belongs to the people. He says he will be fiscally conservative with our money in Olympia. 

Benton’s voter pamphlet statement reads in part, “Citizens of the 18th district deserve a Representative that will fight for them. A representative that will do exactly what they promise. A person who is honest, with integrity, that truly cares about your wellbeing. I am that person. I am a new generation of Republican: youthful energy with traditional conservative values. I will go to Olympia to fight for you! I will fight for lower taxes, parental rights, and your personal property rights. My only goal is to serve the people of the 18th District. I humbly ask for your vote so that I can start fighting for you.” 

The Benton Campaign can be reached via email: or the website: or by phone at (360) 904-4454.

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